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Kendall Jenner is speaking up for all the skinny people out there who’ve been commented on and criticized without mercy.
The 5-foot-10-inch beauty with a blossoming modeling career went on to say of striking her own path away from her omnipresent Kardashian half-sisters, “I’m trying my best with what I want to do, which is modeling. Here at BabyCenter we discuss the pressure to lose the baby weight and embrace those few pounds that refuse to budge at length, but we don’t often look at the too skinny side of body image frustrations. Having been on the fat side all my life I can’t feel TOO sorry for all you skinny mamas!
I think if you have good energy, good sleep and a healthy relationship with foods then there is no problem to being too skinny. Argument "nie mam ochoty ogladac cudzego brzucha" , (czy innej czesci ciala), wiele o danej osobie mowi.
A jesli powod brzmi "boje sie, ze ta zdzira odbije mi faceta" , to zamiast inwestowac czas w krytykowanie, lepiej jest popracowac nad pewnoscia siebie. Pisze o sytuacji typu dwie dziewczyny ubrane porownywalnie przy tej samej okazji, nie o lasce z cyckami na wierzchu na pogrzebie!
Fakt drugi : Czlowiek szczesliwy, akceptujacy siebie nie czuje potrzeby krytykowania czyjegos wygladu, bo nie robi nic, co nie ma celu. I wreszcie trzecie : jesli dziewczyna ubiera sie wyzywajaco aby sprowokowac Twojego chlopaka, to jesli sie na to polasi, jest slabym chlopakiem. I ended up overweight because I have (had) a severe eating disorder, which, according to my therapist was caused by a very abusive childhood.
An eating disorder is a mental illness that some may be vulnerable to developing if triggered by extreme stress. You dealt with stress in a different way because you weren’t predisposed to an eating disorder. You’re clearly not well educated on the matter, so maybe avoid voicing an opinion on such a sensitive issue.
To all the commenters that think that think being overweight is a choice: watch the movie Precious and tell me if it was her fault she ended up morbidly obese. Tami, I am not trying to deride what you went through in any way but as someone who came from an incredibly abusive household, I am fully with Serena on this. While finding solace in a comforting distraction, be it drugs, sex or food, in times of trauma is a common and totally understandable reaction, it is by no means the only one available. I am sorry your childhood was not what it should have been but by allowing that to divorce you from personal accountability as an adult woman, you are doing yourself and other victims of abuse an incredible disservice.
Frankly, I was disappointed and disgusted when you tried to dismiss what that other poster felt when she lost her mother at 10.
I study Biomedical Science so take it from me: genes, hormones and a whole bunch of other stuff decide how your metabolism works and it can work very fast en very slow so some people eat the same as you or even more than you and still don’t gain weight or even lose weight while you gain some !!!! Yes, she could start eating 5000 calories a day to gain weight, but that would be more unhealthy than eating what her body actually can make use of. Saying everybody has a choice is plain wrong & ignorant and by saying so you just support her point.
I’m reading a bunch of the comments on here and they seriously make me question the intelligence of people.
Much in the same way as some people can be sensitive to gluten or soy, some people can be naturally overweight, and some people can be naturally underweight. Most of you are looking at this comment and thinking “Who cares, it must be reeeeal hard to be thin.
I’ve developed binge-eating disorder after wanting to gain weight in order to please the people who said being skinny was a choice I made and called me anorexic for years and years.
Both my parents suffered from severe mental illnesses – Narcissistic Personality Disorder, alcoholism, histrionic PD among others.
I completely believe the situation your parents created caused your ED and I completely believe you feel powerless to stop them.
Jeez people, all I wanted to say is that being super skinny and being overweight should be treated equally by society. I was much more upset when people would tell me stuff about not being skinny anymore (although not calling me fat), than when I was called skinny.
In our society thin means beauty and sexy and a lot of girls,everyday,struggle to be skinny and accepted by society. In the past I used to be bullied because I was overweight and nobody wanted to have me as a friend.
Then I decided to lose weight and now that I’m skinny,but still healthy looking,I have friends and a normal social life.
With all this I was meant to say that I do not believe this girl and I find her just an attention seeker.

