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According to numerology, today is one of the most auspicious days of the year for manifesting abundance. Well, whether you know it or not, all of your thoughts and feelings are sending out signals and vibration.
The more you let go of what’s not serving you and say yes to the blessings that are trying to work their way into your consciousness, your life and your world, the sooner you realize: you have everything you need. Your gifts and blessings in your life are unique to you, so never compare your life or path to others. The signs will be there all along the way, guiding you to manifest your greatest life ever. And if you want to take your meditation deeper, join me online for the 30 day yoga challenge or live in Bali at our annual Yoga Training Transformational Journey starting June 1.

Want a more intimate coaching experience to help you with your health, happiness, career or relationships? Contact Mariya to inquire about the very limited private skype coaching options we have available. These groups are ideal for anyone looking to incorporate regular meditation practices into their daily life.
Release your expectations for how you think life should be, to embrace the magic and the miracles that are present here and now. We will practice a simple technique that increases your feeling of connection to the Universe and helps you manifest your dreams into your physical reality.
Everyone will also receive downloads, which means learning how to feel things you may have forgotten how to feel (such as joy or unconditional self-acceptance, for example).

Let go of people and circumstances that drag you down, dim your light or weaken your vibration. And if you are really honest with yourself, you’ll know right away what is working and who is in alignment and who and what is not.

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