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Boutique & Studio hours vary; please check the schedule for the FULL line up of Classes, Sessions, Workshops & Programs. Better a single day of life perceiving how things rise and fall than to live out a century yet not perceive their rise and fall. When we provide space for present moment BEING, we are able to let go of what we have been holding on to from our past.
Someone left a comment on my facebook page saying that this is just a lesson in impermanence and we should not feel any attachment to the site.
Impermanence is a great meditation practice that leads to the meditator loosening their grip on the things they are attached to. When we understand the connection between the impermanence of everything and our attachment to them, we are able to reduce some of our suffering, and this is how, I believe, Gautama Buddha meant this teaching to be understood. Words like karma, impermanence and mindfulness are quite important words, and we should think before we use them in a dismissive way, because it leads to them being misused and misunderstood.

Gautama Buddha taught this practice because he realised that it is our clinging attachment to things that cause us to suffer when these things change. I think it may not be soo hard to do that all with the history type of incidents but with say grief that would be tough. But you bring up the site about to be demolished and the teachings on impermance coming into play…however where do you stand specifically on this desecration?
I put the link on my facebook page and shared it with as many people as possible – to what ends? As Buddhists should we just sit idly by and watch the world and its history being destroyed, because Gautama Buddha said everything is impermanent? I believe impermanence was never meant to be a glib statement to make when a piece of the world’s history is about to be destroyed. If we didn’t feel that anger, no one would care about losing it and no one would be motivated to do anything.

If you don’t mind I will address your points in my next blog, as a few people have been asking me about dealing with emotions.
Of course, we can be sad when there has been a terrorist attack, someone close to you dies or an ancient site is about to be wiped of the face of the planet.
Although i get what you are saying because its a nuanced point, i think i at least would benefit from more words being written. I want to post about doing a Daily Review, as I believe this helps us face up to our emotions, and see which to engage and which to let go.

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