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In all honesty, Valentine’s Day should be about showing the person you love that you care about them. It sounds so quick and simple but life gets in the way and sometimes nothing is quick and simple.
With all the words at my command I am still unable to adequately and eloquently express the beauty and awe of love. I’d sooner die a poor unknown than lose these feeling—the caring, the sharing, the knockout intensity of your love. Livy  dear,     I have already mailed today’s letter, but I am so proud of my privilege of writing the dearest girl in the world whenever I please, that I must add a few lines if only to say I love you, Livy. This past weekend, we hosted the wedding dinner party for my mom who recently married her 6th grade love. Even though I could read and understand what the note said, I’m pretty sure almost everything is spelled incorrectly with the exception of his name.
Coincidentally that day, my co-worker had mentioned that she had just joined a Tibetan book club started by Trace Foundation and that they were reading the love poems by the great 6th Dalai Lama.
AboutLhakar Diaries is a blog dedicated to the movement inside Tibet where, by buying Tibetan goods, eating Tibetan foods, wearing Tibetan clothes and speaking Tibetan, ordinary men and women resist China's occupation. We want to highlight these actions inside Tibet, and show solidarity by promoting similar actions outside Tibet by posting our personal journey to explore and honor our shared cultural heritage and identity. I’ll spare you the details of the experience, but it was not pretty and it left me essentially stranded on a cold, dark and dreary Christmas Eve. The answer to that question finally arrived just a few days ago when I received an unexpected “apology” from my ex.  I have no idea why he felt moved to communicate after all of these years, but I am grateful because it was the catalyst for a major ah ha moment.
In that process of venting, I filled pages with examples of lifestyle choices that I had made throughout my life that were the antithesis of “spoiled” behavior. When I eventually took a breath from my defense, I was shocked to realize that I had been creating experiences throughout my whole life to prove to myself that I was indeed not spoiled! So that was my ah-ha moment about me, but there is a much bigger point for all of us.  A very negative experience 2 ? years ago was actually the signal that a door to healing had been opened!  It took 2 ? years and a nudge with a funky (but probably well intentioned) letter of apology for the clarity and freedom to arrive in my conscious awareness, but the Universe had started the process with that negative experience.

Often we think that negative experiences are an indication that we are doing something “wrong”. This was huge chunk of transformation about an outdated tape that I had been playing over and over again, for an entire lifetime!  This tape was responsible for a long litany of belittling, demeaning and just plain difficult choices that I had drawn into my energy field. I am once again in awe of the scope of intelligence – and love – that this Universe holds for us.  And I am also vitally aware of how it is that our own tapes, programming, thoughts and beliefs literally create the experiences in our lives.
Join now to receive the Sufficiency Kit as my giftIt includes the Sufficiency Practices PDF and Money Talks but Are You Listening Audio Recording. Read the bookThis book is an evolutionary journey into the surprising and untapped world of money as a profoundly vibrant relationship, just waiting to connect us to our own potential and to the creative genius of the whole planet. Join the people subscribed to the Epheriell Silver Service and get 10% off your next Epheriell order! Hi, I'm Jess - self-employed crafty lady, jewellery designer, writer, teacher, speaker, big dreamer, kindle addict and lover of life. Want to learn how to turn your handmade hobby into a full-time business… from those who’ve actually done it? So to help make it simple again I put together a list of 50 quick & easy love note ideas for you. I love you more than chocolate chip cookies…and you know I really love chocolate chip cookies! My boyfriend is going on a trip this weekend and I was thinking about putting some little notes in his suitcase.
We both leave cards every once in a while or we’ll pick up a little something like candy to leave around! You can add content to this area by visiting your Widgets Panel and adding new widgets to this area.
Yes, he refers himself to me as Jake Jillanhall [he spelt that wrong!], only because Jake Gyllenhaal is the only Hollywood actor I consider eye candy worthy – but that’s besides the point! Poor boy has to brush up on his spelling and stop referring to himself in the third person. Of course I wanted to reciprocate but my competitive side wanted to do it better.

This week I had a powerful reminder of the fact that even crappy experiences are simply love notes from the Universe. At the time, I was so proud of myself for breaking an old pattern of retreating from the world when I got hurt.
Living in a tipi, hauling my own water, freezing my butt off to chop down trees to build our house, living without electricity and working for years on important causes were simply not the actions of a spoiled person.
If we lived in a place of trust, we would realize that all experiences are simply part of a living and loving Universe that only wants our expansion and healing. Now I can consciously operate from a different paradigm than the belief that I need to be tough; that I can make it through any hardship and that I must struggle to balance the wrongs of the world.
But in case you don’t we thought we could help you decide what to get your honey on this special day.
Sometimes I write on the mirror with a dry erase marker, sometimes I send them in his lunch, sometimes I leave them on the ironing board for him to find before he irons, sometimes I leave them with his keys. Write one of these {or something of your own} on a sticky note, a blank card, the mirror, the back of an envelope, or whatever you can find.
So from then on, all of his notes were written to me on toilet paper, anniversary notes, birthday notes, and everyday notes….
It was a great experience all rolled up: learning how to type Tibetan on my iPhone while learning how to spell at the same time, appreciating the beautiful love poems of the 6th, and exchanging love notes with my boy in our mother tongue.
Neither of us are very romantic, but I like to do little funny things to show him I love him, especially as he does so much for me! For his 28th birthday this past February, I wrote him 28 love notes sealed in little envelopes. I also recognized that my response to the experience was my own opportunity to grow so I began asking what I was supposed to see or learn from this rather painful turn of events.

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