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In comes my boss, a fifty-something, thin, mustached gentleman who hired me for my marketing advice and ideas, but seldom listened to them or allowed me to implement them. At that moment, on that morning, in the mood I was in, proper English was the furthest thing from my mind, too. What transpired was my being dismissed, told to pack up my desk, take my belongings and skedaddle. In the end, being dismissed led to starting my own business, being my own boss, creating my own work.
It’s not hard because the day stretches ahead of you like an endless country road, and you (at first) are not sure which bend to take, or which signs to obey, or which trees you can stop and rest at.
What I discovered during my use of the web and my studying and my focus on how valuable the internet was becoming to the world of business, was that women were being overlooked. Here’s what happened next: the company I chose to publish my book (self-publishing doesn’t mean you print the book in your basement, though it can), turned out not to be as customer-friendly as I would have liked.
We launched WME Books, a division of Windsor Media Enterprises, and began to publish other people’s books using print on demand. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy workamping at Vickers Ranch because of the opportunity I get to do some creative woodworking projects? Last year, I arrived at the ranch in time to help install and finish a similar mantle my boss made.
First, find a workamping job that provides the opportunity to work with wood, great big hunks of wood. Next I had some helpers sand the top of the log with 80 grit discs on a Makita palm sander. Almost done…a few coats of satin polyurethane varnish dried quick in the Colorado sun. How To Hit The RoadRead our free report packed with tips for transitioning to the location independent lifestyle.
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I used to spend time with people I didn't love and people who didn't love me because I thought I had to. After deciding that I was NOT going to pound the pavement and look for another job… another chance to work hard for someone else… I settled in to working from home, doing what I knew I could do. I didn’t get rich, but I made enough to pay my bills. Then, as I was doing that, I continued to study writing, and the web, because I knew those two disciplines were my future, and lo and behold  I learned something valuable. It was as if no one realized women were flocking to the web for all sorts of things; for information, for education, to socialize and to shop. And, because I was quite familiar, via my freelance writing career with the world of traditional publishing and how long it can take, I decided to publish the book myself. I continued to work on my consulting, and between the two of us, Tom and I managed to keep paying the bills. We left the house several times a week and attended various networking events to meet people and share our story. I cut a bit off each end, and hit the top again with the sander, then used a stiff brush to clean up the front by hand.
So I trimmed it out using a strip of wood with the bark intact, to cover the irregular gaps caused by the cabin’s log wall. It makes me laugh now because I used to actually say the words "I just always worry about things." Man.
I couldn’t see his eyes behind his glasses because the sun was shining on the lenses, causing a bright yellow glare to precede him across the room. I would show the world that I could write and I could get paid to write and that writing was me, who I am. My book had to be available in real time because it was about using the internet and we all know, the internet changes daily.

Do this yourself.” Just as I made the decision not to search for another job a year before, I made the decision to open my own publishing company, following the fiasco of my book being released.
Instead of allowing that to happen, get out, meet people, talk about your dreams, learn from others and implement what you learn. So I thought I would share how to make a custom log fireplace mantle like this one I made at my favorite workamping job. If you don’t know about workampers, visit our page to learn what workamping is all about! I looked at the world around me, I looked at my talents, and I realized I could help business owners by being their web content writer. And, in the end, we discovered the book was printed right around the corner from where we lived!
Being excited for the future means I'm doing what I need to do now to make that exciting future happen. There's no obligation to do something just because I feel like doing it, or I feel like I have to do it.
But, those moments merely gave us added incentive to get the book done, to improve our connections with possible clients, and to keep reviewing our activity to make sure we were putting in the correct time and effort. We became publishers – and WME Books released more than 20 amazing titles, before we moved on… to something else. I remember feeling a bit angry so it’s more likely I trudged to the car and went home to fume.
Of course, now I know that not only can I not make everyone else happy, I can't make anyone else happy.

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