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All those who wish to learn more about the Episcopal Church are invited to attend the Inquirers’ Classes held on the Sundays in Lent, February 14 – March 20, at 9:15 in the Archives Room, led by the Rector.
Its Not Too Late To Be Who You Want To Be Pinterest Pictures, Its Not Too Late To Be Who You Want To Be Facebook Images, Its Not Too Late To Be Who You Want To Be Photos for Tumblr. Bishop Sloan will be here to confirm adults and young people on May 8, and all adults who wish to be confirmed should attend these classes. We will spend eight weeks learning vocal techniques to enhance our telling of the Christian story from the lectern (or in our own personal witness) as well as phrasing of the text to invite the listener to engage in Scripture in deeper and inspirational ways. After receiving some historical background on the readings, participants discuss how God was working in the lives of the characters involved and what that means for us.

The classes are also appropriate for all new to the parish who have questions and as a refresher in the faith for those who are already confirmed members.
In this class, we will examine the various signs in John compared to their counterpart miracle in the synoptic gospels.
This class is specially designed to offer tools and methods for reading Scripture in a liturgical setting such as Sunday morning in church.
Exploring the scriptures prepares our hearts and minds to be more engaged in the hour of worship that follows. The class will culminate in the reading of the Passion narrative on Palm Sunday at the 10:30 service.

The hope is that as we examine the signs and belief inspired, we can begin to recognize signs in our own lives and how they have inspired our belief.

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