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We can tactfully make them aware of our observations and provide recommendations on how they might want to change their approach. We can engage a third party and provide similar insights by proxy, whether that be a climate survey or an individual who we trust that might be better positioned to communicate the message. We can submit a formal complaint in hopes of giving reason for someone in authority to conduct an investigation and fix the problem. Over the last year, I have personally executed both option 1 and option 2 in my current command, and I have served as that proxy for members of another command. Some may say that firing our boss is nothing more than quitting, and I guess to a certain extent that may be true. We must inform you that after numerous attempts to help you to grow into the leader we need, a command climate survey that helped us to understand how to focus our improvement efforts, and recommendations on how to both address our most critical challenges and  seize our most significant opportunities, you have shown no visible interest in effectively leading our team. This leaves us with no choice but to tell you that your employment is terminated effective immediately. I don’t believe that anyone will write a letter like this, let alone deliver such a message and that is unfortunate.
I think the hardest thing is to admit there is nothing more you can do for an organization in the position you are in and it is time to move on.
If the chain of command doesn’t listen, or their priorities are different from those you believe are best designed to serve, then maybe the best thing for you and them is to move on. We can assist others to do the right thing by providing cover for them to act as they see fit. We can help bring problems to the attention of our leadership by encouraging white papers, discussion, and linking complaints with recommended solutions.
Most worrying is the fact that I witnessed good people literally thrown away because of personal challenges and just having a really hard time getting it.
If no command is available or none will take the CMC on for a fixed time period, the CMC should revert back to their original rating. Finally, the Fleet and Force Master Chief positions should be one tour only and then the individuals in those positions should either go back to being CMCs or should go back to their rating.
Chart 2: Same data for confidence in US congress but plotted on an inverse scale so we see an increasing line. Chart 4: Official US national debt plotted on a log scale so an up-trending straight line indicates an exponential increase – averages more than 9% per year.
Expect higher food and energy costs, a devalued dollar, and less confidence in governments and paper currencies. Expect more “happy-talk” from politicians and financial TV while most of the US, Europe and Japan suffers through what appears to be an on-going depression.
Hold physical precious metals outside the banking system to survive the coming financial winter.
Protect against unprecedented debt levels, bank bail-ins, government confiscation, derivatives implosion, central planning. MTMayor Yury Luzhkov participating in a friendly football match between government officials in September 2002. He was seen leaving his office at noon, accompanied by Iosif Kobzon, a legendary crooner, State Duma deputy and a close friend.
Luzhkov made no public comment Tuesday, but The New Times magazine released a copy of a letter that he had written to Medvedev where he said his dismissal was punishment for a 2008 proposal to reinstate direct gubernatorial elections and his support for a highway through the Khimki forest. See images of Yury Luzhkov's nearly two decades in office in our first photo gallery or second photo gallery from Moscow Times photographers. Luzhkov's departure had been widely expected after state-controlled television initiated an anti-mayor campaign earlier this month, but few had expected Medvedev to fire the mayor while in China, where he wound up a three-day visit Tuesday.
Medvedev did not say who he would nominate as the next mayor, but party secretary Vyacheslav Volodin said United Russia would soon present the president with a list of possible successors. Medvedev's spokeswoman Natalya Timakova said Tuesday that Luzhkov had been offered the chance to step down and had been given a week to think over his plans, news agencies reported.

