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I have been exposed to so much information at his site that has expanded my golf knowledge. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When I travel alone it's always a challenge to come back and try to explain to Larry whatever it was that I experienced and learned.
I have always loved North Carolina and in recent years it's become even more special to me with the connections and reconnections I've made with people there.
Cornerstone is one of the healthiest churches I have ever had the honor of ministering at, and Pastor John and Bonnie are two of the strongest leaders and most interesting people in general that I've ever met.
Passion can be reflected in many ways; appearing mostly good and sometimes maybe not as much. There are a lot of great instructors out there that have helped me become better through Facebook.

Customers love to know their yardages with GPS watches but they expect the younger generation to teach them how to use all the high tech golf gadgets. I’d say US Kids Golf Certification (DO IT!!) and being a part of the Proponent Group (formerly GBN, Formerly AMF). Centeredness of contact is a really big deal and it is quite elusive for most people and almost never suspected! How rewarding it is to watch juniors learn and enjoy the game I’ve loved for over forty years. Understanding and the application of the D-Plane + ball flight + the result from Trackman makes playing golf easier. 62. No matter how much technology I learn to use, or books that I read, the object of the game is still simply to get the ball in the hole in as a few strokes as possible, no matter how you do it.
Doing another golf school with Ed Bowe.He’s a Master at Diagnosis and leading a student down the road to improvement! The place is nothing short of amazing, probably in part because the pastors have asked the hard questions.

Everything else comes to you once you are willing to have a determined enough drive to be successful.
We came at the invitation of Cindy King, one of the leaders here in the church where we're ministering this weekend, as well as within the NC district, but we had never met the lead pastor, John Watford and his wife Bonnie.
Rarely have I met leaders who possess such an intense passion and love as they not only display, but actually  live out.
We have one last dinner with the Watfords tonight and I'm going to soak in every bit of what we talk about.
The second thing I love is encouraging and affirming the leader(s) publicly as well as privately in between sessions.

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