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Author and international speaker Mike Dooley illuminates exactly how to move beyond the law of attraction to the next levela€”manifestation. Infinite Possibilities was a New York Times bestseller in hardcover and will soon be released in paperback.
In this new DVD, Mike shares personal stories, analogies, and exercises that have already helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and that can help you understand and harness this most fundamental of all principles. An incredible gift that is great for collectors, this beautiful and sturdy slipcased set includes the three hardcover books that make up Mike Dooley's best-selling Notes from the Universe series: Notes from the Universe, More Notes from the Universe, and Even More Notes from the Universe. I met Mike at the Vancouver Playing the Matrix tour and blogged about Manifesting in the Matrix, an event that changed my manifesting game. Instead of focusing on specific things and insisting on them happening, he talks about focusing on the end FEELING result of what you want and allowing it to unfold in ways you may not have foreseen. Infinite Possibilities, Mike’s last book is about about simple, practical ways to change your thoughts and your life.
It means “I decide everything.” Yet ironically, everyone does this any way (decides everything in their own life), just as everyone is now, already, living the life of their dreams, or living their life, their way. It’s just that people need to change what they’re primarily dreaming about in the areas of their life where they would like to see change. But to get to the point as you mean it, “Life YOUR Way,” to me, means having creative freedom, spending freedom, vacationing freedom, choice in friends and associates freedom, work freedom (I don’t mean “not working,” but, “doing work I love”), etc. As I paused and let the sensation overcome me, I suddenly realized why these questions sounded so familiar: They had been my own questions, questions that I asked repeatedly, all the time, not so long before helping this friend!
There was never one night when I went to bed asking those questions, and the next morning I had the answers.
It happens invisibly and seemingly slowly when we are waiting and “watching the pot that is to boil,” but once the morphing has “completed,” and we catch ourselves comparing our new life with the old one, it seems to have happened VERY FAST!
And one of the morals of this “story” is to therefore not judge the progress you’re making with your physical senses alone, because at best it will seem slow and weird, and at worst, you might think you have not made any progress and be inclined to quit.
My situation was different 10 years ago when my life was at a crossroads and it was time to make something happen.
After defining our dreams, we MUST go out into the world, hoist our sails (take action), so that the magical winds of the Universe can fill them. Remember, Mariah Carey, who has as many #1 hits as the Beatles (less 1, I think), was a waitress while launching her singing career!
Keeping busy solves almost all problems and challenges, and it keeps you inspired and on track.
Go on now, leave a comment telling me what you liked in this interview & which book you want to win.
Lance, I have a picture of Mike giving ME a kiss but decided not to post that or I’d lose half my readers to envy Haha.
It was good to be reminded that miracles are taking place right now on our behalf even though we can’t see it yet and to stop watching for the pot to boil.
Oh Tia, I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me,with situations, people and things.
It’s only now that I know about the LOA that I can look back on my life and realise all the times that it has happened. Of course being so young not only had I forgotten about asking for the money,but I didn’t have to think about or worry about money at all. You know just telling you about this has given me such a feeling of excitement,knowing that everything I want is done and on it’s way. Hi Hilda, welcome to the blog, love seeing a new face here The next time you see Mike, definitely get your kisses. Think of it as holding on to your faith that no matter what happens, you will be fine and letting go of the notion that you need to know what’s going to happen.
So fun to be silly a LOT of the time if you ask me I bless Mike Dooley and his decision to follow his joy instead of letting the how-to’s stop him. Just one of my many beloved messages from the Universe – I save them all and read through them for an extra boost. What blows me away is that what stifled, muffled, dragged and hid me in the closet, has continued to evaporate into the ether of love, courtesy the arrival of My Best Guy in the Whole Wide World, my Best Surprise Ever… WOman – these kids are GREAT! I’d call them LifeSavers, but for the fact that THEY are the ones filling the holes in US! Lil Lifesavers huh I just spent 4 days with my rellies in Surrey – a 3 week old I cuddled in my arms as I typed with one finger, and 3 under 6.

