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The reason that most New Years resolutions fail is the same reason that some people can’t manage to make the changes to heal themselves. When you resolve to do something, whether it’s changing our diet or starting an exercise routine both our conscious mind and our subconscious mind have to be on board. Your conscious mind sets goals but your subconscious mind either helps or prevents you from carrying them out. When our intent to change is fueled by the word “should” or ambition, only a small part of us is onboard. Approximately 90 percent of our processing power comes from the subconscious mind (this includes body functions like digesting, breathing etc.) The power of the subconscious mind is much greater than that of the conscious mind. You might think your conscious mind is in charge but your subconscious is really running the show. It’s like an overprotective best friend who thinks they know what’s best for you, regardless of your opinion.
And fortunately, there’s a way to work with your subconscious to bring it in line with the intentions of your conscious mind. If you have a goal you can’t seem to accomplish don’t get down on yourself, but use it as an opportunity to learn what’s really going on with you. You will start to see the nature of your fear and how your subconscious is protecting you from it.  When your fears become conscious you can begin to work with them.
So remember, if you are struggling to make changes and failing, don’t get mad, sad or frustrated. This is especially true now that Etsy has really made the number of items in a given shop so prominent on the product display page. Imagine being the buyer and walking into a shop and only seeing a dozen or so items for sale. If you don’t want to have a lot of multiples in your shop, you can renew an existing listing before it expires, which will bump it up in the search listings. With Etsy listing fees only being 20 cents per item, listing once per day in a 30 day month costs a whole whopping $6 bucks. I read this article a few weeks ago and keep telling myself more items leads to more sales.
Its easier to toss a couple small dollar items in if your really interested in them and they usually compliment each other as a gift, just because the same person created them.
Oh, one thing I did have a question about, do you think it matters if you have multiples of similar items or not? I’m looking forward to adding all your tips to my site to see what happens, I will be sure to keep you updated.
It’s so great to hear that others have a hard time keeping things full in their shop as well. The Quiet Mind series, offers a creative and solution-oriented method for overcoming a variety of behavioral and emotional hurdles. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
From my perspective, mind maps are a bit of a novelty, and I can certainly understand why you might feel that studying language in such a fashion could be a bit overwhelming.
Hola Iza - I agree completely - it did not occur to me to present them in that way - of course that is how they work !

I had actually started thinking of doing this before this post, this is a great idea (and I may actually do it now that it is being suggested by a couple of people that I highly respect). On one hand they really appeal to me because you can map meaning and relationships with similar groups of words. I like what Izanoni1 said though, yes, to create your own could possibly be quite challenging and ultimately really useful.
For some people who like to work stuff in more like a mathematical way this might be great, but for people who just like to memorize each word without having to think which word is it related to it might be quite painful to remember. This reminds me of "vocabulary travel" exercises (I am truly getting old as I cannot remember how I learned of this form of study)! My first thought was that mind maps serve to remind me of what I already know, like with a Thesaurus. They are also very personal so the connections between words may not make sense to anyone else. Later you look at it and the image is gradually imprinted on you memory like a photo of an event. The Mind Mapping Study Skills Mind Map delves into the process of Mind Mapping as it applies to study skills.
The Mind Map presents the benefits of mind mapping, discusses the types of visual mapping types that you can use for study purposes, and provides several techniques and tips to help you best apply Mind Mapping into your study regime. Would You Like Access To A Free Visual Poster That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals?Now Downloaded Over 50,000 Times!"Your mind maps gave me the big picture about many topics. When we set goals, intentions and aspirations every part of us has to be in line with our mission. Your subconscious is not trying to undermine you, on the contrary it’s looking out for you. Affirmations are intended to reprogram your subconscious and work quite well when repeated consistently. The best time to repeat affirmations is right before you fall asleep or upon waking up because you have the best access to your subconscious in those moments. When you can clearly visualize yourself as a healthy, vibrant person, I’m a firm believer that *your body gets the message*.
Shops with more sales have more items available and shops with less sales have fewer items available. This is the first page a visitor sees when they click on a picture of your item anywhere on the site, or from your Etsy-Mini. The more you have in your shop, the more time visitors will spend browsing, and the more likely you’ll be to get a sale. But I also think it is important to keep the number of items in your shop at an appropriate level.
I think a part of it is that you want to make one payment, one shipping price, one package to watch for getting there on time. It is so hard to keep working on all the ideas and make things and to feel like you are the only one who likes what you make.
We do custom and already made cards and sometimes find it can be hard to balance both when a lot of time is devoted to the former. I did have more than 200 jewelry now only 126, yes, I design and create all are handmade I do spend a lot of time to do it.

I have increased my sales dramatically since I added more items to my shop, although I have been implementing Pinterest a lot more regularily I still notice that items I put on at the last minute sell fairly quickly because there is always going to be someone looking for what you have, even the most simple of things!!
Photographs used as visual cues are linked to activities that enhance self-confidence and promote a more positive self-image. Although grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy, the Quiet Mind series uses a holistic approach. Since the usage of each nuance of wording is absent, it may not help someone learning the language. I was able to understand how things were connected… things that you learned in 20 years in like one day. If you fight against your subconscious or try to repress what it’s communicating, it will get louder and more powerful. Even if your subconscious fears seem ridiculous, they are very real and have been driving your behavior for a long time. Assure it that you will protect yourself from the worst case scenario and point out the best case scenario. Now imagine opening a door to a shop and seeing in jam packed with stuff from floor to ceiling. When you do one big project and try ordering a single item from several people you will run into more issues.
We have had decent sales, but we’ll stick to it and post more items to hopefully yield more exposure. Clinically successful and imaginative techniques, strategies, and visualizations link to accompanying photographs composed for particular goals. They say they will do it but procrastinate, make excuses to themselves about being busy, or just conveniently forget. Some people will just happen to drop by, and every once in awhile you might get a little display table in the front lobby (akin to being on the front page), but for the most part it is up to you to get people into your shop. I’m hovering around 200, but am working hard to make it up to 300 items listed by the end of the month.
My problem I do sales more, doing crafts show than on etsy maybe I don’t do enought publicity or people can not believed that they are handmade. The combination of activities and creative options along with the visual cues of the photographs lay out an easy-to-follow groundwork for healthy and needed change. The Quiet Mind series is suitable for educators, mental health professionals, and parents looking for practical and creative ways to modify or diminish negative behaviors and symptoms.
Not to mention, when I’m shopping for supplies, I get SO overwhelmed by shops with hundreds of items- I usually just leave the shop. I do a lot of jewelry when I doing crafts show and I was showing that all my jewelry are really handmade.

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