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This 3 audio set provides an introduction to meditation and a one minute, five minute and twenty minute meditation. Gives you a sure-fire technique for handling stress that you can use any time, any where and shows you how to handle difficult situations and the emotions that they trigger effectively.
An unbeatable, effective weight loss program that provides simultaneous Mind and Body Training with two top weight loss experts in the comfort of your own home and at the fraction of the cost of comparable programs! What if you could do your easy, relaxing mental conditioning (just like top athletes), WHILE working on your physical conditioning with your own top athletic trainer?  This unbeatable combination is the fool-proof formula for your successful, lasting weight loss with the 6 Weeks to Your Beach Body program. Join our mailing list and stay current on the latest information as well as receive special offers! Sleep machines are available that create white noise to mask the noise from outside your bedroom. A double combination of masking outside noise while specifically assisting you to relax would be to listen to especially created sleep programs based on binaural beats or simple relaxation music. Our body is very sensitive to light as it controls our body clock, i.e, circadian rhythms by means of the light input through our retinas. Alcohol may help you to get to sleep but it will cause you to wake up throughout the night.
Our Goal is to provide a Stress-Free Way of Living for you to buy the best stress relief, sleep and feel good products as you learn how to solve problems, fulfill needs and achieve energy-filled, stress-free days and peaceful, restful nights. What if you received personal, quick service, answers and solutions -- combined with a 30 day, no questions 100% return satisfaction guarantee. Get started, risk free with the best meditation, mindfulness and stress relief training available.

Try 1 of our best, easiest to use, most successful, life-improving products directly below. Alive is the only clinical Biofeedback program we recommend for the therapist or group setting. Real time on screen feedback, dual monitor, robust progress review features and unlimited users makes it perfect for clinicians. Somatic Vision created the alive program as comprehensive personal biofeedback learning experience.
The best starting Mindfulness & Stress Relief from the Award Winning Biofeedback company that started the home biofeedback gaming movement. Meditation for beginners & intermediates learn from Zen Master Nissim Amon, Dean Ornish, Andrew Weil, Jean Borysenko & other health experts. The Stress-Free Living Company has helped over 50,000 customers to achieve that 'I feel good' feeling. Most importantly, as a company, we strive to operate by the simple golden rule of 'cause no stress for our customers'.
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Know that reading in bed can be a problem if the material is very stimulation and you read with a bright light. With gentle mentored steps, begin your meditation journey like Deepak was teaching in a personal seminar.

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