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This is one of my favourite mandalas, I drew it on a really soft brown paper, and the ink melted into the paper and created a very cool 3D effect which breathed life into the mandala.
I was watching a video on crop circles and was thinking about aliens when I drew this, the baby with spikes coming out of its back was inspired by the movie Species, which I saw and was freaked out by as a kid.
Mandalas are used widely as tools for entering meditative states of higher consciousness, simply drawing one is a meditation in itself, but actually meditating on the completed image is where all the power is. After a while you learn that the way these are designed is such that you put your focal attention on the entire mandala, which is a circle within a square and the square has gates, four gates.
It is as though that model in the center of that little circle changes your consciousness because you have brought your consciousness down to just that circle. Buddhist monks often meditate on the mandala, and the teachings that are contained within it until they can conjure up the mandala in their mind’s eye without needing to physically see it. This mandala (illustration from Be Here Now) is an overhead view of the Borobodur temple in East Java, Indonesia. Please pray for my son who has mental issues that prevent him from being successful in life.
Using Mandala’s has always been a powerful way to cut out the clutter of the thinking mind. We are going to take a few minutes to clear our mind and cycle out the majority of chatter residing in your head space.
As a reminder an elaboration of this technique can be found here and is recommended you expose yourself to this method before trying this.Powerful Third Eye Meditation Technique With your throat chakra active with friction breathing. Becoming comfortable with this technique could take some time but it’s benefits are quickly apparent. The image of the Buddha meditating on a mountain top came to me in a mushroom hallucination in Indonesia a year or so prior.
A typical mandala is of a circle enclosed within a square, which has four gates – one on each side. As all mandalas have a center point, looking at it can also be used as a method of centering the self, and one’s place in the universe. Simply draw a dot on a page: this will become the center of the mandala, or the bindu point as they call it in India. The ancient Buddhist temple was purposefully constructed to resemble a mandala; I have been, and it is amazing, even more amazing than Angkor Wat. With a mandala as the center of focus, your awareness will be more still and calm as you begin to feel from the inside out and brush against eternity and mortality.
At the end of this guide there will be a set of images, each a mandala created by talented artists from all over the web. Arguably the most beneficial is switching from an audible memory and imagination to a visual one.

I was having a bad trip and my cousin decided to show me some yoga to help me snap out of it, I watched him carefully and attempted to follow the yoga positions and immediately felt the bad trip dissipate; it was as though the negative feelings were a small, tight ball of energy, and the yoga helped release it more evenly throughout my body. The gates are often depicted as being guarded by demons or deities, while a bodhisattva is usually found in the center circle.
It takes on a depth, and as you stay with that inner circle you get drawn, literally drawn, your awareness gets drawn through that tube and you get drawn from that tube into, literally another frequency of vibration. Tibetan Buddhists use mandalas as a method of meditating on the impermanent nature of reality, one of the Buddhas main teachings. These mandalas used in combination with your favorite meditation techniques can be quite beneficial. Now I will abbreviate the steps for the easy remembrance but if you need elaboration please read the friction breathing guide.
Some of you may already have a powerful visual etheric sense but others will benefit from this immediately. Even putting it on your phone can be useful when you’ve attached a strong signature to the image. Even with my eyes closed I could still clearly see my cousin showing me the postures, in the blackness a super vivid image of a holy man meditating on the tip of a mountain appeared, I then flew inside his body and became him; I could hear the wind whistling around me, and then I was the mountain top, finally I opened my eyes and was me again. The famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, through his exploration of Eastern mysticism, came to the conclusion that mandalas are a snapshot of the unconscious mind – he believed that drawing mandalas had psychological importance due to their ability to identify fractures in personality and work towards psychic wholeness.
They do this by creating large and intricate mandalas out of coloured sand, a process which can take days, and then destroying it upon completion, usually by brushing it up and depositing it’s remains into the sea.
From that point on it is completely up to you what you do with it, as long as the pattern is fairly symmetric. As you do this imagine inhaling the energy of love and exhaling the stress and anxiety you regularly deal with. Using a symbol helps you focus on the moment and you can block out those parasitic thoughts attached to your past story or your future imaginings. And you go and sort of sit down in front of this paper and figure out what it’s about. You can draw more circles, a square or two, maybe even a triangle, and then you can fill it with patterns and colour it to your hearts content.
What a faith healer does is use his own vibrational rate to bring you to another vibrational rate. Generally no two mandalas are the same, and each time you draw one it will reflect your current mental state; it will take a snapshot of your unconscious in a similar way as writing down a dream you just had upon awakening. Try not to inspire thoughts during this, but do not be affected if there are plenty of thoughts. As you do this become aware that you are plotting points on your own body that the breath follows.

By meditating on your mandalas, you can center your unconscious mind without ever needing to become conscious of it. Just by looking at it you are emotionally altered and that is it’s value to us in our subtle energy training and experience. Give them time to cycle out and run their course but take care to not inspire any and just allow yourself to calmly be.
With this loose guide find the breath as it enters and exits and place it’s crest onto the larynx in your throat. Feel how the image makes your actual eyes react and feel how it makes your third eye react. As you meditate on mandalas your mental facilities will begin to form internal bio-chemical impressions that you can save into a mental symbol and recall anytime you wish to feel the desired emotion that the symbol drums up. Take a few minutes while you find your center and breath before we begin activating the throat chakra and the third eye. Opening the third eye is a matter of connecting this locations energy with that of your throat chakra (the amplifier) to do this you just need to become aware of both locations simultaneously.
It is a good idea to date your mandalas, so that you may look back on them, and see the progression of your psyche. Having a plan is ideal when mapping symbols and using mandalas is a very powerful way to do that. You are doing this right if your breath is no more deep than normal but creates a strong vibration within the larynx. If you want to know more about the history of mandalas, or are curious to know the symbolism of various shapes, patterns and colours found in mandalas, then I highly recommend this book – it is the book I personally use.
Before we begin Mandala integration I want to give you a chance to catch up before you proceed.
It is this constant vibration that cause your awareness to resonate with the throat chakra allowing you to embody it’s abilities to amplify.
If you would like to see some of the mandalas I have drawn, you can check them out at the following link – my mandala collection. Remember there is no particular goal in mind, but with your chosen mandala try to feel the message it contains, its creator may not be aware of it, and it could be different for everyone, accuracy for this is irrelevant.
At this point many feel subtle sensations on this area, for me it is like a growing pillow of air that seems separate from my actual breath.
You can use whatever meditation technique you want to when combining it with a mandala focus, however if you are interested in feeling your subtle body (also called energy body, ethereal body and chakra body) and chakra centers and the effects of the mandala on them I would suggest you read these prior articles detailing techniques to expand subtle energy awareness and manipulation.

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