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As the nights draw in and the days get colder and greyer, we have started thinking about how to keep your home nice and cosy this autumn.
Gone are the long summer days that see us wanting to open our doors and let the fresh air in and they have been replaced with the urge to hunker down and hibernate until the warmer weather comes back around.
If you have been planning a spell of redecorating or perhaps wanted to freshen up your home a little, now is a great time to do so as you can invest in seasonal soft furnishings!
Similarly to the curtains, summer bedding just won’t cut it in autumn, when you need to be ensconced in brushed cotton and flannel heaven, so think about buying seasonal bed linen. We feature articles spotlighting interior designers and their work, interior design tips to create an impressive home, and some of the best projects that our service has generated. Real houses challenging in international green design competition: Solar Decathlon Europe 2014.
EmailPrintLearn how to keep your home and family safe with a Monitronics home security system. Maintaining your home at a comfortable temperature throughout all four seasons can be tricky.
Running an exhaust fan can be helpful while you’re cooking dinner or taking a long, relaxing bath. Radiator reflectors can be a great addition to your heating system during the cold winter months. One of the most important tips for keeping your home comfortable on a budget has nothing to do with gear, gadgets or maintenance. If you decide to keep your home cooled to 76 degrees instead of 72 degrees throughout the summer, you can cut a hefty chunk from your bills. Maintaining your home at a pleasant temperature all year round doesn’t have to break the bank.
If the natural breeze coming from your isn’t enough, use fans to whip the air around. Trees, trellises, and shrubbery surrounding your home (especially southern and western windows) can block additional sunlight and provide much-needed shade.
If your home has an attic, go up and inspect it to make sure everything is secured tightly. Pests can find creative ways to get into your home, such as sneaking in by hiding in things that get brought into your home. One of the best things you can do in order to prevent pests from entering your home is to keep it tidy to eliminate things that might be attractive pests. Pests may be using areas outside of your home to seek out shelter, so you’ll want to look around and get rid of anything that might make areas good places to live. It doesn’t get any better than sitting by a warm fireplace during the coldest days of the year.
Even if you don’t use your fireplace very often, objects such as a bird nest can block the inside of the chimney leading to a chimney fire when the fireplace is lit. Now that we have the safety part handled, let’s look at how you can get your fireplace looking clean and welcoming. Leaving behind a one-inch layer of ash is actually a good thing; it acts as an insulator and makes it easier to build your next fire. Over time, the material surrounding the front of your fireplace can become stained and dingy.
Insects and various other pests can be annoying when they get into your home but there are many different methods and products you can use to prevent them from getting into your house in the first place. Purchase a screen – There are different types of screens you can get which are placed over your window. Seal cracks in your walls – Many insects will access your home by sneaking in through various cracks and openings so it is a good idea to seal these, there are a variety of different products available to buy from JT Atkinson to do this from the sealants section of the building category.
If you have airbricks cover them with wire mesh – Airbricks are important components for your house as they allow air to enter the cavity walling which keeps it aired and damp free, however slugs can also use the holes in these bricks to get in your house.
Use baking soda and sugar – This is an extremely effective way to kill cockroaches as they will be happy to eat this mixture, which will eventually kill them. Don’t leave food lying around – This will attract all of the above insects and so you should always dispose of old food and don’t leave any lying around.
With this in mind, we have compiled some tips for creating a cosy home that is perfect for autumn days, so take a look and see if you might use any to fall in love with this season!

