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At the start of 2014, I set myself a goal that 2014 would be the year I would become debt free. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In celebration of my LAST DEBT PAYMENT (still feels great saying it) I’m raffling off an iPad Mini. The raffle has already ended, but a big thanks to the good folks at Student Loan Hero for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!
Thanks again Student Loan Hero for offering such a kick-ass prize to Empowered Dollar readers! I’m working at my debt payoff right now, good ‘ol student loans and credit cards!
My daughter is starting college next year and we are hoping to do it without adding any debt! I’m still in student loan debt, but I have an aggressive plan and I’ve already paid off one loan in full!
Try paying $350,000 Mortgage over 4 years thats what i have done and its paid December 2014!
Work with MeAs a consultant and cartoonist, I work with organizations and websites to come up with creative ways to help people manage their money and live financially free. It’s a website dedicated to help you kick debt in the butt and giving you tips to live a totally financially free life,. Last year, I made my final payment toward my student loans and I officially joined the debt free club. It was the first time getting a credit card bill I couldn’t immediately pay off right away. I don’t want any more of my money to go to my credit card bill than it has to, especially paying back interest. The object of the game is to dig your way out of debt by building up your asset base, increasing cash flow, and keeping enough cash for emergencies.
When’s the last time you sat around the kitchen table for some good old-fashioned family entertainment? Leave a comment below answering this question: When was the last time you sat around the table with family to play a game?
The sponsor has been kind enough to give Enemy of Debt readers a $10 discount off of the purchase of this game. Brad has been motivating and inspiring people to get out of debt since 2008 when he and his wife started their debt free journey.
It has been a while since I sat around the table but just last month we laid around on the floor some Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders (our son is only 3)… oh yeah and the ever popular Hungry Hungry Hippos. Just a couple weeks ago the wife and I were playing Apples to Apples and Cranium with another couple! Also big fans of Dave Ramsey, though I don’t remember him being officially associated with this game.

I hope to be in a similar position within the next year (apart from my student debt) see my most recent post! This means that sometimes if you click through to a website and register or purchase something, I get a small commission. Earlier this year, I’d set a seemingly ridiculous goal of becoming debt-free by the end of 2013.
That’s one less electronic device you have to charge to your credit card and go into debt for! It’s a slick debt management site that organizes your student loans into a single web interface and helps you get on the right path towards paying them off.
Check out my 5 strategies I used to pay down almost $35K in student loans in under 4 years.
Last fall, I set the goal of paying off a $5,000 in about six months and after making as many extra payments as possible, I was able to do it!
After four years of frugal living and scraping together as much money I could to throw at my loans, I’d finally paid off nearly $35,000 in debt. I’m a woman who pays off her credit card balance in full every month and I charge everything I can to my credit card so I can rack up the reward points. For the first time in forever, I couldn’t cover the entire bill out of my checking account.
Acknowledging my mistake and declaring how I’m going to fix things in this blog post.
The last time I sat down and played a board game was actually last week, my wife and I played Careers with some friends. Last time it was the classics: Battleship, Guess Who, and a similar game called Guess Where. We love to play games but recently moved and are seeking out other couple who like to play as well. My husband and kids and I love to play board games and we will be thrilled to play this one. I founded EOD in April of 2008 in an effort to motivate and inspire financial discipline by focusing on behavior and truth. We ended up buying flights to Florida in April which we weren’t expecting to do and we worked really hard to make sure that it didn’t set my debt free day behind. But I’ll be using them for the cash back and loyalty rewards they offer, being sure to pay them off in full every month. And as this day has been approaching, I’ve been getting a lot of messages from readers wishing me congratulations (thank you!!!). It was so empowering to be able to shed a good chunk of my debt and I’m looking ahead to the very-near future when I’ll be completely debt-free too! Just need to finish my certificate and get an awesome job (well that is what I have been saying for 5 years haha).
In fact, it was using my Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card that got me enough points for a $135 round-trip ticket to Africa this summer.

My mind slowly shifted from a money-conscious mentality to a highly emotional, irrational, spend-happy consumer. But in this case, it’s hard to put the blame on the credit card, or the credit card incentives. But I also hold myself to pretty high money standards, compounded by the fact that I run a website focused on becoming debt-free So I know that I need to cut myself some slack. Just that alone makes me feel extra confident in my ability to kick this debt monster’s butt again. Not being hard on yourself is very important, I hope you do follow through with that step, as many times as necessary.
Brad is very passionate about helping you reach your debt free goals before and after debt freedom. By teaching personal responsibility, debt free principles, and the importance of planning, people can learn how to take control of their finances one step at a time. I’ve sold so many things on eBay, completed so many online surveys, completed mystery shops, used my iPhone to earn extra money and so much more – all documented on this site. But now that the day’s finally arrived, it was all completely worth all of the struggle and sacrifice.
I’ve also got a lot of questions asking me how I paid off my student loans so quickly. How can someone making an average salary out of college  pay back almost $35,000 in debt in less than 4 years? But I did have a few big wins and the strategies I used helped me focus on my goal, save me thousands of dollars, and finally crush my student loans. Gotta love a platform like that – tracking your debt is the first step toward debt freedom!
There’s nothing scarier than a low-balance emergency fund, especially as a self-employed woman. Another lesson is the awareness now that I used to spend money to creatively fulfill a deeper emotional need.
The game can also be a great way to bring up those tough money topics in a fun, non-threatening way.
I will also continue to make money and try to live a frugal lifestyle – we have a wedding and honeymoon to pay for, so the hard work will continue, as will the blog updates. I’m not sure this strategy is right for everyone, but I honestly just want to get rid of this debt ASAP. Thankfully fulfilling one’s emotional needs can be done without money with the right awareness and practice.
I was planning on reviewing this game today, but will save that for another day, when I have something more to add.
So after FPU were sold the truck and retooled the budget and have paid off over $6000 in debt and are on our way to real freedom.

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