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In my work with small business owners and professionals I often hear variations of the same complaint. I’ll never have enough money Beliefs about “not having enough…” of anything usually means you are carrying with an experience from the past. Knowing what your beliefs are is a source of strength that you need in order to have the final say on what patterns you agree to that will define your life. A few days ago, I was on a coaching call with a client when the subject turned to manifestation and the art of attracting what you want in your life. I began to reflect upon all of the incredible opportunities that have surrounded me over the last two years, then proceeded to go further back into my life. Since I began to practice the principles of The Yoga Code, this ability to manifest has grown to new levels.
During this conversation, I shared with her how I seemed to manifest mini-miracles throughout my life – and how she indeed could do the same.
I’m manifesting endless opportunities to work on fun, creative projects with dynamic, heart-centered people. I would like to manifest a new product line to wholesale to promoters so I could manifest extra income without having to be working a trade show to create that income. I’am manifesting planning very successful retreats which will lead to a very successful career in helping other’s by being the coordinator of planning Retreats!!
I manifest a beautiful 5 bedroom house for my boys and I with a front office space for my coffee business to increase abundantly. I want to manifest my transformation to become emotionally stronger so I can divorce my strong-headed and ruthless husband and become free as well as independend woman and live happily ever after!!!!!! Take a journey of awakening with the 10 Universal Principles of The Yoga Code™ and start living a life with more peace, balance and joy. Is something holding you back from better health or wealth?  Do you have the courage to believe in miracles? We ALL have the capacity to create and witness miracles.  Yes, some are more gifted at manifesting miracles because they PRACTICE and KNOW there is more to life than meets the eye.
Once you begin seeing that we indeed get what we expect – you open yourself up to the magic of life and miracles.
I love this Jenny, and yes letting go or allowing is the tricky step that is what can block us from manifesting those miracles. Yea on Emergings being on Amazon – you know I love the book and am so proud of you for it! I have seen that basketball video before along with a few others and was amazed at how little we seem to notice or be aware of.
The whole experience is phenomenal and yes, it has taught me to be more aware and better at letting go. I love the awareness video and it is so true in all things in life… we see what we expect to see.
I don?t know if I am on the right track here, but I make the connection with gardening, which is my passion, each year I sow the seeds with the thought of a great crop and then let the thought go.
Maybe manifesting is like anything else in life – only works if you commit to doing it 100% and doing it consistently. Tomorrow, we’ll talk more about step #2.  Until then, channel your inner Einstein and get ready to blow the doors off this experiment!! This entry was posted in General, Manifesting: An Experiment and tagged create the life you love, experiment, Law of Attraction, Manifesting, positive intention, power of positive thinking, Universe, visualize by admin.

