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Winter weather has arrived and we got our sweaters, scarves, jackets, and gloves ready as we embark on some holiday shopping. We don't want you to go around carrying a stylus or sausage in your pocket to enjoy your smartphone or touch-sensitive device in the winter weather. Our local fabric supply shops gave us a few "are you out of your mind?" looks when we inquired about the availability of conductive fabrics in their store. Unfortunately going this route will give you way more fabric and thread than you really need. Now go get a warm cup of Joe, turn on some smooth-vibing tunes and get this DIY done on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Our primary gloves were a little tricky in that they are made of a few layers of different material. We then cut the, now unattached, piece of fabric off with scissors and used that tip as a template for the conductive fabric.
We applied the Liquid Stitch to a toothpick and carefully lined the fabric with the adhesive. Glueing this fabric to our glove the same manner as the first, and we got this quick, easy, very nice looking result.
If you have nylon gloves and go our liquid stitch route, you may want to get some thinner thread to sew around the edges.

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The Singer Confidence 7470 Sewing Machine has innovative new features that are simple to understand and easy to use making sewing stress free and fun.
When a product is refurbished, it is made to look like and operate as a brand new item should.
So we went worldwide web and found some options at Sparkfun that looked like they would do the trick.
So you might want to go in cahoots with some friends on this project, or sell your excess on eBay or craigslist.
There was fabric on the underside of the glove so we removed that part with a seam ripping tool. You can make the fabric piece larger than the hole you cut in the glove, and your body heat should radiate out through it. We noticed that we used the side of our thumb a lot for pinch to zooming, so be sure that the fabric extends to that area. But we're putting our confidence in the Liquid Stitch alone as it seems to be holding up very well. Loaded with features like 173 built in stitches, 6 one step buttonholes, built in alphabet, and one touch stitch selection the Singer Confidence 7470 Sewing Machine is sure to be your favorite.

Cutting up a test glove may give you the confidence you need to operate on your primary pair.
We carefully removed the thread around the area where we were going to attach the conductive fabric.
Which we hope, in turn, will give us a more natural experience with our touchscreen device. We found that the tips of our thumb and index fingers, on our dominant hand, were all that we needed. Each refurbished item we feature is completely inspected, rerun down the production line and triple checked for quality before being packed and shipped. Most of the time the only difference between new and refurbished is the brown box and the lower price, which is your gain as an educated consumer.
We are so confident with the quality of our refurbished items that we offer a full 30 day return policy with every purchase, so buy with confidence.

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