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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! June 14, 2012 by Terrie Leighton Leave a Comment Are you considering selling your Reno home? 4) Deodorize ~ This goes along with cleaning but is so important it deserves mentioning.  ~If a buyer walks into your home and smells any ungodly odors, nine out of ten times they will simply turn and walk right out the front door. The truth is most home owners don’t even realize their home has any kind of smell at all. Add neighborhood information, local school information, names and numbers of licensed contractors your have used or any other times your think the future owner could use.
7 Ways To Cut Hot Water Costs…Heating water accounts for a hefty 12 percent of your utility bill. I'm one of those crazy people that likes to clean, and I really love a clean house.  There's something about an orderly home that creates a calming atmosphere, and I find that I can manage the rest of my life so much better if my house is clean. I'm also a list girl, and so keeping a cleaning checklist just makes sense, and helps me to keep track of things that need to be done not just daily, but weekly and monthly.
How does it work?  I have certain chores that I do everyday, and work WONDERS to keep my home looking and feeling clean.  I fit them in when I can during the day, depending on my schedule.
It's the first thing I do in the morning--I don't leave my room until it's done.  Having all the beds made is one of the best ways to keep rooms looking tidy, and it always makes me feel better to have it done. I keep Clorox bathroom wipes and Windex in each bathroom, and it takes less than one minute to wipe down the counters and clean the mirror each day when we're finished getting ready.  Doing this daily will greatly reduce the amount of time it will take to deep clean the bathrooms--which I do weekly. We turn on the dishwasher at night, and put them away in the morning, which ensures that my sink can stay empty all day long. I like doing laundry everyday, as opposed to doing it on one day of the week--and I've always done it this way, even before I had to do as many loads as I do now.  Laundry can quickly feel overwhelming, and when I saw a lot of piles, it makes me crazy. We spend the majority of our time on the main floor, and I vacuum it each night after the kids are in bed.  It takes less than 10 minutes, and  No toys are kept in my kids' upstairs bedrooms, so they aren't up there until it's time to sleep, which means I can get away with vacuuming only once a week on the upstairs level.
I make a plan for these items, because they take a little more time to accomplish than many of the daily chores.
I absolutely love this picture of our friends' horse and farm--such a gorgeous white background, and a happy horse playing in the snow!!
Friday night is almost always movie night at our house, and this yummy popcorn will be perfect for munching on while we watch our Valentine movie this weekend. Our elementary school has decided that there will be no candy Valentines this year, and while my kids are wildly disappointed, I'm secretly happy that we won't have quite as much candy coming home. A few scraps of fabric, a little ric rac, and I've got an adorable spring garland perfect for my buffet table! I used the quote from yesterday to make a super cute housewarming gift for a friend of mine who just moved into her new house!
This is one of my all-time favorite quotes, and I've discovered that it's applicable no matter how old your baby is! Cutey-cute Oreo Chicks are super easy to make, and a really fun activity for kids to help with! Paper sack scrapbooks are so easy and adorable, and this one I made of Caroline's first year is one of my favorites. Here's a toast to the slob in the office, the gal with so much junk on her desk she can't find her telephone.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota decided to take a look at a long-established principle of human honesty and productivity -- keep your work area clean and you will be more likely to work your tail off, stay honest, be generous with your coworkers, and on and on. So Vohs and her co-workers conducted a series of experiments in Holland and the United States to see if there's an up-side to untidiness. A messy work environment, the research suggested, can bring out a person's creativity and lead to the birth of bold, new ideas. No amount of clutter is going to make an empty brain creative, but this research indicates that a little clutter may bring out the freshest and most creative side of you.
Those findings resulted from three experiments in which participants were assigned tasks while seated in a neat, orderly office, or in an office that was identical in every way except it was filled with clutter, such as papers on the floor and stacks of files on the desk.
Thirty-four Dutch students were tested to see if the orderliness of the room had any effect on their generosity and sense of needing to do the right thing. Some 82 percent of the students in the orderly room contributed money, compared to only 47 percent in the disorderly room. In a second experiment, participants were told to come up with new uses for ping-pong balls to help a manufacturer. In the final experiment, 188 American adults were asked to pick from a list of new options to be added to a restaurant's menu. The researchers described the findings as "robust," meaning there was little question that the environment directly influenced the behavior of the participants.
