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One of the concluding chapters suggests building a reference library, including a concordance and Bible dictionary. Learn how to study the Bible with Pastor Andy's new book containing 40 Bible study methods (ISBN 978-1-60791-576-8). These customized post-it notes, created by Pastor Andy, are designed to help you memorize verses. Everyone enjoys a little dark humor once in a while, and this little book - 'All My Friends Are Dead' by Avery Monsen and Jory John - is just the right dose of satire to bring about a few chuckles and a quizzical smile!From extinct dinosaurs to sour milk and bad jobs, old men and even socks missing their mates, this book, as morbid as it's title may sound, is a hilarious knee-slapper!
Finis Dake, like many cults, purposefully changes the meaning of vitally important theological terms and beliefs.
Learn why Finis Dake (author of the Dake Study Bible) was a Pedophile, a federal convict, and a teacher of terrible false doctrine.
If you need a web site designed or updated contact Matthew at Cwebpro for quality work at a fair price. Such ideas about God have no rel-evance in the Scripture, although Dake gives multiple quotes to back up this doc-trinal commentary. Thank you for your post and taking the time to better understand the errors that Dake teaches. That being said, I do not believe that whether a person accepts or rejects the gap theory will have any impact or their salvation (though all doctrine or beliefs influence our lives to some degree). So in this post I’ll mention some important points on how to study the Bible and recommend how you can apply them in your daily practice. Preparing your spirit means to empty out of all of your old knowledge in order to meet the Lord in a fresh way. Before you study the Bible, it’s best to come to the Lord Himself in the Word to be nourished. You can turn the words in the Bible into your prayer, petition, thanks,  praise, and song to the Lord (Eph. An important point about pray-reading the word is that proper pray-reading requires the exercise of your spirit, your God-contacting organ. To understand what it means for Christ to be our Passover, you need to understand the significance of the Passover feast in Exodus 12.
In order  to be a proper student of God’s word, you need to pick up a life-long habit of daily reading the Bible.
Whether you want to study book-by-book or topically, I’d recommend a literal, word-for-word translation.

Sometime I’ll also refer to a Greek interlinear to see in which tense a Greek verb is in or which Greek word is being used.
Commentaries can be helpful, but only to the extent that they open up the treasure store of God’s Word. For a book-by-book study, the most helpful tool I’ve found is the Life-study of the Bible by Witness Lee. For short topical studies, I like the Topical Directory in the back of Using the New Testament Recovery Version – An Illustrated Guide.
For more help on how to study the Bible, you may enjoy reading The Full Knowledge of the Word of God by Witness Lee. Some of you visiting this web site may have never seen a Dake Bible and have no idea who Finis Dake (the author of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible and other written works) really was.
Finis Dake was one of the most well know pentecostal preachers of the early 20th century (1902-1987).
That’s why Pastor Andy Deane wrote Learn to Study the Bible—a guide that offers 40 Bible study methods—more than any book of its kind. The book has seven sections, beginning with a segment discussing the importance of observation, interpretation, and application—a method developed by Robert A. If you're anything like us, chances are you have a countertop or refrigerator that could be spared some clutter. Only Hinn would be able to say to what extent other teachers influenced his beliefs (and in turn his teachings). This is to turn the verses you’re reading into your personal prayer, praying back to the Lord what He has spoken in His Word. This is crucial because your spirit is the necessary organ to receive both nourishment and revelation from God’s word (Eph. Even more, one verse in the New Testament may require that you read an entire chapter in the Old Testament to understand it. I’ve also  found the text of  the Recovery Version to be very true to the Greek text and the linguistic notes to aid in understanding textual ambiguities.
The best way to study the Bible is FIRST to open to the Lord, empty out, and use your spirit to touch the Spirit in the Word.
Others of you have used or read the Dake Bible (or other written materials by Dake) or have had a pastor who used the Dake Bible. My intention in putting together this web site, collecting articles, and writing new articles on Finis Dake is not to attack or irritate you.

Deane advises that people use more than one method when studying the Bible—to maintain joy and satisfaction. Or wouldn't it be nice to see the left side of your desk again?Sure, there are plenty of drawers and storage options out there for organizing yourself, but for all the little notes you still want in plain sight, why not aim for an attractive option? Dake published many books (in addition to the Dake Study Bible) that contain many deadly theological errors and false theology. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i read about the Trinity and Heaven and Jesus Christ. The footnotes tap into the revelation of the truth, the spiritual light and the life supply conveyed in the Word.
I'm the writer behind Holding to Truth in Love, and I love the Lord Jesus and His life-giving Word.
Yes, I agree he does use those theological terms or words,  BUT he does so very deceitfully.
Luckily, there are some great looking ones out there - Chalkboard wall-decals come in plenty of different shapes and sizes. If you don’t have a Recovery Version and would like one, you can get a free copy of the New Testament online for starters through Bibles for America. That’s because a turned away heart becomes a veil that hinders you from seeing the Lord in His Word. I have to say, I love the Lord so much more and I can speak about Him in His Word because of this wonderful version of the Bible! Jotting messages to the fam won't just be decorative, it'll also save some paper.Check out more 'note-worthy' ideas by clicking over to our friends at TheFind! Then in many places in his written works he will very openly state things like God cannot and does not know what any human being is going to do in the future. Scientist’s at most schools are taught there is no God and hence any data that might support a young earth are rejected outright.
Dake I believe wanted to believe in both an old earth and the Bible, but the gap theory ends up distorting both.
So if he states in a particular chapter that God is all-knowing (omniscient) but has redefined and changed the meaning of that word someplace else in his writings then I believe he is trying to deceive Christians.

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