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Wolf Cubs, like all boys who join the Cub Scouts must first earn their Bobcat Badge before they can earn their Wolf Badge.
To earn the Wolf rank a Cub Scout must complete 58 tasks out of a possible 74 tasks that are offered in the book.
Note that these activities are primarily done at home and signed off by the parent after the boy has completed each task. After a boy earns his Wolf badge, he works on Wolf Electives which consist of special projects and activities.

Boys can also begin working on their Academics and Sports Belt Loops and Pins at this time. The book is then shown to the Den Leader who records the progress and also signs the boy's book. Completing them allows him to earn Arrow Points to display on his uniform under his Wolf badge.
Boys will also earn patches for participation in special events such as Day Camp or Pack Overnighters.

As a Cub Scout completes his achievements towards the Wolf (and Bear) ranks, the Den Leader recognizes a boy's hard work with the Immediate Recognition patch and beads.
Details regarding the completion of the achievements and associated electives can be found in the BSA Wolf Cub Scout Book.

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