Every day I will make time to do the things that I really enjoy doing and which will boost my sense of fulfillment. I want to go to a job that I care about and love and one that is making a difference in this world. Anodea Judith puts it best in her classic book on the chakras, The Wheels of Life: “To manifest, we must limit.
The universe hears your intentions, but when you’re unclear about what you want, you’ll get an equally unclear answer, or worse, something you don’t actually want. Gratitude is a powerful positive energy – it shifts our focus into abundance and joy instead of lack, and in turn more abundance and joy come into our life. The unknown, otherwise known as luck, serendipity, synchronicity, or coincidence, can’t come in unless you make space for it.
Opening your mind to the unknown will bring you what you need, whether it’s joy, magic, inspiration, bliss, or simple quiet.
Start working toward manifesting your dreams one by one by practicing these five things, and remember to always keep your feet on the ground so you can reach high without falling off!
Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world.
Were you brought up in a strict home where chores came before everything else and by the time you were done with chores and homework there was no time for yourself? Or, maybe you like to give yourself away more than you can afford to, helping out the neighbor, volunteering, driving your kids everywhere all the time.
Make a commitment to do what it takes, saying YES to you, to truth, to dreams to your heart’s desires. Then I could spend my time on things that I would like to do and help my son with his education and his dreams and goals of becoming a pilot which by the ways is an endless pit of money! I really appreciate your piece about Alignment and how it truly can’t show up if it is not in align with how you live and be.
I definitely have moments of amazing miracles in my life and I remember doing these same things as well during those moments.
Being open to the fact that science has NOT explained everything yet is a good pre-cursor for creating a miracle. The fastest way to bring a miracle to us is to understand and accept miracles happen daily – why NOT to us?
The state of mind that we are in truly plays a part in whether miracles appear or not.  Are you expecting a long commute to work? From catching things that were errors in plain sight almost too late, to expecting the house to be done by a certain time. Half way through another year.  It feels like just yesterday when we were all looking ahead to the new year with hopeful hearts and big intentions. This requires creating boundaries, being specific, defining structure and form.” Those who have the sky as the limit, with heads in the clouds, are most likely full of ideas but too un-grounded to realize their dreams. Put a specific number, a time frame (another boundary), and start working toward your dreams one step at a time, no matter how small. Only you know what’s best for you, and your spirit guides can help you get there – you just have get into a deep quiet to listen to their messages.
Having a roof over our head, a healthy body, good friends, and food to eat is something to always be thankful for. Pay attention to the five senses: the air you’re breathing, the scents of nature, the sound of the wind and the leaves rustling.
If you’re one of those people who tend to fill up your calendar with activities and appointments way ahead, try leaving some free time and see what opens up.

My writing is inspired by my travels, Yoga practice, and the Chinese Five Elements of nature. There is a belief that is blocking you from organizing, managing and restructuring how you spend your time to fit in some constructive and leisure “me” time. Maybe your parents had money but weren’t generous or maybe they blew it on drugs, alcohol or gambling.
When people come to me they are stuck in stories that they believe because it’s what they were told, “you’re bad at math, you’re so disorganized, you’re lazy, you’re promiscuous, you’re this and you’re that…” and we believe the things we hear about ourselves and those are the stories that unfold as we go about our lives. You owe it to yourself and all that you truly need to do, to begin the journey of joy and using the power of replacing limiting beliefs with supporting ones so you can get what you want out of life. I have the ability to vividly see EXACTLY what I want to experience, almost in a psychic way (no, I won’t be launching a psychic hotline anytime soon).
I believe we are born knowing this intuitively and sometimes we need help to remember how miraculous we truly are.
Once you begin to FEEL the joy of receiving and believing in miracles you invite even more miracles into your life.
Look around you more than once and TUNE in to even what might seem the most minute of details. Well I have finally released emergings to Amazon and have a real plan- I have brought the BHAG back so this post has reminded me I need to do more expecting and less worry about what if! I would say my intention is to wake up every day and feel rested and to start exercising again. Our every thought is being released to the universe and that’s what universe is bringing back to our life. We need to cultivate a balance of being grounded and tuning in to our intuition to realize our visions. Light a candle in their honor, say a prayer, and thank them – you have their DNA, and they’ll always have your back. If you must pencil in something, schedule some “self-care” time – you are precious and deserve your own “catching up with yourself” time.
Whatever that ghost from the past is telling you it is not supporting you in who and where you are at today. Learning not to be afraid to give out totally the love that you feel within without holding back just in case it is not well received. Our mind works like a Polaroid camera which takes pictures of our thoughts and sends it out to the universe every moment. In Feng Shui traditions, for example, Taoist practitioners believe that the location and condition of our ancestral graves can positively or negatively affect future generations of descendants. And where you want to be financially. But by changing that belief to one that supports the you that you are today and the goals you have for yourself for your future. An argument with a spouse?  What we expect we are calling to us.  We are telling the Universe “THIS IS HOW WE EXPECT LIFE TO BE”.  We are CREATING it IN our reality and guess what? So, we have to be very careful when we think because what we are thinking is what we are allowing the universe to bring into our life.

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