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Do you hold onto anger at someone just because it feels good to be able to feel something toward them?
Do you play conversations over and over in your head, wondering how things could have gone differently? Do you have grudges that won't let you see goodness, insecurities that won't let you grow inner strength, pain that masks progress? I used to quote the Anne of Green Gables line that says that each day is brand new with no mistakes in it.
Magic is defined as the manipulation of energy through our will to create and manifest change.

Take time to breathe deeply, meditate and be conscious of the energy frequency you are creating in the world. That’s the motto of magic – you really don’t know what you’re going to get but you have to try and you have to trust it will be what you truly need. This means being open to the experiences and lessons that the Universe brings your way, whatever they may be.
When we learn to hone or intuitive abilities and live in a way where we can notice the signs and messages from our spiritual allies any time we need them the whole world opens up into a magical land of opportunity. Her mission is to help women discover how magic, ritual and spiritual practice can support their lives while they manifest their amazing dreams.

I'm always smiling, taking massive action and helping others connect with their true purpose in life.
As the Buddha said, “What we think we become.” Know that your thoughts have power, your emotions are energy and that when that energy goes into the world it creates the world around you.

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