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Syllabus revised to include new vocabulary and functional dialogue practice with communication games that encourage classroom interaction among all learners.
Accompanying CD-ROM includes over 30 hours of fun learning activities from each unit which allow students to reproduce language at home on their computers. After years of extensive reviewing and piloting by teachers of Japanese children, the new edition retains the fundamental hallmarks and balance of clarity, friendliness and fun which makes it the most adaptable children's English course available. This book is filled with delighful toddlers and babies out and about - at the supermarket, library and park. Success from the very beginning Millions of children have learned to speak English through the trusted methodology of Let's Go.How? If your child gets excited about rock collecting and wants to identify rocks, it is very helpful to find a local rock guide.
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Like the original, the Third Edition edition still maintains the carefully controlled syllabus and functional dialogues that have become the hallmark of the Let's Go series. Recommends good rock collecting beaches along the North Shore and includes drawings and descriptions of various types of rocks. Classroom interaction in English is encouraged from the very beginning through a focus on question and answer forms, dialogues, pairwork and communicative games. There are also flaps on every page for little fingers to lift and peek underneath.  Check it out at your library today! It gets children talking from the very beginning with conversation, and question and answer practice.2. A good book to share with kids ages one through six to encourage them to play with and enjoy rocks. In addition to introducing kids to rocks and minerals, Cool Rocks offers kids crafty rock projects (e.g.

While this is not a children’s book, it is a good book to share with children who are enthusiastic about rocks. Alphabet and phonics work, as well as songs and chants by Carolyn Graham make this the most effective course available for young learners.
Here are three books to inspire you and your kids to head to the beach for an end-of-the-season rock collecting trip.

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