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Today’s “Ask Petey” video question is the third of four in a series of self-esteem videos I’ve been speaking about for the last couple of weeks. After discussing “What’s The Story on Self-Esteem” and then figuring out “What Went Wrong” last week, it’s time to clearly define what some of the symptoms or signs of low self-esteem are. The reason I speak about this on my video this week is because there can be so much misinterpretation that occurs when people perceive things incorrectly. I began to have a feeling that this was really the main issue when she began to tell me her story. Sue began to tell me stories of how she knew if she wasn’t fat and could lose weight that she would have more friends. She also KNEW that people thought she was stupid because nobody ever really wanted to get in long conversations with her about anything.
Listen to this video for the REAL signs of low self-esteem and see if any of it resonates with you!

She could tell by the way people were looking at her that they were disgusted by her weight. She KNEW that people didn’t like her because they never invited her out with them socially.
What she didn’t realize was that with her low self-esteem she PERCEIVED all of these things to be true because she felt so bad about herself she couldn’t see anything different.
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It may look or sound very differently than how someone else perceives them in life, but it is the perception of themselves and how they tell their story that speaks to the real core issues at hand.
What you chose to do about it is strictly up to you; but this person says you’d better get help and not self help.
At an early age, we either felt good about who or what we are, or, through our environment and experiences, began to get mentally and emotionally damaged.I don’t like to talk to those of you who might be macho about “the Inner Child”, but if you have low self esteem today, when did the seeds get planted?

Again, if you are honest with yourself, things probably started as a child and you have never felt 100% about you; this has caused emotional pain. What temporarily gets rid of emotional pain better than finding escape- booze, drugs, sex shopping, eating, gambling – the list goes on?Emotional healing after addictionAs Stein says, we are always the same age inside. I’ll take it one step farther, while we always have that child inside, IF WE take action the inner child can heal.The road to healing begins with getting honest with our self and accepting our low self image as a start point, then having the courage to take action to change and heal.
If I love and respect me, would I do the abusive things to myself that I did in active addiction? Would I wish my self abuse on anyone?So what is today’s message?From this person’s perspective, if you want to be free of addictions or other self-destructive behavior, the place you have to start at is taking the hard actions needed to create a YOU who You respect and hold in reasonable esteem.Wonder how?

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