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My dad got his degree accounting and business degrees from ODU and my brother got his accounting degree from Va Tech. All I know is that there was a great little bar across the street from ODU campus on Hampton Blvd.
I am happy to report that since measuring my portions, counting my calories and fat grams, I was down 5 pounds as of Saturday AM, (4.5 lbs.

I find that I have more energy when I am consistent with my exercise but you’ve been doing that and watching your diet so there must be something more. I take my mother- in- law grocery shopping every Wednesday ( She is 84) I am treasurer (20hrs a week ) for our local humane society. I have 4 pets a hubby and a son at home with a mental illness… ZZZZZZZZZZ My point is not to brag but sometimes women tend to over do which creates stress which causes us to be tired .

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