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We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Tibetan Buddhist Monks Create Sand Mandala at the BlantonPosted on January 11, 2013 by Jamie • 1 CommentSand Mandalas are beautiful, geometric colored sand designs that are a Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
The Blanton Museum of Art is hosting the Tibetan monks’ Sand Mandala Project starting today, Jan.
Do512 Family is an Austin Events and Entertainment Guide that helps parents find family-friendly events, businesses and activities in the Austin area. The flags are a tradition associated with Tibetan Buddhism; adapting a religious tradition already in Tibet with the Bon religion, Buddhists imprinted their prayers and mantras and sutras (extended prose pieces from the holy books) onto the flags which the Bon priests used.
As I was putting together a series of posts on my walk in Sagarmatha National Park in NE Nepal  (The High Passes of Everest Trek posts), I was initially struck by how often prayer flags popped up in my photos. The Tibetan belief is that  the winds blow the positive energy of the prayers and chants imprinted on the flags into the world- and into all sentient beings they touch. Each colour represents an element in the  rather elaborate Tibetan Buddhist iconography and each colour has various traits associated with it. A visit to Youtube turns up all sorts of interesting tidbits, including this brief introduction to prayer flags.

Tibetan Buddhist iconography makes a colourful field of religious expression to examine in further detail and there are many scholarly studies out there. This entry was posted in Nepal and tagged blue white red green yellow, Bodhnath prayer flags, buddhist prayer flags, flag colurs prayer flags, Nepal prayer flags, prayer flags, Tibetan prayer flags, wind horse flag by true_north. Your comments and questions are always appreciated, as are any suggestions on how to make this post more useful to future travellers. They are created and then destroyed once completed to symbolize the Buddhist belief in the temporary nature of our material life. Museum admission will include this exhibit and costs $9 per adult, $7 per senior, youth ages 13 – 21 are $5 and children 12 and under are free. Most are taken from hikes in the Annapurna and Khumbu region of Nepal, but you’ll also find flags fluttering in Patagonia, near Jasper in the Canadian Rockies, above the heads of chanting monks in Bodh Gaya in India, in the Christiania area of Copenhagen in Denmark, and in my Riverdale neighbourhood above the eastern banks of the Don River in Toronto.
It is a visual aid for concentration and introversive meditation leading to the attainment of insights and to activation of forces culminating in "Siddhi" supernatural forces.
On the flag you find images of iconic Buddhist figures and a text which is a Tibetan adaptation of the the language that Buddhist monks from India brought with them some one thousand years ago.
Perhaps those pix will become cyberspace-prayer flags whose positive energy enters the lives of all whose eyes they touch?

Let me know if you find any other good sources of info on what all of this means- I’ll add it to what is below. It is not only theoretical but practical also as an operational scheme involving a clear plan for practical realization of the process within oneself.
Monks use scrapers, funnels and other small tools to arrange the colored sand into a geometric design that the monks draw on paper beforehand. There are many types and varieties of Mandalas depending on the nature of the central deity. The figure in the center is of Medicine Buddha which is also known as Healing Buddha or Bhaishajyaguru. The Mandala represents "palace of purity" a magic sphere cleared of spiritual obstacles and unpurified. The square of the "Sacred palace" proper is end used in multiple circles of flame, Vajra, eight centuries (appears only in wrathful deities) lotus, then the inner square to reach to the deity of the Mandala.

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