Years ago I was fortunate to spend three days with Linus Pauling, including one day at his estate on California's Big Sur coastline, which he bought with the winnings from his second Nobel Prize.
Only one corner of the piano had enough vacant space for the old chemist to stand and share his wisdom. Well, my little analysis there might not be correct, but what I am sure of is that I will use this gorgeous home as an inspiration for my lifestyle moodboard. Deodorizing is more than simply lighting candles and placing air fresheners throughout out.
I'm a seasoned buyer having worked with many agents over the years but she stands out because of her impeccable work ethics and her willingness to stick with you throughout the purchase effort, even if it takes a very long time.Alameda JoeyI can't recommend Terrie Leighton enough. For example, I fold laundry each night after my kids are in bed while I catch up on my favorite shows, then I put it away in the morning.  It's a nightly ritual, but it's the way I can keep up with the 15-18 loads I do per week. I also wipe down all appliances (especially the fridge) after each meal--since I have stainless steel, this is a big deal for me! We've lived in three states in three years, and there has been a lot of uprooting and re-planting, and we've all felt some "growing" pains. They have long been one of my favorite treats because they're so yummy and easy, so when Lemon Oreos came out, I knew I had to make a lemon version.
Since the first year we were married and poor students, my cute hubby has decorated a room in our house to surprise me when I wake up on Valentine's Day morning.
Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and today  #ontheblog  I'm sharing a super cute and simple printable tag that's perfect for dressing up a jar of candy or treats! In other words, a less- than-perfect work environment can make a person more likely to think out of the box, or at least above the horizon of those neat people in the office.
According to Vohs' study, that theory "posits that minor signs of disorder can cause much bigger consequences, such as delinquency and criminality." But her research suggested a less-pristine environment can leave persons free to turn to creativity instead of crime. At the end of the experiment, for example, the students were asked to contribute to a worthy cause.

Participants from the orderly room were far more likely to pick a healthy option than were participants from a disorderly room. I was eager to see the living room in his home, because I had read that he wrote many of his scores of research papers while standing at a grand piano.
It is probably arguable but keeping a home tidy and clean does improve ones wellbeing, both mentally and physical.
Ok, the home has been styled, but judging from some of the materials applied in the interior this homeowner -an Art Director in Sweden- might always keep his home this neat. If not, open up areas of clutter, remove excess furniture to create an easy flow throughout your home.
Having a clean and organized home, one that is visually appealing to the eye is important when selling your home.
The process of getting rid of smells often means having your carpets cleaned and washing window coverings. The best way to find out how much work is involved is to invite trusted friends and family members over to give your their honest opinion of your home. Assuming buyers won’t snoop and open these things is a huge mistake, because they will! I greatly believe that these daily chores are at the crux of success--do these, and you'll find yourself with more time overall, not less. With another move this summer when our house is finished, one of our family's goals is to be brave, and bloom where we're planted. It's perfect for all of your spring parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and it's always on my Easter menu! I was trying to hurry, so I could get home and rest before the kids got home from school, since I took a red-eye from California at 2am. This is is my absolute favorite rustic stew recipe--it's super easy, and doesn't take long at all to prepare and pop in the oven. But, with busy lifestyles it is really difficult to keep the energy up when it comes to having that neat and clutter free home. I love traveling, exploring, food, design, art and any thing involving creating content online. Make sure to tell them how important and valuable their  opinion is in you getting your home sold! Try to stay neutral in color, grays, beiges and creams make the home look fresh and will appeal to more buyers.
They will provide non biased, objective opinions that will give your home the competive edge over your competition. I am grateful to all the friends we've made along the way who are making it so much easier!!
To me looking at real estate objects, like this one from Skandia Maklarna does the trick in motivating me. Well seeing that he has a marble countertop, which is nothing but stunning, it also needs to be taken care of so no staining happens, hence I am assuming that he is a rather neat person.

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