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Last year, I got the picture photo stickers, text stickers, colorful stickers, markers, pen holder and notepads. My planner looks pretty much the same as it did the day it arrived in the mail, besides the inside pages, of course. Nina Helleny from According to Nina, Erin from Blue-Eyed Bride, Kelly from Kelly’s Korner, Jessica from The Mom Creative, Katie from Marriage Confessions, Akemi from Mommy Guru, Kacia from Coconut Robot, Jennifer from Life in the Green House, Megan from In This Wonderful Life and Sheaffer from Pinterest Told Me To. I plan on using this planner for keeping up with my busy 3 year old & a new baby on the way! I would use this life planner to help me organize my teaching schedule and my personal life! I am a huge list maker and need to keep super organized with all the different things my daughters are involved in. We are entering the stage of signing up for many activities and this planner would be helpful to keep us all straight!! Oh wow- I've been looking for something that would be able to handle my work, personal and volunteer calendars.
I would love to use it to organize our family life- we are due with baby #2 in August so things are going to get quite busy! Part of Project Organize My Life is about planning for unseen events or emergency situations.
A few years back I received an email from an individual who had some very hurtful and harsh things to say about everything I was doing.
Jessica : Balancing Everything Tackling the mountains of disorganized paperwork for a busy home and three home businesses is no small feat.
I use my planner as a starting point each time I sit down to plan my weekly layout in my project life album.
I hope it helps you be successful with your project life albums and I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!!!
Welcome to my blog, Cherish Everyday, where I write about motherhood, documenting everyday life, finding balance, and all of the fun things a house full of love, laughter, and more than a little chaos brings. Nov 08, 2010 · Free Life Organizing Report & Newsletter with lots of Giveaways! I did lots of life planning this year Actually, I really think of it as more life organizing! Yes, that's why I have insurance but to me, it also includes making and keeping an inventory of the valuables in my home.

Being organized provides all the details necessary to help you plan and achieve life's goals.
Add up the cost of a binder, 40+ binder tabs, labels, color printer toner, paper and your time to find all the goodness in JOYS. JOYS is the first to use one system to create filing tools, such as file labels and a filing system, AND information-gathering tools, like binder tabs and checklists.
As for my products, the design and content of the household notebook is very different that others on the market. At the top of each day I write POD: (Picture of the Day) and at the end of each day I write my idea for what I think I will use as my picture of the day.
The Foolproof System for Organizing Your Room, Time, first chapter teaches the main strategy that can be used in all areas of your teens life. I write in things I have to do in the morning, appointments that I might have during the day and then maybe what I’m planning to cook for dinner in the evening. I just like to be able to open it and see what’s going on versus searching through a digital calendar.
I'd use it to track play dates, baby classes and to meal plan healthy meals so I can loose the rest of this baby weight. With this free valuables printable I will have all the information I need if I ever have to make an insurance claim. The five categories + the overall important category are what makes JOYS unique and effective. Each worksheet, checklist, binder tab and subject guide is  designed consciously to work with the entire JOYS system and the philosophy behind JOYS. JOYS® Just Organize Your Stuff®   By using this site you acknowledge, understand, and accept all the legal stuff including accepting cookies.
The first year I got mine, I didn’t use it all too much because I was on baby routines and schedules and I really didn’t do much else! I do like that the new planner has a little more space for writing extra notes on each day.
I did end up switching to the pens I prefer so I’ll be curious to check out the new, improved markers this year! The tabs and cover look untouched, most likely because they are laminated, even though this thing has been in cars, stores, doctor’s office and the list goes on. I'd love to have one planner that functions for all my needs instead of 3 different calendars lying around!

I did it because I knew simplifying, getting organized and taking care of responsibilities would help me find freedom and peace-of-mind. I had lots of arrows previously The planner also has a monthly view where I typically put bigger events and appointments, too. This could include the Life Planner, the Functional Family system, an iPhone cover, an acrylic tray, or stationery and return address labels.
The system can be used for filing papers, collecting information for a household notebook or even organizing your email. You will not find any other notebook that that gives you such a smart blend of design, prewritten instructions and detailed forms. The subject guides give you in-depth details about what papers you need to keep and how long you need to keep them. Other reasons for the higher cost are the US manufacturing, the environmentally friendly paper, the full-color printing and the reinforced tabs. I'm here to help you make peace with your papers, so you can enjoy all the best life has to offer. And if you use Filing JOYS, it supports your home filing system and household management in a way no other household notebook can because papers and information are categorized consistently. JOYS is an for-profit? adventure in entrepreneurship {my shop}, organizing papers {my blog} and taking control of my life {my story}.
But it was important to me to stay in the US, be environmentally responsible and provide you with the benefits of full, smart color.
If you're ready for papers filed and peace-of-mind, download my first (free) ebook Blueprint:JOYS the Creative Outline for a Home Filing System. Important because I know my business and consumer choices have an impact on so many things. I just purchased from plum district for the 1st time (but they didn't apply the $5 discount) Oh well. I am using an Erin Condren planner right now and love it but really need to order one for next year-you just saved me a ton of money!

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