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We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries. If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. That one thing you believed you were not strong enough to handle, the one burden you thought you could never bear. And in this way they convinced you that being alone was the very worst thing that could ever happen to you. And in this way, you have conquered most things the shame-makers would or could threaten you with. The Urban Dictionary defines people pleasers as “doormats that let high expectations, resentment, and saying yes when they mean no run their lives. Additionally, I recently learned that I have likewise been what they call a serial monogamist. It’s true: I am a young woman of 26 years, fresh out of a relationship that has defined me for a long time. But the thing is: many young women don’t consider the consequences of this sort of pattern. And as the wonder that is Urban Dictionary so crassly put it, with enough time to fester, this behavior turned out some deep-rooted crap. If I may be so bold, allow me to say this: in her journey, every woman must learn to be alone.

And you came to fear being alone, because they taught you aloneness was the consequences of something bad you did. Learn it now by choice, or learn it at some time in the future by force, but if you will conquer you fears, learn it you must.
And when that relationship started, I was fresh out of a different but equally significant one. It surfaced in panic attacks, irrational confrontations over trivial issues, and even some bridges burned. The 20-something experience, chaotic and inconsistent, is rough regardless of one’s gender; however young men are more so effectively raised to explore their individuality, their sexuality, and their aspirations as they grow. For a while near the beginning, I was accustomed to locking myself in the bathroom of our small apartment and crying into a hand towel until my head was pounding. Most days she can be found drinking way too much coffee, playing one of three songs she knows on the ukulele, and genuinely over-thinking every interaction she has with every other human being she encounters. It affects mostly women because they are socialized to do for other people instead of for themselves.
I was comfortable coasting in and out of relationships with good, affectionate young men; young men that had a certain passion for what they did and who they were.
Through a significant amount of trial and error, I discovered that the remedy to this personality rut was a little alone time. 20-something females, equally in need of self-exploration, face prominent social and biological pressures to factor in a strong commitment to marriage and motherhood.

Have a long and perhaps slightly uncomfortable stare at your face in the mirror every once in a while. My mother was visiting my sister and me for the first time since our West Coast move; and I allowed my crap to surface as trivial confrontations, or what UD would refer to as drama.
To be alone was to be outside the tribe, where nobody in their right mind would want to be. Not to mention a certain lack of encouragement to explore as freely as young men, generally speaking. You stared down threats they said would kill a lesser being than you, and not only did you survive to tell the story, you made that story an anthem, and wrote it on your arms. You felt the pain of shame and resistance, and let it make you harder, let it make you softer. You placed it where you could see it at all times, and vowed never to unleash it on others, but instead to teach them how to know it, to understand it.
And so you tell your story, of the fire, and the waves, and the long journey, and the great aloneness you found there. The space you’ve made around yourself is a circle inside which your thoughts can flourish, your wisdom grows strong, your intuition binds itself stronger to your soul, and your peace expands to touch those around you.

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