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Did you know that over 2.4 million students are currently diagnosed with a learning disability? Generally speaking, learning disabilities are neurological disorders that may make it difficult for people to gain certain academic and social skills. Dyslexia – Characterized by difficulties in language processing and in reading, writing, spelling and speaking. There are many different symptoms of learning disabilities but some include difficulty with reading, writing, calculation, or ability to follow directions in comparison to peers. Depending upon the severity of the disability and the adverse educational impact, how a disability is manifested in the school setting can vary substantially. Often when we think of Parkinson’s disease, we think of the physical aspects of the disease including tremor, balance problems, and slowed movements. Whether you feel stuck in a relationship, a repeated behavior, or another particular life situation, it isn’t hard to feel hopeless when you sense you need to break out of a pattern and don’t know how. Psychologist Spotlight: Having Vision, What I’ve Seen in Academically Successful Teens by Dr. In my nearly 40 years of practice as a psychologist I have had the opportunity to work with three adolescents who graduated at or near the top of their high school class.
Parents regularly tell their children to “study hard” so they can get good grades, get into a good college, get a good job, and be successful.
The Importance of the Caretaker’s Attitude During Child and Mother Separations by Dr.
Learning disability (sometimes called a learning disorder or learning difficulty), is a classification including several disorders in which a person has difficulty learning in a typical manner, usually caused by an unknown factor or factors.
Designing a family banner is a craft that can build self-esteem and confidence in children with and without learning disabilities.
Your banner background can be made from paper, cloth, plastic tarp or other available material.You may want to plan your family banner on notebook paper before trying your design on the banner. Wrapping UpFamily banners are not only a great way for families to bond but also mark an important way for families to decide what they're all about. Self-Advocacy Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities: - National Professional Resources, Inc.
Just thinking about the new school year can fill the heart and mind of any child with a sense of dread.
If you are the parent of a learning-disabled child, you are probably already familiar with the heartbreak of watching your child's self-esteem plummet as he struggles to keep up in class. One of the biggest challenges to working with a learning-disabled student is overcoming the "I can't" attitude.

Learning-disabled children need to be reminded that while they may struggle with reading or math, they have many academic and non-academic strengths that make them fantastic people.
Stories abound about the challenges that many famous people have overcome in order to achieve great success. As your child heads back to school, remember that teachers are on the front lines working with kids with learning disabilities and should be your closest allies in helping your child reach his potential. You don't have to go it alone -- there are experts in many fields who specialize in helping children, and even adults, with learning disabilities.
Neurofeedback effectively trains the brain to function better, enhancing physical, emotional, and psychological well being. For many school children, this can cause academic and social distress, particularly if their teacher doesn’t understand how they process information. If you suspect that your child may have a learning disability, please contact your school psychologist, school counselor, or search our database of psychologists to start developing a plan to improve psychological, academic and social functioning.
The one outstanding characteristic, I believe, that was common to all three of these students, which separated them from their classmates, is that they had vision.
The unknown factor is the disorder that affects the brain's ability to receive and process information. Learn how to make a family banner, as well as the benefits of this craft, with this list of tips.What Is a Family Banner?A family banner is a flag decorated with images and colors that are meaningful to your family. Identifying which family values matter to your loved ones can help serve as a guide for both the adults and children in the family. Saying goodbye to the lazy days of summer and adjusting to early-morning alarm clocks and unprecedented loads of homework is tough, there’s no doubt about it. Repeatedly failing to master tasks or skills has a tremendous impact on a child's self-worth, motivation and desire to learn. Sit down with your child and make a list of all of the amazing skills and talents she has, then tape it to the bathroom mirror or any place where it will be seen on a daily basis. Find a role model or two who your child relates to -- a person who may themselves had learning disabilities, and tell their story, highlighting the fact that having a learning disability does not equate to failing in life. Keira Knightly struggled with dyslexia throughout her childhood but went on to appear in dozens of movies, including the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Magic Johnson endured taunts from his schoolmates over his dyslexia, but he didn't let it stop him from achieving five NBA championships.
Set up regular meetings to discuss any issues both at home and at school so that you and the teacher are on the same page. A tutor can help your child find better ways of learning new information and provide extra help with difficult subjects.

Often when it comes to a learning disability, neurofeedback -- also known as biofeedback -- can help forge new ways of thinking and open new pathways in the brain that improve how learning disabled children process information.
In reality, learning disabilities change the way people process and understand information; having a learning disability does not mean a person can’t learn.
This disorder can make it problematic for a person to learn as quickly or in the same way as someone who isn't affected by a learning disability. The banner can depict your family values, hobbies and family members as well as your family's interests, such as music, church, charity work. They may draw, paint or use magazine pictures to create the parts they will place on the banner. When family members fall short, a family banner can remind them of the values they hold dear.
But for children with learning disabilities, the fear of another year fraught with setbacks and failures can be paralyzing. With patience, understanding and the proper tools, you can help build your child's confidence and instill the belief that success in school and life is possible. Encourage your child to expand on these strengths by participating in activities (for example, sports, music or dance lessons, drama classes) that will let her shine and boost her confidence.
Agree on a plan that can be executed at home, whether it's providing extra encouragement to complete assignments, breaking up daunting large projects into small, easy-to-complete tasks, or spending extra time every evening on reading or spelling.
Licensed psychologists can test for disabilities or clinical disorders and treat the emotional and social challenges of living with a learning disability. Before you make your family banner, consider having your loved ones explore their own personal values or create a personal coats-of-arms. Family banners especially help children with learning disabilities feel a sense of pride in their identity.
Here are some tips that you can try to increase your child's self-esteem and self-awareness. Rather, people with a learning disability have trouble performing specific types of skills or completing tasks if left to figure things out by themselves or if taught in conventional ways. With the right support and intervention, however, people with learning disabilities can succeed in school and go on to be successful later in life.

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