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This week we’ll touch on what is for me, TWO of the most common mental road blocks that sap our motivation.
The Webster’s dictionary defines willpower as self control: the trait of resolutely controlling ones behavior. Keep in check and updating your strategies, skills and techniques in reference to the results you are currently getting. This in turn will help you gain impactful results and impactful results in turn will keep you emotionally motivated; affirming your direction, your “expectation competency”, self belief, self efficacy and self confidence as well as keep you performing the desired activities that will actualize your outcome.
Example, if you go fishing using the same bait and get no bites for a year, you would be crazy not to make a change.
More then anything else, impactful result will feed your meanings, what you value about your outcome and spark in you the elusive “magic” of motivation while keeping you in the STRETCH ZONE. What do you do when impactful results are missing even with evolving strategies and techniques? Go find a mentor, someone who has attained a similar outcome and start sharing notes, strategies and “know how”; seek his or her direction, wisdom and help. If the above is true, it could simply mean that you are being your own worst success coach and this will never keep you motivated!  Why? Motivation is fundamentally an intrinsic phenomenon, meaning that folks who succeed do so from the inside out, because of their meanings, values and beliefs that produce the desired performance and expectations. The next step is to create your own conscious positive SELF TALK that’s non judgmental, critical and condemning but encouraging and empowering! The second kind of Self Talk is MOTIVATIONAL, which keeps affirming your self efficacy, self belief, and self confidence in being able to successfully carry out and complete a task! Go ahead and start now, yes, start talking to your self positively and almost instantly you’ll start to feel empowered and strong; and it works! As you keep practicing the above everyday, you’ll soon discover your inner cheerleader and COACH who’ll keep you motivated and energized! This dynamism is further reinforced by the mental and emotional flexibility to keep adapting new strategies, skills and techniques to produce impactful results that will take us beyond the threshold of pure will power. Think RADICALLY and stay committed to transcending, transforming and transferring value back to your world! Conrad Rozario is the founder of Alchemy Resources, a cutting edge human potential and peak performance development company inMalaysia.
Chronic lack of motivation is problematic for individuals and for the organizations they work with.
Intrinsic motivators provide sustained motivation that will carry your team through difficult times. Intrinsic motivators are extraordinarily powerful, but aren't as immediately obvious as tools for managers. It doesn't matter where you work, or what type of work you do, you can always find a purpose. Although a lack of motivation can't be fully cured without a solid foundation of intrinsic motivators, extrinsic motivators can be helpful tools too. Use caution with extrinsic motivators, because when applied without much consideration, or as a stand-alone solution, they can actually be counterproductive.
We've covered some basic ways to improve the overall foundation of motivation in your organization, and some specific tips and basic guidelines to help make it more effective. If children have no motivation for learning, educators must be alert to possible problems of family life due to emotional instability, due to constant fights and discussions of family, separation from parents, unemployment, among other factors, generating conflicts.
Another factor that can change the school performance is not child adjustment, the model of education that the school offers, which presents as a faster solution, the change from student to another school, more suited to his profile.

