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Bailee Madison's Tumblr account has quickly become one of our fave places to turn to for some encouraging words of wisdom and it looks like the actress is now going to tackle making videos.
When blogger Em Ford decided to show her no makeup face with acne, she received thousands of comments. Inspired by the negative things people had said to her, she created the video called “My pale skin” that contains real commentaries about her skin. After a six-year battle with cancer, Talia Joy Castellano, the Florida girl who gained popularity for her vibrant YouTube makeup tutorials, passed away today at age 13. Her YouTube page was part make-up tutorial, part teenage experience, and part window into the mind of a young girl facing cancer. French documentary 'Marvel Renaissance' charts Marvel's 1990s bankruptcy and subsequent rise to power. In 2011 social media marketing continued to make its impact on business and brand promotions. Facebook soared past 800 million users and Twitter continued its upward trajectory past 200 million members. The world’s obsession with anything social online has given marketers access to networks that are instant in response, multi-media rich and ever challenging. Some surprising results and unexpected networks and social media platforms have made their mark this year .

The role of social media in the spreading  and sharing of content and improving website and blog search engine optimisation has been never more obvious to the professional social media marketer. Here are some infographics that simplify the presentation of the facts and figures of Facebook, Twittter, LinkedIn, Content and SEO, Tumblr and StumbleUpon and showcase the implications of social media for marketers. Imagine if you could take 1,000 words a and help people digest that information in only a few seconds? It’s amazing how much information can be visually presented in such a small amount of space. I look forward to seeing how Pinterest shows up in these stats in the future, because that is how I found this article! Pingback: Social Media Marketing - Is it Possible to Monetize Social Media to Generate Income? That's right, Bailee said in a new interview she is planning to start her own YouTube channel. We love that really wants to create a positive place and show off her true self, since we know how fabulous she is! At the beginning of the video, she’s sitting without makeup and the offensive comments start to appear.
She had been in the hospital for more than two months and was battling both neuroblastoma and leukemia.

She was often frank about her experience; she skipped the wig, instead writing “makeup is my wig” on her head.
Google+ was launched (with an investment of over $500 million in development costs), Twitter became embedded in the new Apple iPhone 4s and Blogging didn’t die. Done in a good way – visual way is the way to keep your readers till the end of the article. We want lasting relationships with our customers, and to achieve that you can bet we’ll do a damn good job at whatever we’ve set out to do! It’s worrying that 75% of Google+ are nerds, and mainly male, but I guess that will change. As she continues to change her look, the comments are also starting to change but the insults don’t stop.
And as for marketing, these social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) are very effective in building strong rapport with their markets. If you have all the gang on Facebook, it would be easier to share to them what’s new about their favorite brands.

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