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Product DescriptionProduct DetailsOver the past decade, the number of Buddhist meditation centers in the U.S. On Meditation for Beginners, Jack Kornfield teaches this ancient practice in its purest form, making meditation easy to understand and practice for even those with no previous experience or spiritual context. Product DescriptionProduct DetailsKnown for bringing insight meditation to the West and for his many best selling books, including A Path with Heart (more than 100,000 copies in print), Jack Kornfield now offers a collection of his most popular teachings with Buddhist Meditation for Beginners. Product DescriptionProduct DetailsAt the heart of all Buddhist wisdom lies one astonishing truth: that a way out of suffering and into a more deeply fulfilling life is not a myth, but a reality available to you the moment you open your eyes through the power of skillful inquiry. Created specifically to address the questions and needs of first-time students, this full-length retreat on audio offers an ideal way to learn Buddhism’s essential principles and insights. The ancient Buddhist scripture The Path to Purification poses this riddle: The world is entangled in a knot.

You can, taught the Buddha, by learning to see things clearly and simply, as they actually are. Created specifically for beginners, this complete introduction to meditation features four classical mindfulness exercises.
Clearly articulated and skillfully presented, Meditation for Beginners is designed to bring the peace and power of mindfulness into our everyday lives. These meditations take less than 10 minutes each to practice, yet will take you to the heart of essential Buddhist teachings about on opening to the truth, forgiveness, fearlessness, and more. For generations, this fact has been proven again and again by those who have learned and tested for themselves what the Buddha taught.
Now, with Jack Kornfield’s Buddhism for Beginners, you will find the tools and teachings you need to begin this great inner adventure of self-discovery and freedom.

Many more meditators practice in the Christian, Jewish, transcendental, and other traditions. It is the definitive resource for anyone who ever thought about learning to meditate but didn’t know where to start. Now, with Buddhism for Beginners, celebrated teacher and author Jack Kornfield invites you to experience for yourself the gifts of this vast spiritual tradition. Until now, however, surprisingly few teaching aids have shown beginning practitioners the most fundamental techniques of meditation.

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