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To quote Stephen King in his book, Different Seasons, “The most important things are the hardest to say.
Me too, I like being able to look back and see how far I have come, what made me smile and laugh. Text available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, unless otherwise noted. There has been so much talk about the Law of Attraction, but many people struggle to understand what it is, how it works, or if it’s even real.
So these activities focus on writing as a manifestation tool, but you’ll find they will also start strengthening your intuitive abilities and sensitivities. Now, over the next week use the following journal starters and write as much or as little as feels right for you. I don’t know what the answers are, or even how to start, but I am going to trust that there IS an answer, and that with your assistance I CAN find help.

This entry was posted in Journalling, Life, Soul Growth, Spirituality, Writing and tagged abundance, God, healing, inspiration, intuitive abilities, journal, journal exercise, law of attraction, LOA, manifestation, mindfulness, positive thinking, positive vibration, psychic development, soul wisdom, spiritual connection, spiritual healing, The Secret, Universal Energy, writing by Cauldrons and Cupcakes. You started this with one of my all time favorite verses… because it just explains SO MUCH in just a few short words.
They’re here just for us, to gather our thoughts, to share our laughter, our tears, frustration and sadness. I do not keep journals anymore as journals, I use pieces of my life in my articles so, in effect, others are reading them all the time.
The Mindful Word invites you to reprint, copy, distribute, and alter CC-licensed text as long as you provide a clickable link back to The Mindful Word and share-alike. Whether they are thought, spoken or written down, there is a great energy to words, and over the next six Mondays we are going to focus on ways to harness this power through journal writing, so that we can bring the energy of positive change into our lives. You’ll gain clarity, and begin attracting the help, guidance and information you need to move closer to your own idea of a better life.

The Universe is one of vibration, where like attracts like, where a thought attracts its match.
I know that it is real because I have experienced it for myself, and you’ll discover that it is too if you keep working with me over the next few weeks. Many thoughts and emotions will fly like a kite, colourful, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Writing can be therapeutic, exhilarating and peaceful, so write down the things that you find stressful and the things that make you feel completely at peace.

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