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If like us, you worry about how you will survive if you ever happened to fall into quicksand whilst being chased by killer bees with an alligator’s jaw clamped around your leg, then this is the book for you!
From telling you how to survive if your parachute fails to open, to identifying bombs and even delivering babies in moving vehicles, this book has it all.
A memoir of the author’s life growing up in Waterford and his lively, witty grandmother Cissie.
Written as an Irish gay coming-of-age story, this is the story of a city and a self-proclaimed Nancy boy, who emerges into a meaningful and happy existence.

But the most important character throughout is the entertaining, fashion-conscious, poker-playing Cissie, his lively and witty little grandmother who taught him by example how to survive and prosper, how to live with style and verve. Survival experts provide illustrated step by step instructions that tell you what you need to know, fast!

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