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We tried in earnest to be mindful of the children; their routines and their sensitivities, but unfortunately we were not always at the top of our respectful parenting game during this period. This entry was posted in Building Confidence, Confident Kids, Expressing Emotion and tagged Acknowledging Feelings, confidence in children, Increasing Confidence in Children, Slowing Down Care Giving Moments on January 6, 2015 by peacefulparentsconfidentkids. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
There are certain things that people who know me, whether it’s as a personal friend or people who have just come to know me through social media, have started to associate me with. I get text messages, for example, from time to time saying “just heard a Prince song and thought of you.” Those make me smile since, yes, I am admittedly a huge fan.
But the thing I love more than either of these is when someone sends me a motivational or inspirational quote. So when someone emails me with a “just heard this quote and thought you’d like it…” I get pretty stoked.  First of all, the quote is probably going to be something that personally motivates me.
And just as importantly, I’m thrilled that when the person heard it or read it they thought of me.
As you can imagine after reading the preamble to this article, this happened to me recently.
Lack of confidence, in our cases, will simply become a self-fulfilling prophesy: if you don’t believe a crowd will respond to you you’ll sound unsure which will only make it more likely that they don’t respond.
So I return to that simple and concise saying over Tom Couglin’s desk and I urge you, dear reader, to live by these words.
North East businesses are growing their workforces at fastest rate in 20 years, a survey suggests. A key part of the region's business community The Journal has more ABC1 readers than any other quality regional morning newspaper on sale in the area. The average time spent reading The Journal is 33 minutes, which shows the length of time readers are engaging with editorial and advertising content. 23,291* copies of The Journal are sold on average each day, providing advertisers with extensive coverage of the region.
More than 1 in 3 Journal users have clicked through to an online advertisement, demonstrating that our users are responsive and receptive to Internet advertising messages.
Darren was appointed editor of the Chronicle in September 2011, following a six-year spell as editor of the Evening Gazette in Teesside. He has held a number of senior roles on regional newspapers across England, Scotland and Wales over the last 15 years and is now editor-in-chief of Trinity Mirror North East.
The NORWAY-GHANA BUSINESS FORUM met, on the 5th of November at Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra, to discuss the conditions for doing business in Ghana. The AGI Business Barometer for Quarter 3 2015 recently showed increased business confidence in the economy. The head of the embassy’s Business Section, Harriet Solheim, said in her introduction that predictability is key to strategic decision making for businesses. The resource people invited to this forum would leave the participants a little more informed about the macroeconomic outlook and with some advice on how to navigate.
He told the audience that ‘you are most concerned about the predictability of your revenue flows and the balance sheet effects of the macroeconomy.
Prices on important commodities like gold, cocoa and crude oil have fallen significantly, leading to revenue shortfalls and increased vulnerability. Growing middle class consumption, sound foundation for social stability, political stability, strong institutions and traditions for civil society. Privatization initiatives and big infrastructural gaps, combined with a willingness to look at Public-Private Partnerships in infrastructure development, opens up new, big business opportunities. After going through some sectors with particularly good prospects and opportunities, he also draw attention to some particular issues for a watch-out list. In his input on ‘Financial management experiences in Ghana’, Mr Reidar Thorvaldsen, Financial Manager of Aker Solutions, emphasized stability as a key factor. He went through a list of his personal experiences including cultural issues like ‘the boss should sit in the office’, ‘God will provide’-ideas and issues related to trust or control. Dr Johnson Asiama, Director at Bank of Ghana, maintained that all countries go through cycles. According to him, businesses that had a short-term investment horizon may indeed be concerned with the current situation.

