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Thousands of households are learning the hard way that water is at the top of the list for survival as their water and sewer service has been shut off due to non-payment of their water utility bills.
Is this just the beginning of more hardship and desperate moves to come in our future of an infrastructure dependent upon a collapsing (at least decaying) financial-economic system which has already bled dry the poor and much of the middle class?
Thousands of Detroit residents are behind on their bills and have had their water and sewer services turned off as part of a crackdown. In Iowa, for instance, there were nearly 10,000 electricity and gas disconnections in April, a state record. Desperate people (and city governments) do desperate things, and at some point, it could become dangerous to your health and well being.
On a related subject I just got my city’s quarterly information newsletter and it listed all the sites where children could receive free meals this summer. Since the newsletter listed all the locations and times I have decided to show up and see who is getting free lunches. I understand your frustration but when they put those parents in jail where do the kids go? The news says that the Obama gang(what else can you call them?) are preparing to spend two billion dollars to house, escort, etc 6,500 illegal alien children. I understand that some people need some kind of assistance at some point in their lives but this system has been designed to make it a way of life. If someone is paying 65 – 70 dollars a month, then they are on city sewer or have a high fee water supply, because I consider that to be highway robbery. Personally, I have no feeling whatsoever for these people that believe they are somehow owed this service, and think they should be given water for free.
I know they can turn off your water for failure to pay but doubt they can turn off your sewer.
A lien on a rental property because of an action by the renter will most certainly result in an eviction. And if I have a lot of yard work to do, a project that MUST get done, I eat one meal at the end of the day, only drinking coffee or Gateraid and maybe 3 or 4 cookies at lunch time to keep me going. One positive note about all the immigrants coming in and overwhelming the system…the gravy train is coming to a stop. Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof.
Scott Nearing Quote“We believed it was better to pay as you go than it was to pay your bills by borrowing and laying up debts for another day.
One response to “Do you need extra income to enjoy a better standard of living or pay bills?

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. MANILA, Philippines - Paying bills in the Philippines is now much convenient and secure with Qwikwire.
Qwikwire is a leading online platform that allows consumers to securely and conveniently pay any of their bills in the Philippines. These bills can be utility bills, credit card bills, tuition fees, real estate mortgage, and many more. We believe that people should spend less time on paying their bills and spend more time on the things they love such as quality moments with family. Qwikwire is one of the few MSB’s (money as a service business) registered with the US Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) and approved Third Party Payments Aggregator (TPPA) in the Philippines.
We are an online media outlet that brings the hottest news and coolest reviews of products and services for the modern Pinoy! In April, the city set a target of cutting service to 3,000 customers a week who were more than $150 behind on their bills. If someone is caught defrauding the system don’t send them jail, it is just another huge cost to the taxpayer, cut them off of that benefit payment for a certain amount of time. She is a registered dietitian, certified intrinsic coach and specialist in nutritional counseling. Science and Math are always considered as hard a Read More+ Largest Solar Project in SEA commenced in Negros Occidental Manila, Philippines –  March 3rd, 2016 marked the launching of the bigge Read More+ Huawei Mate 8 unveiled Mobile phones nowadays are not just phones. Qwikwire’s proprietary technology provides its users the ability to manage all of their payments in one elegantly designed page. We learned that money mismanagement was a regular occurrence between family members especially when someone from abroad is involved. Qwikwire’s proprietary technology does not require the user to have a specific bank account to pay bills online as opposed to the local banks online bills payment system. A good example would be for real estate mortgages; users can simply tick a checkbox to allow monthly billing of their account.
In May, the water department sent out 46,000 warnings and cut off service to 4,531 residents. They send it via FedEx to your front door but the drivers literally run away, I mean RUNS after he throws it on your doorstep. I have the capacity to capture a great deal of water if I need to, and have a Big Berky on back-up to filter any other kind of water. In this state you can prove residence in a dwelling by producing a piece of mail delivered to you at the address.

I don’t know because I am a single guy, but I am thinking maybe $50 or more right there. They have evolved into somethin Read More+ PRC website accused of copying Facebook log-in page Have you seen the website of Professional Regulatory Commission? This happens when a relative from abroad sends money to their family in the Philippines to use for bills payment, instead of using the cash to pay for the bills, the receiver uses it for something else. Qwikwire’s online platform provides users the ability to pay various bills in one platform.
At Qwikwire, we religiously believe that issues concerning money mismanagement should not occur between families, so we are trying our best to provide the people who pay the bills more control over their finances.
Qwikwire is also capable of reminding users (via email) to pay their bills before it is due. Funny how they never get towed but call City Hall & you get whining excuses of cuts,layoffs, etc. Vivian who started to shout at me' Actress Cristine Reyes finally explained her side on the controversy involv Read More+ A Happy Meal with Corn and Kung Fu Panda 3 Toy Set Read More+ Lifestyle Celebrate a magical Easter at Marriott Hotel Manila Hunting for fun this Easter?
But I bet they are all still washing their cars, and will continue to do so until they open the tap and nothing comes out. The wilderness awaits you at Marriott Hotel Ma Read More+ Did this candidate from Marikina use McDo for his political campaign? We don’t pay sewer and our trash pick-up is included in our annual property tax bill. While I do have a well, it is a bit on the saline side, so we capped it in case we’re forced to use it, but for less than thirty bucks a month, I have a reliable source of clean, filtered water brought right in to my house at a decent pressure for my convenience. Catholics all around the Philipp Read More+ CYMA Greek Taverna Launches its New Exciting Menu!
While one may feel they have some inalienable right to water, that does not mean I have an obligation to collect, filter, test, store and send it to you. Grab a bucket and head to the nearest stream, since that’s been the preferred method since the beginning of time.

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