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Suicide rates have generally been increasing somewhat in both Virginia and the nation overall.
In addition, suicide rates tend to rise during recessions and to decrease during periods of economic prosperity. The Virginia Departments of Health (VDH) and Behavioral Health and Development Services (VBHDS) work to improve measures that combat suicide.
Seven facts about America's mental health-care system, Wonkblog, Washington Post, December 2012. See the Data Sources and Updates Calendar for a detailed list of the data resources used for indicator measures on Virginia Performs. Virginia's Community Service Boards (CSBs) provide a safety net of services to respond to potential suicides and emergency situations. Maher explains that a New York Times article recently cited a number of states that are seeing a premium increase of 20 percent or more. To highlight just how greedy the health insurance industry is compared to other industries, he uses an interesting false analogy.

I realize the part about Toyota running healthcare was a joke, but comparing the increase in health insurance cost after a historically¬†unprecedented¬†expansion in what they’re legally required to provide to another industry that saw no such expansion is just stupid. I can’t speak for everywhere, but with the company I work for, insurance premiums have gone up every year since I started there in 2003. White males accounted for 716 deaths, white females another 212; the remainder were males and females of other racial groups. Economic hardship may be an aggravating factor for individuals who have other risk factors. The 2015 General Assembly of Virginia did boost funding for mental health, including services for severely mentally ill patients as well as funding for free clinics, children's psychiatry, and crisis services. The Virginia Department of Veterans Services is also active in efforts to help troubled veterans of the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars.
He speculates about greed-related factors that are leading insurance companies to raise rates after Obamacare without mentioning the most obvious factor: The law requires them to cover more things, which costs more.
Are insurance companies raising rates to cover their added costs now that they’re not allowed to offer plans that don’t provide free preventative screening, free¬†breast pumps, free birth control, free annual check-ups, free std counseling, as well as thousands of other coverage areas that increase their costs?

Next he’ll talk about how they’re also going up to pay for the new coverage they are forced to provide, right? Insurance prices suddenly go up after a new law forces them to provide more services, which costs them more money, and you don’t think that law shares any of the blame for the price increase? As a result, reliable access to care -- especially in a timely fashion -- can be elusive; often there simply aren't enough facilities or mental health professionals available.
There are probably many factors at play but to completely dismiss the greed factor is asinine. Having said that, I don’t understand why the Republicans would be against Obamacare if it meant their corporate shills in insurance were making more money.

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