The medium term economic prospects remained strong, with expectations of a significant increase in oil and gas production. Mr Kwame Adadey, Group Head of Marketing at Zenith Bank, reiterated the banks advice to costumers concerning management of cash flows. Ms Abena Amoah, Founder and CEO of Baobab Advisors, warned regulators that they should hold their horses, continue to send accurate and timely signals, but refrain from interfering with the market mechanisms.
Mr Antony Sarpong, Partner and Head of Audit Services at KPMG, stated that ‘business leaders do not sleep well at night.’ His advice was to cut back on the non-essentials, restructure the balance sheet and in particular look into losses and tax deduction, as well as management fess versus dividend in tax perspective.
In her welcome note, Ms Hege Hertzberg, Ambassador of Norway to Ghana, told the audience that the embassy is touring the country to meet Norwegian businesses. As storms develop over central Texas and move toward the coast there’s an increasing likelihood of a major rainstorm this afternoon and evening in the Houston metro area. According to the National Weather Service, which has flood watches and warnings in effect for the region, storms are most likely between 2 p.m.
The storms in Central Texas are capable of bringing 3 inches of rain per hour, and if they hit already saturated areas — notably the Clear Creek watershed — significant flooding could occur. This obviously has significant implications for getting home from school and, later today, work. Due to the intense and possibly rotating nature of theses storms they also may generate scattered tornadoes.
There are some indications that after this system moves through, while rain will remain possible during the overnight hours and into Thursday, it will be more scattered and less intense.
However with the atmospheric set up, moist air at the surface and features forcing that air to rise, we’ll need to be on the look out for these kinds of intense rain events for the rest of the week.
Sometimes we have moments when we are satisfied with where we are and are slow to form that clear vision that propels us forward to the next.
Despite resolving to slow right down and keep it simple, we were indeed swept up in the Christmas mayhem.
Our aim is to share inspirational, everyday stories and tips with the hope to encourage you on your own respectful and peaceful parenting journey.
I also get phone calls and texts when my beloved Cowboys are losing which doesn’t exactly make me as happy as the Prince messages do. I really enjoy these and I tend to weave them into my everyday conversations and as well as my seminars and articles on a regular basis. Whether it’s DJing someone’s special event or presenting a seminar to my industry peers, these eight simple words are something I live by. I’ve never really believed the saying that it’s the number one fear for most people (over drowning?
It can lead to forgetting all the things we used to do that made us great (and gave us confidence in the first place) and if there’s anything worse than a timid performer it’s a cocky performer who ain’t all that.
Take the essential steps in rehearsing what you are going to say as well as previewing the music you are going to play.
In its most recent Quarterly Economic Survey (QES), the North East Chamber of Commerce found that the workforce score is higher now than at any point since this survey started in 1995. Some of the macroeconomic indicators in Ghana have imposed challenges lately, and would be up for discussion at this forum. The lead presenter and panellists chosen were all experts and representatives of institutions with relevant experience in the subject matter. Joe Amoako-Tuffour, Director of Research at the African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) spoke on ‘Ghana’s economic and political environment and the implications for doing business’.
It will take another 2-3 years to fix the macroeconomic imbalances and lay foundation for meaningful transformation. This gap is financed with loans, leading to an increase of the total public debt from about 40 percent of GDP in 2011 to 67.6 percent in 2014. This is manifest in the establishment of Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF), Joint Ventures and new guarantee arrangements for export and investments. He challenged businesses to be good corporate citizens and make a show the fact that they can pay their taxes and still be profitable. The most valuable asset in any business is the people,’ Mr Thorvalsen said, challenging businesses to do more to develop and increase the value of their human assets.
However, as the assessment by the IMF has shown so far, we are on track in our efforts to turn the economy around.

However, for those that are here for the medium term and looking beyond the short-term, the prospects are promising. Because you need to control more of the value chain, we see a lot of backwards and forward integration, like when fish farmers move into production of feed,’ she said, also pointing to the high barriers for start-ups. Many participants from the oil and gas sector stayed on for the afternoon session; a presentation of the international consultancy Rystad Energy, their services to the industry and other stakeholders, and their current outlook for Ghana. At times like this, it is important to continue to keep the mind at home, staying firm in belief and conviction, to keep from going backward.
We need to be confident that the next song we are about to play will work.  We need to confident that when we ask a crowd to do something they’ll respond. We start believing that it’s all about our talent and we can flip the switch on the mic and words of wisdom will suddenly flow.
After surveying members from across the North East, the organisation found that as well as positive results in recruitment, the majority of QES results are in positive territory compared to three months ago.
In their meetings with the embassy, Norwegian businesses and their partners often bring up the outlook for exchange rate, inflation, cost and access to credit, guarantees and the general economic development in Ghana. This is less than expected, making Ghana less attractive than some other African countries with a more rapidly expanding economy. The cumulative depreciation was 31 percent in 2014 and stands at 22 percent so far this year.
The public debts is predicted continue to increase this year, but at a lower rate – to 72.8 percent of GDP. He also questioned whether the government would be able to maintain sufficient foreign exchange reserves. He questioned whether the banks are good corporate citizens, given their unwillingness to take risks.
Ghana is going through a phase now that is influenced by both domestic and external pressures, and there is the need for us to keep our own house in order’. He maintained that Ghana was still a good investment destination, given the emphasis on preserving macroeconomic stability in spite of exogenous shocks that continue to confront the economy.
Even though interest rates are high, they are have been less volatile than the exchange rate. Mr Henrik Poulsen could present a very positive benchmarking against other major oil producing countries in Africa.
And a flash flood watch for a portion of Southeast Texas, including Harris, Brazoria and Chambers counties, is in effect until 1 a.m. Ross Smith, the chambera€™s director of policy, said: a€?This quarter has provided some very positive results.
The workforce score is especially good news because these figures show high levels of members recruiting for permanent, full-time positions. Even better news is that the score for future workforce has also increased, suggesting this very positive trend still has some way to go.a€? The QES showed very positive overall results, although progress appeared to be slower than the same period last year. This can be put down to low oil prices, exchange rates and turbulence in foreign markets including the Eurozone, Russia, and North Africa. The release of the Chamber survey coincides with the latest Business in Britain report from Lloyds bank, which also records some positive feelings in the business community. Overall business confidence has risen in the North East in the last six months, Lloyds said, underpinned by companiesa€™ expectations of an improvement in exports as well as an anticipated increase in investment levels. The twice-yearly report, now in its 23rd year, gathers the views of 1,500 UK companies, predominantly small to medium sized businesses, and tracks overall business confidence, which is based on the balance of firms expecting an increase in sales, orders and profits over the next six months. Since the last report in January 2015, business confidence in the North East has grown by four points to 30%, largely driven by firmsa€™ expectations of increasing profits and orders, reflecting a more bullish growth outlook for the rest of the year.
Leigh Taylor, Lloydsa€™ area director for SME banking in the North East, said: a€?Business confidence has remained strong and steady in the North East, with encouraging expectations for sales, orders and profits for the rest of the year.

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