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Get ready for a new, more confident you, just click on the video and step into your destiny.
How have you overcome your past to develop self confidence?  Just leave your comments below. More posts in ‘childhood memories’ Do you remember your childhood? On a practical level this meant daily prayer and reflection, followed by right action, or obedience to what was revealed to me during the time of reflection.
Having done that, every victory that followed, small and great, every answered prayer and every challenge met and overcome, built up my confidence. This video reminded me of when I joyfully accepted Christ into my heart in February 1969 ay the Billy Graham Crusade in Aucklnad, New Zealand where I live.
Louisa Jewell interviews Caroline Adams Miller, author of the book Creating Your Best Life and expert coach on goal setting. Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP is a bestselling author, coach, speaker and educator on the topics of Positive Psychology, goal success, grit and addiction. Positive Tip of the DaySirius XM Radio began airing Caroline's Positive Tip of the Day" in 2007.
When I’m coaching my clients, I’ve found that even the most determined and strong women can be held back by a lack of confidence. I know you have these big dreams and tapping into your confidence is going to play a major role in creating a life you love. Are you ready to step out into this big, beautiful world and show off your super awesome self?
Next post: Are You Trapped In An Unfulfilling Job With No Energy To Do The Things You Love? Join 2,500+ others and grab your FREE copy of The 5 Things That Hold You Back From Living The Life You Love. I truly believe that what I’m about to share with you has the possibility to be life-changing for you.
This has really defined not only the way I work, but the way I live my life: I choose to be confident. I truly believe down to my core that if you go through life with confidence and faith, it doesn’t matter what life throws your way, because you will always use it as a tool for your own inner growth, and life will always point you in the right direction. It’s when you go through life second guessing yourself and playing the role of the victim that you somehow get lost along the way.
Tammy Holliday - Alex, I have been thinking about my non-existent confidence for the last two weeks, What a great video! As you go on to talk about the shopping cart analogy I walked through the exercise with you to put those thoughts back on the shelf.
Felicity Chambers - Thanks Alex for another amazing video and on a subject close to my heart. I will say that I could not agree with you more regarding faking it ’til you make it. I am so identified with all that you say here, somehow I feel I already knew most of this things but needed to be aware of them. I like your elevator challenge, I hate elevators, so I think I will take on that challenge and start up conversations with my neighbors from now on.
Sharpening your listening skills — and knowing what the hell you’re talking about — is an easy want to gain confidence and engage with your co-listener. Alternatively, body language that portrays confidence in the workplace include: consistent eye contact, a firm (but not vise grip) handshake, dress slightly more formal than the office dress code, and maintaining good posture.
Guys who tuck in their shirts tend to make more money and like their jobs more, according to a new survey.
That is simply not true. Self confidence is just like any other skill, and can be learned and developed. Since then a new confidence in myself arose within me and my songs became somgs of praise in my heart, No longer did I have a chorus of sware words drumming in my mind and I even started to think well of myself! I have felt under attack, so I have been feeling low, but your message has come at the right time, we do have to face challenges and not to be defeated but to be strong and trust in God in theses times.
Here she shares how setting goals can increase your confidence and what you can do to to help you achieve those big goals.

