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In my work with small business owners and professionals I often hear variations of the same complaint.
I’ll never have enough money Beliefs about “not having enough…” of anything usually means you are carrying with an experience from the past. Knowing what your beliefs are is a source of strength that you need in order to have the final say on what patterns you agree to that will define your life. A few days ago, I was on a coaching call with a client when the subject turned to manifestation and the art of attracting what you want in your life. I began to reflect upon all of the incredible opportunities that have surrounded me over the last two years, then proceeded to go further back into my life. Since I began to practice the principles of The Yoga Code, this ability to manifest has grown to new levels.
During this conversation, I shared with her how I seemed to manifest mini-miracles throughout my life – and how she indeed could do the same. I’m manifesting endless opportunities to work on fun, creative projects with dynamic, heart-centered people. I would like to manifest a new product line to wholesale to promoters so I could manifest extra income without having to be working a trade show to create that income. I’am manifesting planning very successful retreats which will lead to a very successful career in helping other’s by being the coordinator of planning Retreats!!
I manifest a beautiful 5 bedroom house for my boys and I with a front office space for my coffee business to increase abundantly.
I want to manifest my transformation to become emotionally stronger so I can divorce my strong-headed and ruthless husband and become free as well as independend woman and live happily ever after!!!!!! Take a journey of awakening with the 10 Universal Principles of The Yoga Code™ and start living a life with more peace, balance and joy. Maybe manifesting is like anything else in life – only works if you commit to doing it 100% and doing it consistently. Tomorrow, we’ll talk more about step #2.  Until then, channel your inner Einstein and get ready to blow the doors off this experiment!!
This entry was posted in General, Manifesting: An Experiment and tagged create the life you love, experiment, Law of Attraction, Manifesting, positive intention, power of positive thinking, Universe, visualize by admin. Every day I will make time to do the things that I really enjoy doing and which will boost my sense of fulfillment. I want to go to a job that I care about and love and one that is making a difference in this world. As a success coach, the number one question I get from women entrepreneurs is “How can I create a life I’ll love? When I first started my business, I wasn’t interested in being masculine or working all the time, but I also wasn’t interested in being broke.
Now that you know exactly what you want and have opened yourself up to limitless possibilities, ask how.
As a life coach, for a long time I thought all I was allowed to want in life was anything pertaining to women’s empowerment in a personal development kind of way. Once I had the inspiration, I immediately went and called the few clients that I had and said, “Would you like to join the Queen Esther CD of the Month club? The Dynamic Duo: Laura and TJ DinningThe mother daughter team behind my favorite local boutique. The Santa Barbara City GuideGina’s It-List for all things Divine in and around Santa Barbara. You do, however, need to exercise your positive manifesting muscle (like any other muscle, it gets stronger with use) if you want to start perceiving things that you want, rather than what you usually perceive.
Start looking at the world through possibility lenses (strike the word “can’t” from your vocabulary).