Trying to recover notes at the end of the year to be approved at the school, either for lack of motivation or learning disorders is a very difficult task, because it demands willingness, commitment and a lot of organization, both from the student and the parents who want to help them.
According to educators, organizing an agenda and materials that children have more difficulties is the first step for them to pass. According to experts, some suggestions can really help children, to spend the year without experiencing the stress of having to study to make the finals, running the risk of being disqualified.
Establish a period of hours every day for the child to study, creating a habit, is crucial to its good performance throughout the school year. Parents should be available to help their children at that time, showing interest in their studies, passing security, encouraging them when they manage to solve some difficult problem. It is interesting to note that these “most common road blocks” are mental ones as most of our challenges reside in our minds; how we evaluate and then perceive reality out there.
Many think that this alone is a strong source for keeping one motivated and resolute to a “struggle” to attain an outcome.
He is the epitome of “will power”: discipline in carrying out a set routine of exercise everyday, day in and day out, with the same kind of exercises, sets and duration. But if you do get 36 bites and still carry on doing the same thing for the second year, you’ll soon run our of motivation, no matter how strong willed you maybe. Developing mental and emotional flexibility is the ideal partner of willpower; it produces enthusiasm and excitement that will keep one motivated and open to adapting new and productive strategies, skills and techniques.
Remember, willpower itself, without this kind of mental and emotional flexibility, will not keep you sufficiently motivated! He or she belittles you, discounts your efforts and keeps you feeling insignificant, insecure and unworthy of your outcome.
Because when you keep belittling yourself, putting yourself down and demanding ruthless and sadistic perfection, you inner rebel will soon appear and stir up a rebellion that he will always win; derailing you from your outcome!
So when we become our worst coach, constantly contradicting and canceling ourselves out, we will self destruct from the inside out! Don’t blame or punish yourself if you discover that this chatter is highly negative, it is simply an old outdated vestige of your past, old habits that you may have inherited from your upbringing, that just keeps playing on and on without any conscious awareness or interruption.
This step itself will put an end to the days when that this chatter kept you negatively hypnotized, sabotaging your outcomes! It is simply this, when we withdraw attention to something, we withdraw energy from it and this in turn will cause it to loose its power to influence.
The first kind is INSTRUCTIONAL, by which you keep telling yourself how to carry out the task at hand, keeping you focused and “tight” in executing the proper technique and require skill and strategy.
The secret however, to motivation and the cure to a “lack of motivation” lie in the information above. When this is coupled with a positive self talk from Coach YOU, staying motivated would never be a real problem.
He has more than 15 years experience in people development from the diverse fields of Sales, Marketing, Customer Engagement and Service, Business Management and Talent Development. It can negatively impact a large number of important areas: productivity, quality of work, customer service, and employee retention are just a few of the many. It's not often a particularly difficult problem to solve -- you just need to know a bit about what makes work motivation tick, and build from there. Although you can help people find intrinsic motivation, you cannot give someone intrinsic motivation, or take it away for that matter. When they're applied effectively, extrinsic motivators build from a foundation of intrinsic motivation. Keep in mind is that every organization is different, and these steps are just the beginning.

Remember, understanding what motivates them, and providing an environment that supports that are the first steps. These situations can be the responsible for changes in children’s behavior during the school where the child does not pay attention to the content taught in school, by virtue of being thinking about the family problems. There are several cases in which the responsible delegate responsibilities to their children, not yet old enough to have an idea of ??evidence of deadlines, delivery of school work, so it is important to help them understand how they should do to have a good academic performance throughout the school year. They need to feel they are supported and feel confident, to reduce anxiety and become safer to face the trials end.
Another important attitude is to create an environment conducive to study, organized and no televisions or video games to distract children.
The role of data is crucial in the learning process of the child, so she feels motivated to face the teaching process, as interesting and easy.
Talent by itself is overrated, it is mental and emotional strength, maturity and awareness that are crucial in helping actualize our highest and best and stay motivated.
Others, on the other hand, think that willpower is simply a matter of making a choice and then being “strong” in that choice and magically “motivation” will appear and do the rest. Simply because willpower, which is ones dogged resolve to keep on carrying out a particular activity, is impotent without well thought out and evolving STRATEGIES, SKILLS and TECHNIQUES that produce impactful results which in turn serves as the emotional fuel that keeps us motivated. To be able to do so, you’ll need mental and emotional flexibility as we are notorious creatures of habit. Yes, there are many other “common road blocks” to motivation which I will cover in the future but the “golden nectar” that produces motivation lies in the high quality meanings and value we give to our outcome, the prolusion we get from these meanings that pushes us to perform specific activities that actualizes the outcome and the expectations we have about our competency, autonomy and relatedness; our self efficacy. There's an important distinction between a temporary lack of motivation and a chronic lack of motivation though. Make sure the extrinsic motivators you're using are part of the cure for a lack of motivation, not the cause. If necessary, experts recommend that invest in private lessons with competent teachers is also a good start, since some children and young people do not know where to start studying.
We love our comfort zone very much unawares that are the very element that will eventually suffocate will power!
You are simply not getting “impactful results”, unless you are not motivated by the catch of fish. He lacked the “know how” of developing the right exercise strategy, skills and techniques to meet his specific need, body type, lifestyle and outcome.
If you keep doing the same thing but expecting different result, you’ll soon run out of motivation even with the greatest amount of willpower at hand.  On the other hand, when you keep updating you strategies and skills while monitoring your results, you’ll evolve and grow. Recall your efforts, achievements, talents and strengths and use it as evidence of your value, worth, self efficacy and unlimited possibilities!
Nor did he have the appropriate diet plan to assist him in gaining optimal results from his efforts.
As you do so, play a movie in your head of one of your achievements and fully step into this experience and keep pacing your positive self talk. Thus when he did not attain any impactful results, his motivation began to wane and soon he was no loner a consistent presence in the gym.

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