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The barriers to Being Big in people consciously or unconsciously create a desire to thwart your plans, so you may never demonstrate to these people that they can LIVE BIG too! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As we journey further down the path of who we truly are, making sure that you are creating a life that also reflects who you truly are is imperative.
The definition of a Manifestation is: An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. Lack mentality has over taken humanity like a festering disease, causing us to project our focus on the opposite of our desire.
When we ask the universe for something, such as abundance, but end up with lack instead; it could be because our actual focal point is on the lack one is experiencing in their life.
This can be Transformed when one see’s the pattern of Lack based thought forms; And in the place of these thoughts one can transform and stop them before they blossom into the weeds that they are.
So when trying for Abundance, first try for gratitude; You must feel abundant to be abundant.
The Law of Attraction teaches us that through our conscious and our subconscious thoughts we manipulate our internal and external reality.This Law is responsible for all of the negative and positive experiences that one may encounter (past,present ,and future) during their lifetime. Negative energies get stored in the energy field and can  cause Blockages in ones Chakra centers and energy systems with in the body.These  emotions may have never been addressed or validated in the past so they wait for nurturing and love like a child seeking comfort. We are encased in a spectacular Human Instrument that when purified of blockages and used correctly can manifest ones truest desires and highest purpose.
So now we are going to get to the Basics, before you take off and began your manifesting know that Focus is key. If you chose happiness as something you would like to manifest into your life, the key word here is You. For example, if being lied to is one of those things, then honesty can be something you can implement into your personal life to bring forth true happiness.
If Comfort is something you are seeking more of in your life, know what you are asking in great detail. The Universe will only support what You are manifesting into your experience, it is up to you what you will receive. There is Action required when manifesting the life we want, there is no entity or being that will enter into your dwelling encased in fluid sunlight that will align your life as you wish.
You are that being, you are that entity that can will your life to align ideally to your desires.
When trust in ones self, purpose, and Timing is combined with devotion and focus, anything is Possible.
I wish you luck on your journeys in manifesting the life that completely matches you as The Authentic Spark of Light that You are. Your desires present themselves into physicality through what is termed “The Law of Manifestation” or as some call it “The Law of Attraction”. Everyone connects with energy on a cellular level continuously within every single moment of experience.
Have you every experienced walking into a room full of people and felt a heaviness in the air? These vibrations are the “consciousness” of energy patterns, continuously being emitted from your surroundings.

Lets take the room full of people…perhaps within that group, there was a very frustrated person that had a bad day at work. Perhaps as you are walking along the waters edge, you find yourself very peaceful because of the sound of water gently lapping along the shoreline. The emotions and the vibrations that you are giving off will continue to attract that same emotion into your life.
You literally send vibes back and forth to each other or what is simply called “resonating” with one another. This creates a feeling of joy, which in turn raises your vibration to a high vibrational frequency.
If you are able to keep that vibration going without too many interruptions, you might just find yourself walking around experiencing your life a little bit happier than you did before. Chances are you don’t even notice when you are creating a vibration that is not in your highest interest. Now you get home and tell your spouse or a friend about the incident, which keeps fueling the original energetic vibes.
This interaction continues to send a message to the Universe that you enjoyed that moment because of your intense attention to it. This is one way your soul or higher self brings your attention to the vibration (negativity-for a lack of a better word) you are holding onto so that you can defuse that energy and replace that attitude or reaction with one that serves you better. Instead of getting caught up in the anger of the moment, you could instead observe the moment without any judgments whatsoever. This is a simple scenario to help you get the idea and everyone goes through these types of ups and down all the time. Today, many practitioners are incorporating crystalline energy healing into their therapy sessions. If you are finding that you are experiencing discomfort, pain or illness within your body, now is the time to examine what feelings attributed to it’s imprinting your energy pattern. There are many wonderful crystals to assist you with every single layer of your energy body.
Whether you a looking to work on an emotional, physical or spiritual issue there is a wonderful crystal companion that will be more than happy to help you on your journey.
You must embody, integrate and put action forth to Be who you truly are and to Create a life and world you call home. It is because we are separate from our self as a whole and isolated from what truly serves us and makes us happy. Humanity has grown cut off and separate from ones true calling and purest expression, causing our focal points to be highly overactive and unorganized. Your subconscious, as well as, your conscious mind interact continuously with the universe, which creates the reality that you experience. Or sensed joy rising up within yourself when you walk outside feeling the warmth of the sun on your face. Science has come to understand and revealed that your thoughts give off an energetic vibration. The people with whom he talks to, will interact or even pick up that vibration, and in turn will begin to share their own frustrations. If you want to change something that no longer serves you, you have to change your thoughts, beliefs and feelings to match what it is that you are desiring to manifest.

This feeling of joy reaches all the way out into the cosmos and will begin to create a vortex of happy vibes just for you.
Monitoring your thoughts and your reactions to everything around you will help you to know what you need to focus upon to bring better changes your way.
Here is an example, your listening to your music while driving to the mall, a young driver cuts you off, nearly hitting your car because they were paying attention to their phone conversation instead of the traffic.
Now those very emotional feelings have been driven even deeper into your vortex of energy becoming a stronger vibration, simply by the fact that you continued to give your attention to the situation, which built upon the energy of that moment in time. This is a wonderful “holistic” alternative to re-balancing the physical energy body, while enhancing the clients state of well-being. These inner barriers is what gets threatened by actually witnessing somebody else overcome their limitations! If You are unsure what makes you happy, you can try asking yourself what does not make you happy.
The waters soothing vibrations stir within you a sense of peace, thus having a calming affect upon you. What ever you are thinking about or feeling will attract that same feeling from someone else or an event, which is the mirror that helps you to take notice of the vibrations you are holding at any given moment in time.
The energies crystals emit interact with the human bodies energy patterns on a cellular level. As you experience other happy moments you send out more vibes into that vortex increasing the intensity of it. You start honking your horn and holler at the driver, all the while getting yourself really upset. Simply because you are allowing it to keep flowing by letting others add their two cents into the picture.
Otherwise, when you continuously experience these negative feelings, they begin to imprint the vibes within your energy body (Etheric Body) via your intense emotions.
It is very important in maintaining a state of balance and well-being within your energy body. Working with crystals and practicing being aware of your thoughts on a regular basis, is the perfect way to keep your life in a state of balance & harmony.
Take the time to get quite, meditate upon the circumstances and ask your higher self to assist you in revealing the root of the matter. You can often determine the center that needs some clearing and cleansing of unwanted beliefs and energetic patterns by what part of the body you are experiencing discomfort in.
This affects every single aspect of the body, mind & spirit through the “ethereal body”. This vortex of energy will then will bring other joyful experiences into your life stream when the timing is a perfect match to the happy vibes in a given moment. This unconscious behavior of adding yours and others judgments & expressing thoughts about talking on the phone while driving, and how irresponsible kids are today, increases the chances that the event will continue to happen over and over again……You get the idea, right?
These imprints, if left to accumulate will then begin to signal your body through discomfort and illness.

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