Her books include “My Name is Caroline,” “Creating Your Best Life” and “Positively Caroline.” She is a graduate of Harvard University with a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a top-ranked Masters swimmer in multiple events with a black belt in Hapkido. It’s not about being annoyingly self-absorbed or faking the faith you have in yourself. And I’m so ready to witness the magic, the love bombs, and the massive changes that will undoubtedly happen because you are confident, and you are ready to do this. I’m so glad you enjoyed this video and I LOVE your tip on imitating the posture of a confident person – amazing! I always enjoy following your journey, how you move forward and help others, even though some topics are not so relevant for me.
Yes, I’m on the 12th floor haha, and find elevators can be very awkward if you allow it haha.
I’m so glad that you enjoyed this video, I really wish more of my favorite up-and-coming entrepreneurs knew this.
I find that when business is in a slow spot I start second guessing myself and listening to those thoughts, like you mentioned. I’m so glad you enjoyed this video, and I really LOVE your suggestion of giving three reasons as to why it’s OKAY!
Things like eye contact (or lack thereof), tone of voice, and hand gestures are all tips as to whether your point is getting across, or if you’re being too brash, etc.
Try to remember that with each failure, comes new experience and understanding, making you even stronger for the next attempt at something new. I am now able to take a very limited number of online or phone personal coaching appointments.
It’s about trusting yourself and believing that you can accomplish whatever goals your heart desires, just as you are. Most of us have such high standards for ourselves that we pick apart every bit of our idea that’s not perfect yet and it keeps us from making progress. You know those people who share their opinions without knowing exactly what the outcome will be, who rally everyone around their big ideas, and are the trailblazers of their own lives?
We can’t keep waiting for someone to give us permission or to be invited to join the conversation.
If we begin taking risks and doing things outside of our comfort zone, we’ll be both celebrated and hated. When we explore and nurture our strengths, we begin to feel more alive and more like our true selves. Only one of two things can happen when you begin looking at someone’s life and wishing you had their adorable house, cushy job, or super cute wardrobe. Most of us love to hear feedback and get advice, but we have to remember that most people won’t understand our choices when we’re going after our dreams. When we are incredibly confident in our own gifts, we can celebrate the awesomeness of the people around us without feeling threatened or insecure. The most sure-fire way to feel more confident is to begin sharing your gifts with the world. I subconsciously do that a great deal but I’m feeling like I should have more feedback in my life.
Thanks so much for sharing I handle my insecurities by trying my hardest to tackle them head first, or giving myself little challenges like blogging 5 times a week for a few months, or timing how long it takes to do things, or committing something to myself and holding myself to it!
I especially enjoyed the part of elevator- I grew up at 8th floor so elevator was my daily experience and I never thought of it being awkward, but when you started telling that you speak with all of unknown people in the elevator- now that I think is really awkward!! I know that we should control our thoughts more often and I think I will ask me more often if I put this thought in my basket and if the thought is me from now on.
Once you have the right mindset, stepping outside one’s comfort zone is not as hard as first thought. I’ve also always had a difficult time meeting new people, which I think stems from the fear of what others will think of me.
I never want to disappoint anyone and I am always over thinking what others might think of me. Grant Mullen is powered by WordPress and built on the Ashford Theme from Tim Bednar (v0.6).
Your confidence isn’t quite as solid as it could be, and you think this might hold you back from living a life you love.

But while we are waiting to “feel ready”, other people are getting raises, being celebrated as dreamers and doers, and seeing their dream life become a reality.
Give yourself the nomination, the gold star, and the biggest prize because no one else is going to do it for you. I mean, can you think of a single leader or amazing person you admire who doesn’t have incredibly enthusiastic fans and super harsh critics?
You either feel worse about your own life and resentful towards that person, or you feel inspired. By challenging the status quo, you will make other people feel uncomfortable and even judged, because they interpret your growth, your courage, and your sparkle as a direct reflection on their choice to live small and unhappy lives. By putting ourselves out there, we are validating that we make a difference, that we have something valuable to contribute, and that we are worthy, which is the magical proof we need to feel more confident. This confidence is representative of a deep trusting in the perfection of your path, and an immense feeling of self-respect no matter how bad you seemingly mess up.
I have found that those things that make you uncomfortable at first, actually make you grow so much! Now, thanks to your shopping analogy (and other great tips) I can leave these thoughts on the shelf or throw them out of my basket at checkout! A couple times just in the past week I’ve come out of my shell a bit more and those times instantly brought excellent networking moments for my business!
Because to a polo novice (I am talking about the sport on horseback) I know everything, but I really don’t compared to someone who has played all their lives.
Serving God in a local Church and reaching out to bus friends and guys at work complete the picture of this very enriched life. Of course there will be times when amazing people show up to cheer you on, but this is your life.
And it becomes a vicious cycle of confidence-boosting goodness which is much more fun than focusing on things you’re not so good at, right?
Who wants to listen to let alone buy info from someone who lacks confidence in themselves??
As this happens, some clarity comes into your train of thought and can steer you in a direction which might surprise you.
Now that I have graduated school I am wanting to make something of myself and I hope that with time and more confidence in myself I can! If you have questions, have educated questions instead of ones that’ll lead you into more dark territory. God has added 2 wonderful married children who serve God and 2 exceptional and very loved grandchildren.
So you have to make a promise to yourself that you’re in this for the long run and be your own best friend along the way. Imagine what would happen if we erased our fear of failure and our anxiety about making the wrong decision. It’s not your job to please others; it’s your job to live a life you love in whatever way feels most authentic to you. I think life is a constant journey, and just because you teach something doesn’t ever mean you have it all together yourself!
But I have overcome that fear and anxiousness by really doing my research and trusting myself, and so far I have only received appreciation from my fellow polo fans. The only way to know what’s possible and how much we’re really capable of is to believe in ourselves.
And if it doesn’t, I just try replacing it with a positive one I’m glad the shopping cart analogy helped, as well! But that thinking comes from a place of fear, and not love…and I want to be living in love, while continually discovering the best version of myself.

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