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My twin sister, my husband and I will continue our yesterday’s birthday celebration for one more day.
The fact that my husband’s mother and my mother gave birth to us just one day apart is pretty neat. Today, I’ll enjoy another August day with the two who have been at the top of my world for what seems like forever! Readers who loved the stellar central character, Fanny, in the first publication will fall in love with her all over again. WINNER OF THREE BOOK AWARDS!Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected has won three book awards.
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Join our mailing list to stay updated on the stars—plus, we'll send you our free astrology compatibility guide! Tonight we look forward to a gondola ride to the top of the mountain, a picnic dinner and an evening hike.Hopefully, it will be a stellar evening with clear skies so we can see the twinkling stars and an impressive sunset. Statistically speaking, I can’t find any information about the odds of spouses with birthdays just one day apart (and in the same year). We'll set up the tools you need to e-market on the word-wide-web, and teach you how your product or service can become more visible through e-commerce and e-marketing.
The March skies pack enough dramatic twists and turns to keep even the most action-hungry Leos on their well-shod toes. Until March 20, Pisces season is in full, ferocious swing, spotlighting your eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures.
This electrified intensity means you're not up for small talk at crowded parties—it's time to invest in your most intimate and important bonds, both personal and professional. This month, two change-making eclipses shake up your agenda and a couple of major planetary alliances form to your cosmic advantage. You may have a page-turning day with your partner or a close person, perhaps around joint finances. Or, you could cross paths with an angel investor who wants to back one of your personal projects. You could also get serious about building long-term security, looking into investments, passive income or a real estate deal. Try viewing your ventures from a bigger picture perspective to establish just  how feasible your new plans are, and determine whether they're in alignment with your long-term goals.
With Jupiter retrograde (backward), this isn't the best time to leap without looking, despite the bold and courageous Lion you are. When it comes to taking steps, make sure your head AND heart work together during this time.On March 20, the Sun enters Aries, your ninth house of travel and growth. For the next four weeks, you may want to broaden your horizons by taking a trip to a new place, or explore your city like a tourist, attending a rare exhibit at a museum or a lecture by one of your favorite authors. On March 26, the Sun forms an energizing trine with go-getter Mars in Sagittarius, your fifth house of joie de vivre. On March 23, you could receive long-awaited word about an important matter, as the Libra lunar eclipse shakes up your third house of communication.

This is also a great day for pitching a passion project…your colleagues will be extra receptive to your brilliance.
A sibling or sibling-like friend could also play a role in the day's events, offering you some perspective that might lead to a much-needed a-ha moment. From March 25-August 13, restrictive Saturn turns retrograde (backward) in Sagittarius, your fifth house of passion and self-expression. As Saturn retreats you may want to do the same, cutting back on your social calendar and maybe even taking a time-out from a romantic relationship.
A creative project you abandoned might begin to see new life as you cultivate more time for yourself.
During this period, your mood could be pensive or pessimistic, so if you're feeling glum, re-pencil in some fun anyway. You'll find respite in humor, so go out of your way to laugh with friends or to keep the vibe lighter with a love interest.  Your love life is just starting to heat up—so get ready! Until March 12, romantic Venus is in Aquarius, your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships, putting you in the mood for a more serious commitment. Plan some quality date nights with your sweetie, like heading to a concert or dining at a buzzed-about restaurant, or even making a romantic evening for two at home. Solo Lions might meet someone with real-deal potential, or just decide to get serious about finding a suitable mate and building a life together. Because you're in "playing for keeps" mode, you may need to cut your partner loose if something is not quite matching up. From March 5-May 27, lusty Mars is in Sagittarius, your fifth house of passion, romance and fertility. You and your partner might partake in a few debaucherous escapades on the town and even make out in the streets like a couple of wild teenagers.
Caveat: sultry Mars turns retrograde (backward) from April 17 on, so take full advantage of this sexy, fired-up energy now, since the impending retrograde could potentially disrupt your mojo. The two love planets have an ugly brawl mid-month, when charming Venus in Pisces forms a tense square to red-hot Mars in Sagittarius. While you may not find it easy to achieve the right balance of thrill-seeking and privacy, do not hesitate to try!
You might feel more emotional than usual during this planetary meetup, or more ethereal and psychically in-tune with a partner's unspoken feelings. This cosmic alliance could unleash an explosive surge of out-of-this-world sexual energy that may have been laying dormant. To maximize that possibility, try some mula bandha breathing, which uses yogic principles to increase pleasure.Try not to let all this steamy action fade to black on March 25, when Venus forms a rigid T-square with decadent Jupiter in Virgo and harsh Saturn in Sagittarius. You could find yourself throwing an unnecessary temper tantrum devoid of merit, or let someone else's theatrics infuriate and even confuse you. Don't become so embroiled in the dramas that unfold that you lose sight of what really matters, Leo. Your saving grace now is perspective—when you try to see this situation from all angles, you might find that every one of them is valid in some way.Time to press pause?
Sobering Saturn turns retrograde (backward) in Sagittarius, your fifth house of romance, play, and fertility, from March 25-August 13.You might see a slowdown in your love life during this time, possibly because you're grappling with self-doubt. It might not be the best time to rush of to Vegas to get married, or try to conceive a child, as your lens is hyper-focused on yourself now.
If you're feeling pessimistic about love in general, it might help to do regular affirmations, like these romance-inducing ones from Doreen Virtue.
You could also have second thoughts about a current union, or one that's ended—was it for the best? With Pisces season in full swing, you are laser focused on your finances and building a strategy for long-term security. When it comes to winning, there's no way you are getting anything other than the blue ribbon prize. This is an incredibly potent eclipse, one that stands to revolutionize the way you deal with joint ventures and your money matters. You might stumble across your dream home and make an offer, or perhaps you'll sign a mutually-beneficial deal with a power broker. Be careful, though: this new moon is opposite Jupiter in your pragmatic second house, so you need to be a little more practical than usual. Cultivating a strategic money mindset can help you draw in more abundance, so try practicing a daily affirmation to manifest wealth, like one of these.Your due diligence could pay off handsomely on March 16, when expansive Jupiter in Virgo, your second house of money and work, forms a golden trine to transformational Pluto in Capricorn, your sixth house of organization.

