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Over the past two weeks, I've watched the trees grow tiny buds, then green leaves, and even some grow flowers. My ego self, my mind, tells me that since I'm a yoga teacher, I should be able to do this pose.
But learning a difficult yoga pose, or doing anything equally as difficult, just takes time.
One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned thus far from my short time living in the Caribbean is patience.
This concept of “island time” definitely shows in the culture of the people who were born and raised on this beautiful island.
These testing moments, these lessons of patience – it’s something that I’ve needed for a while now. Enter your email address to follow the Sunburnt & Salty blog and receive notifications of new posts by email! Go Light Our World (GLOW)Supporter of the GLOW Projects, focusing on ending poverty through sustainability & uniting people through yoga. Learning Patience is a comic story written by Martin Fisher, drawn by Ingo Romling, and edited by Gunther Nickel. I could tell that the 50 plus passengers were not happy as they lined up behind the desk where only one agent was making alternative arrangements. As I waited for an hour for the hotel courtesy bus to pick me up, I started a conversation with two men who were also impatiently waiting with me. As I boarded my flight early the next morning and watched with fear as the wind and rain pounded on the plane, I wondered if there would be more delays.
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This post’s title is inspired by my computer dilemmas that have made my usually enjoyable time spent blogging less than pleasant. Thank you for your patience during this time when my postings have slowed, and backgrounds and headers come and go as we try different things to help speed up this site. I long to resume having fun here daily, sharing my stories in the hopes of bringing a smile to someone, and collecting suitable images to accompany.
This entry was posted on April 23, 2013, in Faith and Spirituality, Growth and Learning and tagged acceptance, faith, learning, patience, trust. So I fiddled about and stumbled upon a little icon right next to your search engine window. I am so happy to hear that your hiatus has been computer related, not health or family related–or, God forbid, you were transitioning out of blogging. Speaking of patience, thank you for your patience when my travels and quarterlies take me off-line sometimes for weeks at a time. Thank you SO much for your visit and for taking the time to share this helpful and kind comment. There was a time if my PC did not perform as I wanted, I would have got impatient then angry then lost my temper and wiped every thing saved.
Ah yes, the wondrous connection we can find here online, through stories that resonate and help us know we are not alone in our lessons and learning.
And while it would be nice to be able to demo it for students, I also think that the learning process is just as valuable. They see the pose demoed by someone who has practiced the pose for years and it is made to look to easy.
Car trouble always seems to strike at the worst of times, and the power, and water, goes out frequently.

But I have noticed that time, combined with a little bit of conscious effort (breath, presence, awareness), has made it easier to deal with those situations that don’t seem to go as planned. The story was published in the second issue of Star Wars Rebels Magazine, which was originally released in the UK on February 25, 2015, and later in the US on December 15, 2015.
They were veterinarian surgeons from South Africa and Northern Ireland who were delayed by a day from returning to their homes. But I decided that I needed to make patience part of my spiritual journey and to accept that I am not in control. In trying to determine why my blog loads so slowly, I’d removed background and header images but was disappointed to discover that made no difference. I adore all of you, my cherished readers, and intend to keep offering uplifting things to read. And while I wait, and wait, I’m forced to continue learning from that great teacher: Patience.
I just had to quickly come over to let you know that I had been having problems with the WordPress system for the last few days. If you look up now you might see an X, the Refresh icon, a scroll down icon and you might have this icon which is a small box with a cracked space in the middle (sorry I can’t explain it better). I’m glad that you have identified the practice of patience as one of the gifts from them.
I do find though, that if your computer resolution is not at its optimum setting, some pages tend to turn wonky and don’t load properly. Thanks for this great comment, and the update that some glitches do occur and it might be on multiple levels.
Now I take a few deep breath and think this is a lesson in patience, another learning experience. The internet randomly works, cell phone reception is definitely below par, and the swell that was forecasted doesn’t always show up. So I encourage you to practice patience – catch yourself when your tolerance starts to slip from your grasp. While being helped by the WP ‘Happiness Engineers’ (love that title!) one of the most puzzling aspects has been to learn my blog loads fine for others… which is a relief because I’ve been concerned my cherished readers have been struggling to read my posts on a slow-loading site. In the forum discussions between the WP helpers with my techie hubby and me, when we have time on weekends or evenings, time keeps passing. I couldn’t access the Reader page and the little orange box at the top right hand corner which shows new Likes, Comments, etc disappeared completely! If you hover on it, it should read Compatibility View: websites designed for older browsers will often look better, and problems such as out of place menus, images or text will be corrected.
As for me, I noticed that I had somehow activated it and when I clicked on it, everything went back to normal!
As I accept this shift away from my computers (temporarily) and continue to write about my reflections, please know more posts are forthcoming. Yes your travels and quarterly times of the year are worth the wait for your return to your blog and your inspirational posts! I have been hearing about WordPress acting a little glitchy lately for some other bloggers so it might just be an internal problem on their side as well.
It’s completely normal for the car in front of you to stop in the middle of the road to have a quick chat with a friend. After boarding our plane and preparing to take off, we were told that we were being held on the runway because of bad weather in the city of my connecting flight. Yet we spend endless amounts of time waiting for appointments, waiting in lines, being stuck in traffic.

An assortment of posts has been collected as I work to determine what is causing the incredibly slow loads I’m struggling with. I was hoping the glitch would just go away (since I’m the least techie person around) but after three days I was starting to get a bit worried.
And just to let you know, patience and learning to go with the flow was a cherished lesson indeed. I will share with my husband tonight (as he’s very techie) but I do not see what you are describing which could be because of being a Mac user on Safari.
Patience is definitely not one of my stronger virtues so it’s always nice to get a little reminder now and then that sometimes we just need to sit back, breathe, and stop stressing about the wait time. I too have been writing with pen and paper (shocker!) and feel like these times have been urging me outdoors and into postponed projects. There’s no horn honking, no middle-finger flipping, and no shouting every four letter word in the book (which happens so often back in the States).
Thirty minutes passed, then another announcement was made: we could use our cell phones since we would be waiting for another hour. And we can choose to breathe into it, and consciously release the stress being unconsciously held in tense muscles. All the while observing the gifts and lessons all around, and building stories I want to share.
But last night I finally felt inspired to write out something I remembered, and am pleased to have at last shared a new post… after nearly a month!
And I’ve noticed this foreign concept of patience translating over into other parts of my life. After that hour was over, we were instructed to disembark because it would be at least another hour, and we should check with the agent about connecting flights. Rather than thinking about what we should be doing during this time, we could think about what we are doing at this moment and who is near us.
As I sighed with impatience, I remembered the story my friends had told me of being on a delayed flight with a Tibetan Buddhist monk.
Patience is a sign that our needs  must be balanced with the needs and lives of others.’ Yes, how true! So thank you, dear heart, for this delightful comment with inspiration for me to do some writing and posting. There’s poses that I feel confident with, and then there’s poses that seem nearly impossible. Just a lot of new soil and a lot of happy shade plants, and a pathway to a cozy bench to look out at all my hard work!
And I want to share that my beloved older son (they’re both beloved) called because he had time between his college classes and we chatted for an hour.
He was troubled with something and I read him your recent post about Birds, and the wisdom there.
But then I return to the lesson I’ve been taught so many times, that one little word that’s been drilled into my brain over and over again, but I never really paid attention to until now.

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