Luzhkov's term was to expire next July, but analysts say the Kremlin needed to replace him well ahead of next year's State Duma elections to ensure good results for United Russia. The mayor clashed with Medvedev a few weeks ago by writing an article for Rossiiskaya Gazeta in which he favored Prime Minister Vladimir Putin over the president in the dispute over the highway through the Khimki forest. Putin, who heads United Russia, criticized Luzhkov on Tuesday for failing to establish good relations with Medvedev. Boris Gryzlov, who heads United Russia's faction in the State Duma and serves as Duma speaker, said in a statement that Medvedev had warned the party about his decision last Thursday. Luzhkov did not appear to be saddened by his dismissal, said Oleg Mitvol, prefect for Moscow's Northern Administrative District. Luzhkov plans to campaign for a return of direct mayoral elections in Moscow, an unidentified senior city official told Interfax on Tuesday. The mayor has 10 days to appeal his removal in the Supreme Court, City Duma Speaker Vladimir Platonov said late Tuesday, RIA-Novosti reported. Luzhkov, in office since 1992, earned a reputation of a political heavyweight, although his dreams of moving to the Kremlin were shattered with Putin's ascension in 2000. But a cloud was cast on the four-term mayor's future when Medvedev began to implement a new policy of removing regional leaders after three terms. Investigators have opened several criminal cases into City Hall officials in recent months, inquiries that were widely seen as Kremlin-orchestrated attacks aimed at weakening Luzhkov.
Speculation grew that he was on his way out when he faced harsh criticism in the media for not immediately cutting short an Austrian vacation while Moscow choked in heavy smog in August. Tensions climaxed when state-controlled television started broadcasting a series of reports about corruption in the city, implicating the mayor and his billionaire wife, Yelena Baturina, who heads the Inteko construction company.
The Investigative Committee denied reports Tuesday that new criminal cases have been opened recently into city officials, Itar-Tass reported. As the oil shortages, inflation, and unemployment of the 1970s disrupted American lives and the Watergate scandal rocked the presidency, faith in the future of the nation and its leaders was severely damaged. David Brian Robertson is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri, St.
This comes with some risk, as one never knows how even the most constructive of feedback is received.
Months ago you had stated your intent to make your commitment to the employees you claim to value visible through action, to invest in the development of the team who remains focused on leading with you, and to lead strategically. Instead, we will choose to accept our circumstances, convincing ourselves that it is OK or that we brought it upon ourselves. You see all the doors closing around you with the only hope that the next boss will be better, or more attentive to your needs, or see the big picture, and you hope when you close doors, others will open.
If they are going to burn bridges, we should offer them a line of retreat, after being sure their complaint is valid and in perspective to the consequences of them being right. They should be fired from above or below… even if they never know they have been fired. This is a wonderful gesture that should be taken with high regards, yet it is the gumption of the mid-level leaders or lack thereof that would never allow this to come to fruition. First, they represent the milestones, large and small, happy and sad, we enjoy throughout the journey of life. Throw in several stock market crashes, a housing crash, add in a few million home foreclosures, flaunt price fixing and market manipulations, massive banker bonuses, numerous political scandals, and eventually people lose confidence in the system. Crushing deflation, hyperinflation, and currency collapse are possible – perhaps inevitable. He attended a City Hall meeting and accepted late greetings from already former colleagues for his 74th birthday, which he celebrated on Sept. A senior party official, Andrei Vorobyov, said in a statement on the party's web site that Luzhkov's resignation letter was signed Sunday but not received until Tuesday. Medvedev has the right to pick from the list or choose someone else to forward to the City Duma for confirmation.

Resin, 74, oversees the city's construction industry and is famous for his taste in expensive wristwatches. But the mayor said upon returning from a weeklong vacation in Austria on Monday that he would not step down. He did not say whether Luzhkov planned to appeal but pointed out that as a retired mayor he would be entitled to lavish state support, including bodyguards, a dacha, medical insurance, a pension and travel expenses. This volume, which is the product of a unique collaboration of distinguished scholars from history and political science, offers a probing analysis of the causes, processes, and consequences of this erosion of faith in public solutions to our country's problems. That said, it is a necessary course of action when options 1 and 2 fail to achieve the results we expect. The actions we take prior to our decision to do any of those things makes all of the difference. We lose productivity because we know those who do not choose to lead us will transfer soon, or we will transfer soon and we will not have to deal with them. I did it with the command well in my rearview mirror, and in retrospect I know of at least three others who were hurt the same way I was because I did not speak up sooner. In the vast majority of cases, I believe, if someone has the courage to speak up and put their own careers in danger, it is likely the problem is real and needs to be addressed. It takes an open minded leader and one who can see things from all angles, from all aspects, from all levels of pay grade, to attain the work environment that is most productive. It’s not easy, but if you DON’T step up and lay it on the line, inaction can have even worse consequences for your reputation, the mission, and the morale and welfare of the crew. They additionally symbolize disparate pieces of data that by themselves mean far less than they do in the aggregate. A photo published by Vedomosti last year showed him wearing a Swiss watch worth more than $1 million. At the beginning of the decade, a confident American public and its leaders still embraced the government activism that was the legacy of the New Deal.
Unfortunately, I have been recently made aware of leadership practices outside of my current command that make option 3 necessary. The other likely alternative is to quit, which I believe to be far more admirable than acceptance and assimilation.
This forum is all about celebrating the lessons of life, enjoying the journey, and making sense of things along the way.
But grave doubts about the efficacy of public policy - fueled by Watergate, Vietnam, stagflation, energy crises, and intensely controversial social policies - undermined this public trust as the decade wore on, until by the end tax revolts were breaking out across the country. As I reflect on experiences closer to home, I can’t help but realize that there is a 4th option, that of firing our boss. I can assure that when I find myself in this situation I will not quit, at least not before ensuring that my boss knows that he quit on us. Chances are that if it is a fairly serious matter, that CO’s boss probably already knows about it, and may or may not be taking action.
Describing government as the problem, not the solution, Ronald Reagan broke with tradition to set a political and policy agenda that has become dominant ever since.
These experts from two disciplines bring their special insights to bear in dissecting the key developments of this decade that have transformed American politics in the last quarter of the century. I will be loyal to my COC regardless of our differences in personality, but to have to interact my COC and knowing more than half the time you will get yelled at for incompetence is not healthy.
We decide to wait out that leader, we try to convince ourselves that fulfillment and personal enjoyment isn’t a requirement for the 10+ hours we spend at work each day, or we make ourselves believe that whatever opportunity behind door number two is likely just as bad. I am certain we have all attempted the wait out approach and some of us are more patient than others.

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