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If educators plan to transform their schools into institutions that promote 21st century learning skills, systemic change must occur. I came across this graphic while reading Darren Kuropatwa’s blog which I think wonderfully summarizes the sorts of leadership principles that are necessary to promote meaningful educational reform. Preparing a school or district for significant change also requires building organizational capacity for this type of change.
Perhaps the most difficult challenge facing school leaders is the general resistance to change that is often expressed by teachers.
Another important roadblock for school leaders to avoid is frustration that results from a lack of resources.
Inspirational Motivation How to inspire your people in tough times - inspirational motivation.People will do anything if they accept the "emotional logic" - Win the battle for their hearts as well as their minds. Change Management is an extremely broad subject and the meaning varies from business to business, but it is an essential part of the Operational Excellence journey.
Change management programmes come in many guises and they all need to be managed correctly.
It is human nature to resist change as we are programmed to avoid risks and without doubt managing change is the most difficult challenge a manager will ever face.
This sort of change will not only require significant resources,  but the type of transformation we are looking for demands highly effective leadership– leadership that fosters meaningful change.

Effective change requires a clear vision, appropriate skills, meaningful incentives directly related to outcomes, necessary resources, and a well thought out action plan. Simply put, administrators and teachers must have the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to make change happen. Many schools face the seemingly insurmountable task of convincing their faculties of the necessity of implementing the sort of systemic change discussed earlier. With the terrible budget cuts facing most schools, building organizational capacity for change is as difficult as ever. The sticky part is that having a very specific vision is difficult, because technology advances at an amazing rate.
This is especially true if it is a step change that need to be handled as a separate initiative outside of the constraints of business as usual. In simple terms it can be considered as a structured way of smoothly and successfully implementing changes within an organisation.
Change needs to be approached in the right way and if done poorly it will become a daily battle. When team members lack these skills,  a sort of professional anxiety results which usually cripples an organization. Without meaningful incentives, resistance naturally occurs, particularly when the extent of the organizational change is significant.

Building a 21st century learning environment sounds great when teachers have fast computers, a network that is reliable, the technological resources necessary, and worthwhile professional development. Is the understanding and management of Benefits, Risks and Issues and the provision of an Organisation Structure and Process Definition. The deciding factor is the scale and complexity of the step change you are seeking to implement. But, how many administrators have access to the sort of capital that would enable them to build the type of  infrastructure necessary to transform their schools?
Does not replace Project Management - it is a supplementary frameworkDifferences between programmes and projects A Programme is all about delivering the overall business benefits in line with the strategic vision and over a longer period of time than a project. Whereas a Project has a definite start and finish point, with the aim of the delivery of an output that may be a product, service or specific outcome.
Programme management focuses on the management of all key stakeholder relationships and the delivery of defined business benefits and in addition to managing the project portfolio will also include the management of any other activities that are necessary to ensure a complete delivery.

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