This is the first of two such Jupiter-Pluto alignments—after June, it won't happen again until 2024.
Take full advantage of this breakthrough moment around the nuts and bolts of your life—your daily routines, profits, and earnings. You might even get a glimpse of just how valuable your contributions are, and this self-esteem boost will only help you draw in more abundance.
On March 23, the Libra (full moon) lunar eclipse, shines the spotlight on your third house of communication and hands you the proverbial microphone.
You may have more courage than usual to voice an unpopular but important opinion, or to have a tough, game-changing conversation. You may also complete a writing or branding project, or find a platform to share more of your brilliant ideas. You could also get offered a teaching or leadership position or receive praise and recognition for the work you're already doing. Since October 2013, this eclipse series has been laying the groundwork for how you communicate and express yourself.
Now with the grand finale here, you have the ideal platform to get your big ideas out there to the masses. Following your bliss…or your bank account? You might feel some tension around March 23, when a tight Jupiter-Saturn square (causes some inner turmoil around playing it safe. Part of you wants to indulge your inner Piscasso all day long, while another is all too fiscally aware of reality.
You may get down on yourself for not being able to bankroll your whims and live your creative purpose, but don't worry—this conflict has come up to help make you aware of certain patterns that you need to change. Sure, you may not quit your steady day job, but you CAN take small steps, one at a time, to living out your dreams. A wacky idea you have could actually take flight or you might invent something and end up manufacturing it (as happened to this TV-producer turned armpit stain-remover guru). Until March 20, the Sun in Pisces is in your regenerative eighth house, making you crave an inside-out makeover.
You may want to cut back on sugar, refined flour or dairy (but before you go on a juice fast, you may want to read this take).
Or, you could find that ugly emotions, such as jealousy and resentment, are bubbling up to the surface.
Don't shoo them away—you are supposed to deal in order to heal, so that any upset can ultimately be transformed.
On March 8, you may want to process these heavy emotions with a professional, such as a therapist or energy worker, when the Pisces solar eclipse sheds some serious light on whatever has been blocking your happiness. With the red planet camped out at your abode, you may have felt disconnected from your sanctuary, possibly due to noisy repairs, disruptive houseguests or a difficult neighbor. There could have been tension with relatives or a roommate, which may have caused you to avoid your home altogether.
Do a little space-clearing ritual with sage or candles to shoo away the negative vibes.On March 16, you may find great value in going back to the basics around your health habits, as expansive Jupiter in Virgo forms a supportive trine with transformational Pluto in Capricorn. Think practically about what will keep you sane, balanced, and fit—and create a new streamlined routine around that, e.g. Adopting simple approaches could mean a huge breakthrough moment for your health, giving you the willpower to make bigger, lasting changes for your mind, body and soul. With mystical Pluto working in tandem with Jupiter the philosopher, try adding a spiritual twist—meditation, journaling, or mantra could help to break an old, self-sabotaging emotional pattern.
But if you become self-aware of the deeper psychological motivators that can trigger the urge to escape reality, you will stay on track! Take a long walk in an unchartered portion of your neighborhood park, or head just outside your town or city for a gorgeous nature hike. You might also become more focused on living your spiritual purpose or exploring new metaphysical ideas.

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