Of the two, being called fat or skinny, I think almost everyone would rather be called skinny. Obviously, any time you talk down about someone’s appearance it has the potential to hurt them. Is the 17-year-old daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner right that that kind of talk is just as bad as pointing out someone else is overweight? I think I’m on my own career path and I don’t really care what other people have to say about me being in the spotlight of my sisters. I’ve been skinny for years and people always make comments about how lucky I am…ya right! Stay strong girl, you’re gorgeous and you have accomplished a lot, and will continue to do so. My arms looked as though I was anorexic even though I ate all the time and tried very hard to gain weight.
As long as your doctor says you are healthy and your ultrasounds show baby is the right size, don’t worry what others think or say! Also,we all know that female produce fat three times faster then guys so, it doesn’t matter with us. Chodzi mi o fakt, ze kiedy dwie dziewczyny sa ubrane na powiedzmy - koncercie - w ten sam sposob, tylko ta o ladniejszych ksztaltach wyzywana jest od zdzir. Mam na imie Ania i Ciesze sie, ze Cie widze.To przyjazne miejsce i obowiazuja tu proste zasady. If that weren’t true, then why bother going to therapy if you can’t change your behavior? There is always a choice, the concept of free will is what separates us from animals who act purely on instinct. I have qualifications in transpersonal counselling, psychology and social work, and I’ve had an eating disorder and PTSD, and I respect your individual experience with mental distress.
My weight still fluctuates a bit (slow metabolism) but I know that I don’t ever want to let myself go again. I am not trying to diminish your pain, but since I too have lost my father at an early age, I can tell you for sure that that was the smallest pain… when compared to other things I have endured. You do not get to choose your own circumstances but your means of coping with those is one of the few things you do have control over. As someone who was raped as a child, almost beaten to death at 6 and locked in a closet for weeks at a time, the event that scarred me the most was the loss of my mother at 8. With your logic you could say stop eating is even easier, since you just need to be passive.
One friend is less than a size zero, but she eats burgers, pizzas, chocolate, cake, etc every single day in piles and she doesn’t gain weight. She can easily eat 5 toasts with Nutella in the morning, chocolate bars as a snack, 1 Pizza + dessert for lunch, a sandwich in the afternoon, cookies just for fun, a burger for dinner + sweets whenever she feels like it, drinking coke all day and don’t you even try handing her something healthy. The only part of her body she gains a tiny bit of fat is around her hips and that’s it. Mostly because I couldn’t do anything about it so I could stop the sneers and criticism and the shaking of heads by complete strangers as if I chose to look like that.
In most cases it is a choice…unless it is a physical problem which is very rare and in a lot of cases can be treated. All the bullying made me so depressed I ended up trying to kill myself at the young age of 19. Imagine this: I was 16, my stomach was flat as a board, my BMI was 16 and he was pointing at my figure in front of his friends on the beach, calling me fat, with a huge belly. It’s my own choice and my own fault for ending up with an eating disorder and becoming overweight. As someone who had a family member with a personality disorder, I know how disruptive that can be.
She is starting a career as a model so being skinny gave her the opportunity to find a job!
Of course it can be hurtful to be called too skinny, and of course people who get this all the time will feel bad about it and feel picked on. Maybe when western society decides that fat is the beauty standard of the day, then being called fat with be pleasing to hear. We are four sisters and the skienniest among us is the one with the most moderate appetite.
However, it does seem odd that someone that earns a living as a fashion model would complain about being naturally thin. Tyle, ze jesli znamy mechanizmy dzialania, to wiemy jak zdjac z oczu filtry przez ktore patrzymy.

Jesli babie przeszkadzaja cycki innej baby, to znaczy, ze nie akceptuje swoich lub czuje zagrozenie. I know it’s crude to say having an eating order is a choice, but there is an element of truth to it. I was a kid and I didn’t even consider other options, I just knew that eating made me feel better. So it kind of is a choice, you can work really hard at fighting your demons and make better choices. You see, death is natural – it happens to all of us, we are somehow programmed to be able to cope with it, since it is a part of being human.
But you described your friend as eating large portions of crap food and if she continues like that, she’ll probably have serious health problems down the road, even if she is never overweight. No, I wasn’t overestimating how much I was eating (I was eating well over 2000 calories, because I made sure to eat at least that much per day).
They were physically and emotionally abusive, their marriage was a constant fight, attacked me with weapons, called me garbage and shit every single day and told me I would end up washing toilets (even though I was the first in my class, creative and intelligent). The only element of choice that exists in these situations is the choice to seek therapy in the hopes that they can teach those things you failed to develop because of the situation you grew up in. BUT, for every person who makes a nasty comment about how you are too skinny, there are 5 other people who think you look great and are envious of your figure.
Her figure is perfect for modeling so there is no need to gain weight, unless there is a health problem. I isn’t have the happiest childhood either, but I did have the choice on how to deal with it.
This resulted in years of being overweight (not obese, but overweight) and heavily bullied. However, abuse is not the same thing at all because it is not something that should happen, emotionally speaking, a child is not prepared to deal with it without severe repercussions. Comparing being told you had a belly when you did not to losing a parent is baffling to me but even if it makes no sense to me, I am not going to say you cannot feel that way.
It’s a matter of habits, and while some feel hungry all the time, others feel full all the time.
Being a bit underweight or overweight is not a big deal, but what someone puts into their body is pretty important. But still your ignorance, or maybe just trolling, seriously makes me want to punch you in the face. My hypothyroidism that prevented me from losing weight before I was diagnosed, also a choice. So, say you have hyperthyroidism, you will definitely struggle to keep your weight up because your thyroid gland is in overdrive shooting your metabolism skyhigh.
When you are overweight, NO ONE thinks you look good, and even if they dont say it, everyone is thinking that you’re fat. When I went to highschool I changed schools and decided it was a chance to start all over again, since no one there knew me.
The things you went through are not your fault, but the way you live your life at the moment is. Using those experiences as a crutch to dictate your health and the rest of your life is entirely up to you.
And yes, I am eating right, eating sweets as well, sometimes fast food, I just eat what I want and when I want, and also doing sports. It’s not a good feeling to have people accuse you of eating disorders or deal with rude comments from strangers talking about you within earshot. I changed my horrible glasses to contact lenses and I went back to eating healthy and being active.
I was not unhealthy or emaciated and wished people would deal with their own lives rather than taking things out on me. I just wanted to tell you that I know how you feel, but every day can be a new beginning if you set your mind to it! With that said, I’d still prefer to be thin again and deal with the haters than to be an unhappy, unhealthy puffy version of myself. I think people in general need to stop worrying so much about what others look like and work on being happy with themselves.

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