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1) are waiting to hear if and where you will be working next year, and it could be anywhere in the country.
However, one shoe does not fit all, and today I want to discuss in from the frame of workability. She knew, that though there was some immediate payoff, it would ultimately have been an act of punishment on my body in an effort to avoid what I really needed to deal with. So the question you can ask yourself this week is: in the face of the uncertainty I dealing with, how workable is my solution. This book is one of the first ethnographies written on the life of farmers in rural Southern Vietnam since the economic reform in the 1980s. I am also a person, probably like all members of the human tribe, who hates living with uncertainty. I was wrestling with that feeling of unease this week, and I wished I could just do a google search to get the answer to one of life’s problems. Uncertainty is a problem, but sometimes I just have to buck up and face it and trust that all will turn out for the best.

Sometimes we just need to throw caution to the wind and let happen whatever is going to happen. I took up meditation early last year to cope with uncertainty (related to my daughter’s CAS that was undiagnosed at the time). I just found your blog…yesterday actually, which was my birthday, so who knows if you will see this.
I have tried lots of answers but the best for me have been prayer and listening for the still, small voice.
The best-selling author and spiritual teacher shares practices for living with wisdom and integrity even in confusing and uncertain situations—now available as a Shambhala Library edition. A unique way for readers to create a wealth of great books—Get a membership for yourself or for a gift! Even though, realistically, the short-term consequence wouldn’t have been completely disastrous if I had eaten it, the point was, it was not a sustainable, workable course of action.
It investigates how social, economic and political factors affect the farmers' life in the Mekong Delta in the late socialist era with a particularly focus on the family, which serves as the basic and most significant social unit for the farmers.

Surely, no one would judge you for having a drink in the face of any¬†ONE of the above mentioned stressors… but how workable is that for you, what is the consequence???
Dealing with classical anthropological topics of kinship and family, the book examines them as dynamic institutions. With vivid illustrations of the village life, family farming, education of children, jobs outside of farming and everyday politics, it presents new and different pictures of the current Vietnamese family under rapid social changes. The book will contribute to the current ethnographical research in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and also be of particular interest to those working on society and culture in the geographical region from broader disciplines.

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