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I’ve recently been looking into buying a new car and several car dealerships benefit programs are top notch.
Portico is a chain restaurant spot (my favorite lunch spot because they have a delicious salad buffet priced by weight) in the Financial District of San Francisco – often frequented by busy lunch-seekers. Many businesses use this same model of getting stamps each time you buy something to earn something free or a % off.
Jill Bastian, VerticalResponse Training and Education Manager shared an excellent reward she got from Tillamook cheese.
Hopefully these examples have gotten your own customer appreciation creative ideas flowing. Send email newsletters, special offers, and invitations to keep your customers coming back again and again. Employee Appreciation Day, a chance for employers to show staff just how important and valuable they are, is right around the corner (March 7). If you’re serious about employee recognition, the time is now to begin brainstorming ways you can thank your employees for a job well done.
Put yourself in their shoes: One of the best ways to come up with employee appreciation ideas is to consider what would make them, not you, the happiest. Make it fun: What’s the use in getting creative with employee appreciation if you’re not having a little fun with it? Surprise them: If you have a tradition of celebrating Employee Appreciation Day (and hopefully you do!), your employees might be anticipating your pre-planned festivities in advance. Remember the secret words: While it’s important to get creative with employee appreciation, nothing says “thank you” quite like the words themselves. If you haven’t already brainstormed ways to recognize your staff this Employee Appreciation Day, it’s not too late to start.
What’s New - The latest special event production news from Bright Ideas Event Coordinators. A company’s most valuable asset is its employees, but unfortunately, thank you goes unsaid too often.
A recent study revealed that more than 80% of employees say they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work.
Of course, Staff Appreciation Events don’t always have to be during the winter season with a Christmas theme. You may also want to consider organizing a day of self-development and invite a professional speaker, fitness guru, or professional organizer to show your employees ways for them to challenge themselves in the workplace or at home.
In today’s competitive market, organizing Staff Appreciation Events are more important than ever. 1)    Stop by a local grocery store for a pot of flowers and add this cute tag from Landee See, Landee Do.
2)    Let your child write a heart-felt letter telling what they learned this year.  Lil’ Blue Boo makes it easy with this FREE Printable Fill-In-The-Blank Teacher Thank You Card. 7)    A movie package with a DVD, popcorn, candy and note that says, “You are a picture perfect teacher.”  The Taylor House sure knows how to send a teacher to  the movies!
Customer of the Month – Everyone has heard of employee of the month, but not everyone has heard of Customer of the Month. Drawings – Drawings are great ways to get your customers even more involved with your restaurant.
Name a Dish – If you are coming up with a few new dishes for your restaurant, you can feature a contest to name the new items that are going to be on the menu.
Employee appreciation events come in all shapes and sizes- and at Events Unlimited, we are here to help offer up all kinds of ideas and solutions to your needs.
For example, various programs include free scheduled maintenance, free car washes for life, free breakfast, and even free use of their gym.
Apps have even been created to keep track of all these loyalty cards with a popular one being Key Ring.

