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Meditation invokes the relaxation response in the body and counters the serious effects of chronic stress. During fight or flight mode, the heart rate accelerates, the pulse quickens, and the blood pressure rises. When under constant stress, the body stays in fight or flight mode for extended periods of time causing illness and disease. Learn to elicit the relaxation response, allowing the body to benefit from the psychological and physiological effects, to keep the symptoms of stress at bay. Try a meditation exercise for 10 to 15 minutes each day (even 5 minutes will help) to keep your mind calm and focused, relieve stress, and promote mental, physical and emotional healing. Kelly Brown is a Certified Student Assistance Counselor and has been working with emotionally challenged students aged 10 through 21 for the past 8 years, most recently earning” The Related Services Provider of the Year” award due to her Holistic Approach. Kelly believes in the development of the total person and this is the central theme of her Life Coaching practice.
Through her extensive studies at GCU, Kelly has learned that by taking a whole-person approach to health, mind, body, and spirit, and by becoming aware of how we and our environment are interconnected, we are working toward Holistic Health.
Qigong combines focused meditation, focused concentration, breathing technique, and body movements or postures to activate and cultivate Qi (energy) as it flows through the meridians (invisible energy channels) in the body. I am emerging more and more each day.  Those who I need in my life will love me more because of it.
As you can see, I clearly have only scratched the surface on what accepting love from myself entails.  But guess what? We can never have enough insight on self-love and acceptance… I believe this is the main reason we are really even here having this existence. One of the main reasons I began writing this blog, was to heal from my postpartum depression, and to find a source of fulfillment outside of being a new stay-at-home mom. Thank you to all of you who have shared in this journey with me, and offered your support, your comments, and just being you. This past year has challenged me to look deep within myself and discover more fully who I am, just as me, and it has been quite a wonderful experience.
Since I often find it challenging to sit down and write, with a three-and-a-half year old always by my side, I have enjoyed writing on my Facebook page and sharing brief messages with those who stop by.

Spending time with those who love you, and who you love opens your life for powerful healing, and pure experiences of joy. May you be blessed with love in your life. Grateful today for the gift of the human spirit, that has the courage and strength to move forward even after faced with difficulties or challenges. But to be doubtful of your innate creation, as beloved, beautiful  and wonderful, that’s completely unfair to you.
Your body feels this positive change as well. Even the cells in your body become energized to work towards healing, and health in a more rapid focused manner. Your gratitude and energy surges into the relationships you have, and they too change for the better—they are healthier, more full-filling, more energized, more satisfying, more complete.
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Fight or flight responses are innate responses that prepare the body to fight or flee from danger.
In relaxation, the heart rate slows, the pulse rate lowers, and the blood pressure decreases.
The hypothalamus continues to release chemicals in preparation of fight or flight and does not release the chemicals that return the body to a relaxed mode.
Meditation, deep breathing exercises, and yoga help to activate the relaxation response at will. Kelly is currently completing the Masters of Holistic Health Studies program at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey. Byers breaking Governor Chris Christie Roosevelt Millstone Upper Freehold Millstone Township School District Millstone Township Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders New Jersey Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni Plumsted Township NJ State Police Allentown Millstone Township Committee New Egypt UFRSD Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office Stone Bridge Middle School Upper Freehold Regional School District Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Energy balancing, holistic healing, mindful nutrition, Auricular Medicine, Spring Forest Qigong. Loving yourself seems like it would be a snap but it’s so easy to be critical and let those thoughts run wild. I believe that we have to love ourselves first and then we can love others (and the earth). I have been avoiding meditation like the plague, but have also known that its something I really need to do.

Sometimes we need to tune in a listen to those inner voices that are nudging us to do something!
I’ve learned more deeply how important my spiritual life is, how much I love to love and be loved, how much I feel blessed to be a mother and wife, and how it is truly a gift to share the gift of healing with others, and in return receive healing. Keep your eyes, your heart and your ears open, so that you may receive blessings throughout your day. Knowing we are in this life together makes the mystery and struggles of life so much easier to understand when we travel together. See Scripture and authors such as Max Lucado, Rachel Naomi Remen, John O’Donohue or whoever teaches you about the messages that are most dear to your own heart! The hypothalamus is an area of the brain that initiates a chemical release that prepares our bodies for fighting or running. Relaxation relieves stress and anxiety, counters anger and other negative emotions, and helps people to think clearer thoughts and make better decisions. Did it for the first time in a while this morning and it was awesome, and I happened to run into this post as well.
There is a huge training here in Florida this month and I have been invited by a friend to attend and after reading this, I really want to go. It is amazing how now, our thoughts can be shared with thousands, even millions in seconds, whereas, in the past you would have had to hope someone would want to accept your manuscript for publishing.
It is alright to question ourselves, and what kind of wife, friend, mother, husband, father, etc. And as a result opened myself to positive inspiration and created this message for me, for you, for any of us, who are doubtful of the wonder we really truly are.

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