As we journey further down the path of who we truly are, making sure that you are creating a life that also reflects who you truly are is imperative. The definition of a Manifestation is: An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. Lack mentality has over taken humanity like a festering disease, causing us to project our focus on the opposite of our desire. When we ask the universe for something, such as abundance, but end up with lack instead; it could be because our actual focal point is on the lack one is experiencing in their life.
So when trying for Abundance, first try for gratitude; You must feel abundant to be abundant. The Law of Attraction teaches us that through our conscious and our subconscious thoughts we manipulate our internal and external reality.This Law is responsible for all of the negative and positive experiences that one may encounter (past,present ,and future) during their lifetime. We are encased in a spectacular Human Instrument that when purified of blockages and used correctly can manifest ones truest desires and highest purpose. So now we are going to get to the Basics, before you take off and began your manifesting know that Focus is key. If you chose happiness as something you would like to manifest into your life, the key word here is You.
For example, if being lied to is one of those things, then honesty can be something you can implement into yourA personal life to bring forth true happiness.
If Comfort is something you are seeking more of in your life, knowA what you are asking in great detail. The Universe will only support what You are manifesting into your experience, it is up to you what you will receive.
There is Action required when manifesting the life we want, there is no entity or being that will enter into your dwelling encased in fluid sunlight that will align your life as you wish. You are that being, you are that entity that can will your life to align ideally to your desires. When trust in ones self, purpose, and Timing is combined with devotion and focus, anything is Possible. I wish you luck on your journeys in manifesting the life that completely matches you as The Authentic Spark of Light that You are. Were you brought up in a strict home where chores came before everything else and by the time you were done with chores and homework there was no time for yourself? Or, maybe you like to give yourself away more than you can afford to, helping out the neighbor, volunteering, driving your kids everywhere all the time.
Make a commitment to do what it takes, saying YES to you, to truth, to dreams to your heart’s desires. Then I could spend my time on things that I would like to do and help my son with his education and his dreams and goals of becoming a pilot which by the ways is an endless pit of money! I really appreciate your piece about Alignment and how it truly can’t show up if it is not in align with how you live and be. I definitely have moments of amazing miracles in my life and I remember doing these same things as well during those moments. Half way through another year.  It feels like just yesterday when we were all looking ahead to the new year with hopeful hearts and big intentions. It’s an approach to life that goes against today’s prevailing wisdom, though that’s quickly changing.
I set out to learn how to manifest money and create wealth, and then I realized that I could use the same process to manifest anything I wanted—a soul mate, a best friend, a perfect assistant, a new car. One of the major reasons women fail to manifest is because they jump too quickly into the “how” and then get discouraged.
This was at a moment when I needed $75 to pay an overdo cellphone bill in 24 hours in order to keep my service on. The truth however is that while I am passionate about women’s empowerment, I also love a great lifestyle (this may seem obvious now, but it wasn’t at the beginning of my career).

You must embody, integrate and put action forth to Be who you truly are and to Create a life and world you call home. It is because we are separate from our self as a whole and isolated from what truly serves us and makes us happy. Humanity has grown cut off and separate from ones true calling and purest expression, causing our focal points to be highly overactive and unorganized. There is a belief that is blocking you from organizing, managing and restructuring how you spend your time to fit in some constructive and leisure “me” time.
Maybe your parents had money but weren’t generous or maybe they blew it on drugs, alcohol or gambling. When people come to me they are stuck in stories that they believe because it’s what they were told, “you’re bad at math, you’re so disorganized, you’re lazy, you’re promiscuous, you’re this and you’re that…” and we believe the things we hear about ourselves and those are the stories that unfold as we go about our lives.
You owe it to yourself and all that you truly need to do, to begin the journey of joy and using the power of replacing limiting beliefs with supporting ones so you can get what you want out of life.
I have the ability to vividly see EXACTLY what I want to experience, almost in a psychic way (no, I won’t be launching a psychic hotline anytime soon).
I believe we are born knowing this intuitively and sometimes we need help to remember how miraculous we truly are. I would say my intention is to wake up every day and feel rested and to start exercising again.
Most of us have been taught that the key to creating anything successfully is masculine energy—taking the bull by the horns, working eighty hours a week, pulling the flower open or forcing something. When you’re clear on what your dreams are, remain open, and have faith, you’ll find that anything is possible. Often when a woman thinks of something she desires—let’s say hiring a new team member, for example—the first questions that come in are, “Where do I get the money for this? I knew that desire was in alignment with my purpose, because I wanted to be able to keep coaching and pay my bills on time. Be thankful and stay open to what the Universe has in store for you—you’ve only just begun to realize your feminine power. The third client said she’d like to sign up, but that she didn’t want a recurring bill every month.
If You are unsure what makes you happy, you can try asking yourself what does not make you happy.
Whatever that ghost from the past is telling you it is not supporting you in who and where you are at today. Learning not to be afraid to give out totally the love that you feel within without holding back just in case it is not well received. We’ve been told that we can’t have what we want, or that it’s going to be extremely difficult to get what we want. And where you want to be financially. But by changing that belief to one that supports the you that you are today and the goals you have for yourself for your future. When will I have the time to train someone new?” When you meet your desires with doubt, you stop the flow of the Universe. I desire a pair of Jimmy Choos.” The closer and clearer you get to your desires the greater ability you have to experience them in reality. Dismiss those doubts and start by asking better questions, like “How IS it possible for me to hire that new team member?

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