They are almost always shot out of sequence for many reasons including lighting conditions, actors’ availability, etc. I mean, when we have a goal or dream we could see and feel the amazing ending scene first in all its big screen glory?
If you’re wanting to manifest incredible things into your life, one of the keys is to see and feel the end first and them allow the universe to do the editing. The only service you can render God is to give expression to what he is trying to give the world, through you. We are all actors in our own movies and in your life movie your dream car might be a Porsche Cayenne and mine might be a Maserati. You might want to found a homeless shelter and I might want to give money to a charity in India. You might dream of a championship trophy or a millionaire ring and I might want to write a book.
The end result of everything you want in your life has already happened in an alternate reality.
So it’s just our job to pick the one we want and just realize that we need to direct our thoughts toward the end goal (scene) and not worry about how it’s going to happen. In Mike Dooley’s book “Manifesting Change,” he talks about how Tiger Wood made an incredible putt in Hawaii on a windy gusty day. He sees the end result and allows the universe to orchestrate all of the multitudes of factors that are needed to make it happen. He believed he was a champion golfer, but he also showed up everyday and the universe filled in all of the details necessary for the fulfillment of his desire. In summary, in order to accomplish our goals, we need to move in the general direction of our goals. Trust the process and know that no matter how it looks in reality, the end is already filmed and it will make perfect sense looking back over very scene. See the end scene first, take inspired action, be grateful for everything and you will be the actor and director in your own movie and be the champion of your own life story. If you are interested in learning how to make money online, click the following links to learn more about IPAS 2 and check out this Empower Network Review. If you want a system to help you rank in Google just like Bren and I do, then check out Influx Entrepreneur. We practice manifesting many forms of wealth building, and we are passionate about motivating others to achieve all that they can be, in all aspects of their life. In his most powerful and comprehensive work to date, Dooley reveals his master guide for following your heart and taking action toward your dreams. We're beings filled with infinite possibilitya€”just ready to explore how powerful we truly are. Most life changes happen like this, as we hold on to our dreams, and take lots of unending action, daily, weekly, monthly, AND YEARLY, our lives literally, almost unnoticeably, being morphing into the dreams we held onto. Many people fail to get going because they have so many passions that they can’t decide which one to pick.
Knowing what you know now and seeing how successful you are, what ONE most important piece of advice would you have given yourself when you were first starting out & is there anything you would have done differently? Mike Dooley is an Adventurer who loves spicy hummus, Casablanca (me too!), Ingrid Bergman and Snoop Dog.
Yep, this interview has me feeling really inspired too, I’ve already read it 3 times! I find that if I’m keeping busy and enjoying what I’m doing then I completely forget about watching for the pot to boil !!
I knew my parents didn’t have much money and they were struggling to pay the electric bill. Abe say the way to get what you want is decide, ask, take inspired action and let go of the outcome. He says that he spent 2 years sending daily notes to his list without any idea of how it was going to make him any money. I’ll be doing a random selection next Wed for the book drawing – heck I might even give away 2 copies! I love what I do from all my heart… The lack of motivation is only the financial part? Something always happens yes… but isn’t it absolutely great when the something we wanted to happen happens and in the happening happens to change everything!

That’s why I LOVE checking the mail – knowing that right up to the moment I turn my key and open that box, there are Infinite Possibilities of what can be inside! I even love getting bills in the mail (although most of them are online now) You make the simplest things so much fun and are making me want to buy everyone a copy of Infinite possibilities now Ms Diehl! When we are taking action to make our dreams come true we get even more inspired and feel good about ourselves. He was playing a tournament and had to make a shot across a piece of ocean to a small island that held the putting green.
The universe is using everything in your life (even the things that seem like they are going against you)  in achieving your goals.
He could have sabotaged his success by thinking that it could not be done because the universe did not provide the best weather conditions, but instead he used it to his advantage.He saw the putt going in. If you gained value from this post be sure to comment below, and please share this post on Facebook or Twitter! Manifesting the magnificence of our dreams isn't about hard work, but rather about belief and expectation. That old me seemed like a stranger to the new me, and the weirdest thing was that I could not pinpoint when the transformation took place! But when you get to a point when the risk of failure (for trying something new), is more bearable than the status quo, it becomes easier.
Just because you can’t yet see the miracles that are now happening on your behalf, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. Please stalk him on facebook and twitter and should you see him anywhere, grab him and plant a kiss on his other cheek for me.
On the 24th I unpacked and got busy planning what to do, and literally 15 min later, I got a call being invited after all! I remember going to bed every night and praying so hard to win some money from my Premium Bond.
As adults, a lack of innate self worth seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to manifesting what we want.
Sometimes things change and it can be time to move on, and sometimes it’s just a matter of hanging on while letting go. And yet, after the initial disappointment that it wasn’t happening till January, I chose to see it as a sign that something else exciting it about to happen and that the right time for Argentina, is when it happens.
TuT notes are the best part of my mornings (and sometimes, late nights cos I’ll stay up till 1am just to read mine before I sleep. Many times guilt stops us in our tracks and if we can focus on what we have accomplished instead of all that still needs to be done, it helps us move forward. There are just too many pieces that we have to fit together to make things happen on our own. The only place the ship of your dreams will never find you, is when you are at home waiting for it. See your “day job” as a stepping stone that will buy you time to ready yourself for change. Thanks for sharing this delightful story and do let me know what you think of Manifesting Change! He was about 40 feet away when he made the shot it looked like he was going to miss it by 15 feet but the ball rolled onto an invisible rise, self corrected and then got within a few feet of the cup and the wind blew it in!
I had one premium bond which my uncle had bought for me when I was born, and that’s all I had ! Lance from Jungle of Life sent me here from a comment made on the right hand side of his blog. Anyways, I suppose the electric bill was paid somehow and being so young I forgot all about it, until one day I came home from school and I was handed a letter that had come for me (that in itself was exciting) and guess what was in with the letter ????
Many of you already know about Mike and TUT but for those of you who don’t, TUT stands for Totally Unique Thoughts and is based on the premise that Thoughts Become Things. So not only did I get the money I was asking for , it came exactly as I asked for it to come.

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