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As you go through a divorce, you and your spouse will likely have arguments over your rights, your possessions, and even your children. Decide what’s most important – Often, these are things that have no “price tag,” such as a beloved pet or custody of your children.
Don’t get caught up in “winning” – A divorce may often feel like a competition between you and your ex, but you won’t be scoring any points by prolonging the duel. Forget the little things – Let your ex have the vacuum cleaner, the toaster, etc… if that’s what he or she really wants. Concede and Compromise – Conceding to some of your ex’s wishes can likewise convince your ex to be more willing to compromise over other issues.
It will take time to recuperate from a divorce, but it will be that much easier once you learn to let things go, instead of prolonging an already difficult experience.
This entry was posted in Divorce, Emotions, General, Health, Recovery, Strategy, Wisdom by Tipsofdivorce Team. Tips of Divorce articles are written by our expert team consisting of a recent divorcee, the creator of the website, a lawyer, a journalist, and content managers who edit and publish the articles. Divorce has become so commonplace that it's difficult to find anyone who hasn't been affected by it in some way.
This is why we encourage our followers to contribute personal insights, stories, and thoughts regarding divorce so that we can gather knowledge and wisdom from various perspectives to be used for future tips to help others.

I'd rather you follow me on Twitter, but you can also follow this blog via email by entering your email address below. I began this blog in April 2011 from a self-published book, then in December 2011 I found Theory U, which confirmed that LETTING GO was not only one of the keys to life --- it was a master key.
I hope you find a post that helps you learn to LET GO (of what is not working in your life) in order to LET COME (the future waiting to emerge through you).
In 2014 I compiled some of the entries from the Just Quit survey and wrote daily tips to help those who are depressed because they feel stuck in their jobs. Divorce is stressful, from divvying up the assets to determining custody arrangements and untangling previously tangled lives.
But sometimes the best way to live a stress-free life during and after divorce is to simply let go of things you can't control. Click through the slideshow below to see what they had to say, then head to the comments to share your favorite quote or saying about moving on.
Do you want to know about yourself, your qualities, weakness & strength or about any person you would like to know via FREE Energy Scan Session? About usWisdom Quotes offers you quotes and stories about Life, Love, Happiness, Inspiration, Optimism , Friendship, Belief, Success etc. These heated negotiations can be emotionally as well financially draining, whether or not you have a divorce attorney helping you.

Is it really worth it to blow thousands of dollars and risk your emotional health fighting for months over petty assets?
Some things can be easily replaced outside of court, whereas the financial and emotional effort we spend trying to obtain them cannot. There may be an exception in the future, where you find that you or your ex’s situation has changed, and you can renegotiate assets, alimony, child support, or custody.
You’ll be able to concentrate on rebuilding your happiness now that you can put the shattered relationship behind you. While it is important to decide how to divide up your assets, and even more important to fight for your rights to have access to your children, not everything we fight over in a divorce is worth the time and effort it takes.
To help you move forward, we've gathered some of the best quotes on the art of letting go, from famous figures as varied as Lao Tzu and Bill Cosby.

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