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But I’ve gotten a lot of emails and posts from people in real pain looking for real answers.
Then there are the little things…sunrises, smiles on children’s faces, tight hugs from a loved one, pure, unedited fun. Sometimes we get so caught up in the messy details surrounding our daily life we don’t see the bigger picture. Urban SamuraiThis blog chronicles the journey from normal man to modern day samurai warrior in the heart of New York City.
There are pricing options available for every budget, including a discount rate on all-access passes ($129) that will remain valid until May 22, 2013. This year the venue has changed to Planet Hollywood, but the low room rates from previous years have stayed the same ($79 weeknight, $129 weekend). SOE Live echoes the core belief that all SOE players are part of one extended family and presents an opportunity for fans of all ages to meet the talented people behind some of the online world’s most successful games. That is very different from ‘Why am I living in this bad world?’ That’s giving up and giving in. If so, get another circle.  Surround yourself with the kind of people that make you want to live so much that you would die for them. If you aren’t getting enough of these incredible little things in your world, make a conscious effort to incorporate them into your daily routine. We get so fogged in by the immediate minutia that surrounds us, that we can’t see through to the gloriousness of it all.

The new location offers great restaurants and convenient access to tons of fun activities in the heart of the Las Vegas strip!
In addition to a slew of social events, SOE will also host developer panel discussions and game-themed live events, giving attendees a chance to voice their opinions of current and upcoming game content. Or any other person that gives you the option of lying down on a couch in my office, while we talk. For a great movie that makes you burst out of the theatre ready to conquer the world, for a great book that makes you think and think and think, and for a great song that compels you to cut off a conversation and turn up the volume. SOE Live will also feature access to new announcements and beta programs, tournaments, premium swag, and more. And they cut you off in their cars, and screw you over on business deals, and break something that you lent them. Live for the breath of fresh air that fills your home the first day of spring and a crisp, cool glass of water when you are thirsty on a hot day. It’s some version of, ‘Why would I want to live in this world with so many bad things in it?’ And I do have an answer for that one. I have seen the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building thousands of times, but still get awestruck when I really look at them. But there are millions of people out there doing great things; real heroes, really saving lives, really enriching lives.
Live for the smell of your favorite meal when you walk in the door or the taste of something you’ve never tried before but instantly becomes your new obsession.

That yearning and striving, that passion to see every one of them up close is reason enough to live. And it makes us forget, not just how amazing life can be, but how amazing life actually is. I’m amazed when I catch the incredibly detailed architecture of an old brownstone or the bright green interior of the grass at Yankee stadium.
But for some reason the masses are drawn to the violence and gore and that’s why it makes headlines. You can live for jokes that buckles you over in laughter, for hour long conversations that make you wonder where the time went, and memories that warm your heart. I don’t care if you live in a big city or in the middle of nowhere or somewhere in between…there is beauty all around you, waiting to take your breath away. For some reason, the masses let a guy who cuts you off on the road ruin a perfectly good morning.

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