Perfect for film nights, a warm throw, made from a natural material such as wool, will keep you toasty warm and have you forgetting that the leaves are falling and the cold winds are starting up outside.
From the roaring fire to the fabulous Halloween decorations and the seasonally coloured chair, this is one living room that is more than ready for autumn! Summer curtains need to be thin, airy and floaty to allow the maximum amount of cool air in, but autumn curtains have a very different mandate. It’s easy to store until the right time of year and really does make a huge difference in creating a warm, snuggly and cosy environment.
Sweltering summer temperatures and freezing winter storms can drive up your heating and cooling budget.
Keep your blinds, curtains, drapes or other window coverings closed whenever the weather is extreme.
If you use your HVAC system heavily, or if there’s a high level of pollen or other pollution in the air, you should consider replacing the filters every month. By following these tips, you can start enjoying greater comfort and improved finances today.
And I make sure to change the filter on the furnace in the winter months because it helps it run smoothly.
An air-conditioner has been our go-to method but there other cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to keep the temperature down without one. Be aware of which appliances generate the most heat and do your best to turn them off when not in use. Just like humans, pests also want to stay warm during the winter months and one of the ways they can do that is by trying to move into your home. Many pests don’t need a big opening to be able to get into your home and start wreaking havoc. If there is something that’s been left outside for any significant amount of time, you might want to give it a shake before you bring it inside to make sure nothing is hiding inside or clinging to it. Make sure that you keep your kitchen counters clean and that all food is stored in air-tight containers. Try to store trash cans away from your house and make sure that the downspouts are directed away from your home. Crew was very professional double checking everything before installing very happy with the service I received!
If you have a wood burning fireplace, there are some important steps you need to take to get your fireplace safe and ready before you start burning those logs.
To spruce up brick, spray the area with water, followed by a mixture of all-purpose cleaner and water.
While you can’t block the holes you can place wire mesh over them to prevent slugs from getting in. Mix the baking soda and sugar in equal quantities and spray it in areas of your home that are cockroach-infested. We like to think of autumn as the cosiest month, so grab a blanket and curl up on the sofa with a favourite book, a hot cup of something delicious and enjoy it! Woodburners and open fires really come into their own during this time of year, so put them to great use and get down in front of them to feel the benefit and get cosy!
Designed to be thick and heavy to keep all the heat in, we love a luxe drape and think it really brings a sense of drama and cosiness to a room, especially when they are floor to ceiling in length and finished in an eye-catching colour.
Dark, rich colours seem to be a theme for this time of year as well, so really push the boat out and buy something luxurious! Of course you can open the curtains wide to let your kids enjoy a look at the beautiful snow, but make sure they’re closed again to cut down on those heating bills.
Yes, it’s an extra cost, but it pays for itself in better air conditioning and heating performance.
If you let it run too long, you’re pumping air at a comfortable temperature out of the house and letting in cold or hot air. In the excitement of coming home from school or getting ready for a trip to the park, it’s easy for kids to leave the door open. Instead of letting the heat escape toward the outside wall and into the wide world, they reflect it back into the center of the room and help keep your family’s toes cozy on winter days.
Basic cleaning and maintenance is important, but so is professional care for these complicated systems.

When you’re smarter with the household thermostat, you can keep your bills down all year round. Windows, drapes, blinds, and shades should be closed tight during the day to avoid unwanted heat and humidity. If possible, avoid placing cement and asphalt too close to the home as they will absorb and radiate heat even after the sun goes down. The good news is that there are many things you can do in order to keep the winter pests out. Keeping pests out is just one reason why it’s important to make sure you keep an eye out for openings and make sure they get sealed as soon as possible. If you store pet food in your garage, make sure it also gets stored in an air-tight container or with something heavy on top of the lid so it’s hard for any unwanted pests to help themselves.
It’s when the soot and stains cover your glass doors and hearth that it’s time to give your fireplace a good cleaning. Always wait at least 24 hours after your last fire has burned out before removing the ash, to give it time to completely cool. Keep your home at a healthy temperature by minimizing the amount of air that goes in and out during a typical day. Every minute the door stays open can translate to extra dollars on your heating or cooling bill.
Part of your regular cleaning routine should be wiping off baseboard registers and checking to make sure that nothing is trapped in them. They can cut up to 10 percent of your heating bill if they are installed and maintained correctly. Reflective windows, curtains, window shields and other devices can keep the heat out of your interior. Don’t risk losing your air conditioning while you’re stuck at home with the kids on a 100-degree day in August. According to Forbes, household air conditioners can use more than 3000 kilowatt-hours every year. Light-colored window treatments do a great job at reflecting light and heat away from the home.
At night, consider placing a box fan or window fan in front of a window to blow cooler air in and another directly opposite to blow warm air out.
When possible, try to delay the use of these appliances until the evening when it’s a bit cooler.
Sealing these openings will not only prevent pests from entering, but it will also help keep the warm air in and cold air out. The professional will sweep your chimney and check for any structural problems as well as remove any creosote buildup to help prevent chimney fires and other safety issues. Once completely cooled, sprinkle the ash with damp coffee grinds to help control the dust during removal. For brick that’s older than 50 years, avoid scrubbing with a cleaner as this may damage the brick. In a busy house full of kids and their friends, all kinds of small objects can be mysteriously lost in baseboard openings. If the heat doesn’t get in, the air conditioner doesn’t have to fight it, and your bills go down.
Build a good relationship with local HVAC service experts so you can call when your home’s climate control is on the blink. You can decrease this figure, even in a hot climate, when you think about where to set the thermostat every day. For marble or other stone, spray dirty area with water and wipe with a soft cloth dipped in gentle dish soap. Reflective roof paint can also be a good idea, especially in climates where the weather is hot for a good proportion of the year.

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