They also send some cool swag (like a Maker’s Mark bottle sweater) to members during the holidays.
As a customer, Jill received a Klout Perk from Tillamook including a t-shirt, canvas bag, glass canning jar for making yogurt parfaits, granola and nuts, and coupons. The club does cost an additional fee, but it includes exclusive deals, 20%-30% off wine and food, a members only area at the winery, a winery tour and a glass of bubbly during every winery visit, plus other perks. By researching other business’s customer loyalty programs, you can easily discover what will work best for your own biz.
He was so surprised and impressed by the sentiment that he adapted it into his own business. I would be interested in know the requirements set by these companies for someone to become an elite member. While most managers understand that engaging employees involves acknowledging their hard work and dedication, they often fail to make meaningful connections with their team because they have taken a reactive approach to recognition, as opposed to a proactive one.
To strengthen the positive culture around the office, try planning a fun event for employees as a way to reward them after a big project has concluded. So, instead of repeating something you’ve done in the past, take the time to surprise your employees with an event or celebration they may not have seen coming.
The ideas outlined above are, of course, just a starting point; ultimately, the important thing is that you recognize your employees for their contributions to your company on March 7 and every other day of the year. But it’s often difficult to decide how to convey your appreciation to your employees.
Choosing a theme to reinforce the company’s values while having a little fun is a great way to make them feel appreciated. Offer topics that appeal to both genders and make sure there is a great “take away” at the end of the day for all staff. No occasion is necessary to tell them how much you value their contribution any day of the year.
Crafting the young minds and our future leaders, these dedicated individuals deserve our appreciation. It’s the week that offers principals, students, and parents a special opportunity to recognize the hard work teachers do all year long. Choose a customer that already comes into your establishment regularly, and deem them the top customer. Have a drawing each month and the lucky winner receives a free meal with the purchase of a drink. The winners of the contest should always be able to receive a discount when they order the dish they named. The best thing about these ideas is that when you show your customers just how much you appreciate them with some of the aforementioned techniques, you can be sure that they are going to keep coming back to your restaurant. Whether you are looking to host a simple employee appreciation party at your place of work, want to hold a BBQ in the parking lot, are interested in doing something off site, or are looking to put together a destination event… we can help. You get $5 rewards card for every $100 you spend, as well as an extra 15% off on Tuesdays when you use your credit card.
One of our favorite customer appreciation ideas from Portico, however, (and the most fun to attempt) is one in which, if you pile up your salad  and hit a pound on the scale exactly, your meal is free!
He owns an Laurel Awning Company in Apollo, PA and whenever the customer purchases an awning, he sends them a canvas tote bag made from the same color and material as their awning. But, instead of viewing it as a once-a-year opportunity to recognize employees, consider making it the centerpiece of your recognition program so that you’re making employee appreciation a part of your company culture year-round. Instead of recognizing an employee for a job well done after the fact, select an individual (either deliberately or at random) and then actively find a reason to recognize the employee. For example, let employees bring their pets to work, carve out time for a fun team building exercise, schedule a “ time-out” for an off-site activity, etc. Maybe they show up for the day to find out they’ll be going offsite for a special company-wide lunch or they get to their desks to find a handwritten note of thanks and a token of appreciation waiting for them.

This Employee Appreciation Day, offer employees a sincere word of thanks in person, at the start of an all-staff meeting, during a one-on-one lunch, or via a card or email. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! If you’re searching for ways to celebrate and recognize your employees for their hard work, Bright Ideas will help you create the perfect way to do it. From Icicle theme, Christmas around the world, Great Gatsby or Winter Wonderland, we have lots of ideas that will make a great impression on your guests. Your staff can bring their families, enjoy food and activities, and relax away from the office. This will result in efficiency and productivity in the workplace and you’ll find the results in the office to be truly priceless.
Yet, let’s face it, like parenting, teaching can sometimes feel like one of the most thankless jobs around. That’s why it’s vitally important for adults to recognize teachers for their tireless efforts and show their appreciation.
You might have the best and most comfortable roomy restaurant booths and tables in the city.
As a reward for their loyalty, offer them free coffee or soft drinks for the month whenever they place a regular order. Because they are loyal to you, they will also talk you up amongst all of their friends and family. Obtaining new customers is always a goal, but not only are loyal customers keeping your business thriving, they’re also costing you less dough.
I eat their cheese, but the Klout Perk made me try their yogurt too.” Tillamook made Jill one happy camper and now she shares her story with friends!
This is a deal because it rewards locals for visiting the winery and bringing their visiting friends. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to VerticalResponse with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Maybe you send a list of ideas and questions around via email, use a survey, or just put feelers out in the break room or cafeteria. Remember: You can actually encourage workplace productivity by taking a little time to energize and have some fun.
Whatever the case, be sure to do your research in advance so you know exactly what type of outings or gifts would be well received by your employees. Just those two little words can go a long way toward making an employee feel valued and appreciated by not only you, but by the company as well.
Even though the current economic times have been affecting the big corporate tradition, there are still ways to thank employees for their contributions and celebrate holidays without breaking the bank.
Staff Appreciation Events are a great way to provide opportunities for employees to connect with their peers and supervisors and improve the communication in your company. Again, you will want to make sure that they always get a bit of a discount when they order their namesake. Those new customers will start coming into your place, and you will be able to see just how beneficial a symbiotic relationship with your customers can be.
The key is to actively gather and record ideas so that your appreciation has the biggest impact throughout the year.
We will send you our “bright ideas” on how to organize the perfect Staff Appreciation Event!
You might have any or all of those things, but if it weren’t for your customers, you wouldn’t have a restaurant at all.

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