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This meditation provides us with the opportunity to cleanse, rebalance, and recharge the energy of five major internal organs.
If you have attended one of our workshops you may have experienced this meditation in part or in its entirety. Once you finish the healing sound for all five major organs, ground, center and assimilate the benefits of this meditation by making the sound of the Triple Warmer. You can find this meditation in greater detail in Mantak Chia’s book, Awaken Light of the Tao.
The inner smile is a Qui Gong based meditation where you smile and send love and healing to all of your internal organs.
In the Universal Tao practice, there are few basic training that will help to keep and increase more life energy. The Universal Tao also know as the Healing Tao system, been taught to the west for more than 30 years. The six healing sounds is a set of sound, with the hands position, color and negative emotional. The Inner Smile meditation is a way to learn how to get in touch with the vital organs, and our body, learn smile to reconnect, aware, care and bring the healing energy to our body. The Bone breathing is one of the Tao major practices to learn how to breathe into the bone marrow.
We recommend Taoist Master Mantak Chia's version of the Inner Smile for people new to visualization or dynamic meditation.
Bring your attention back to the source of smiling energy; collect the power of the smile in the third eye (mid-eyebrows). This is our new favorite location for health and longevity 35 minutes outside the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Illustrates the Cosmic Inner Smile with the Virtue Energies of the Five Vital Organs, beautifully illustrated by Senior Instructor Juan Li.

Just as we take steps to clean our bodies and brush our teeth, this exercise gives us an opportunity to wash away any residual stress, tension or emotions we may be holding on to. Based on popular request, the following is one of our favorite and most often practiced meditations. Begin to rock from side to side on your sits bones (ischial tuberosities) and allow your gaze to follow the same side-to-side movement with your eyes closed. Inhale and raise your palms up, and then exhale the sound Heeee while pressing the hands down in front of you from your head towards your feet.
This practice spreads love and healing through all of the body right down to the quantum level as that is how deeply we suggest to the unconscious mind sends it.
Loosing energy through the emotional, the negative emotion like anger, like fire will burn the wood energy in the liver and change all the hormone and the liver, this will cause malfunction and make more cholesterol, which will affect all the organs especially the heart and the circulation.
Loosing energy through the absent minded and don’t know how to guarding against the life force (primordial force) that we born from.
Learn how to relax with the Inner Smile and lower the upper mind down to the lower mind the heart mind and the Lower abdominal mind, the Navel area. The primordial breath (the breath of life) this will help to change to the lower and deeper breath.
The Microcosmic Orbit, Learn how to circulating the life force inside the body and to take in more earth and Universal force to help restore more life force to us.
Learn how to control the heart and mind more calm, so we can have more energy to handle our modern life.
The Tao practice also know as self-healing and many people been learn the system and heal themselves from many disease.
Speak to us about the curative or healing sounds and how they can help us in our daily life.
With the practice will help cool down the organs calm the heart, help change the negative to positive emotion.

Espoused by Mantak Chia, a Qi Gong Master, this meditation may be done daily, and with practice can be completed within 5-10 minutes at the beginning or end of your day. Imagine your eyes are like giant erasers sweeping across your lungs erasing any grief, sadness or depression. This will help increase the production of the red blood cells, the white blood cells, and the stem cells. According to Five Element Theory and Taoist philosophy, 5 major organs are each associated with a sound, color and other specific qualities like emotions. Once that feels complete take a deep breath in and create the sound SSSS as you exhale out 3X.
Any emotional will affect the heart beat and brainwork too hard which is loose a lot of energy.
All these are the major life for to carry out our life and healing, and help to restore back our life force.
There are more alternative treatments and technologies available at Master Matak Chia's facility than anywhere else we know of on the planet. After your 3rd exhalation hold the breath out and stretch open your chest as you tapote your lungs until you can’t hold your breath any longer. Raise the arms up on a strong inhalation and lower them in front of you with the sound of “Sssss” 5. Hold over the organ while visualizing the “color”, restoring positive qualities, and a gentle smile into the organ.
On your next inhale float your hands back to the lungs and visualize the lungs filling up with white light.

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