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Sogoyou Guy says: “TM has benefitted me a lot in my studies, in my family life and my professional life.
Nelly says, “I love to practice this technique; it is a part of my life and allows me to be in perfect harmony with myself and others. TM is a technique that takes you beyond the mind into the depths of our being where we can experience the silence, the deep peace and fullness.

She has practiced the Transcendental Meditation (TM) for 26 years and has been teaching this meditation technique for 6 years. This is a technique that by stimulating our vitality, cleanses our nervous system gradually from stress and restores harmony between our body and mind which are interrelated. I have initiated women in Meditation centers in Lome (CIMTT), northern Kara, Burkina Faso and also the Queens of Benin.

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