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We encourage children at GWPS to choose a healthy snack such as fruit of vegetables to enjoy at break time and we provide well balanced, healthy meals for lunch. People are more successful in taking up healthy habits if their partner makes positive changes too, according to research published in JAMA Internal Medicine.
Scientists at looked at how likely people were to quit smoking, start being active, or lose weight in relation to what their partner did.
They found that people were more successful in swapping bad habits for good ones if their partner made a change as well. For example, among women who smoked, 50 per cent managed to quit if their partner gave up smoking too at the same time, compared with 17 per cent of women whose partners were already non-smokers, and eight per cent of those whose partners were regular smokers.
The study found that men were equally affected by their partners and were more likely to quit smoking, get active, or lose weight if their partner made the same behaviour change. The research looked at 3,722 couples, either married or living together and over the age of 50, who were taking part in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA).
It’s been reported that healthy foods are three times more expensive than unhealthy foods in Britain and the price gap is widening. I find this hard to believe, even though the research was undertaken by the University of Cambridge.
To me, the methodology was flawed, because the comparison was in calories not in nutrients.  Also, the basket was confined to 94 items. Good food and good nutrition seem as affordable as they have ever been and possibly more so. There are so many other key factors from better education about nutrition and food preparation to time management and personal responsibility.  What do you think ? That’s why I try not to sneak vegetables into food as a sustainable way of teaching the value of healthy food. First, they’re more willing to eat the food they just invested time and effort into making. But how fun is it to start a conversation about their garden and the importance of eating healthy meals?

Still, if your child is only eating a certain type of food, then it goes back to your choices.
About Latest Posts Nina GarciaNina is a working mom to three boys—a five-year-old and toddler twins.
Thank goodness I never gave into my kids’ picky-ness when they were little or else I’d have a war with them every night!
Isn’t it crazy how two kids can have different preferences even with the same parents? I'm Nina, author of Sleeping Should Be Easy and a working mom to three boys (a six-year-old and two-year-old twins). Disclaimer: Sleeping Should Be Easy and its content are for informational purposes only and should never be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified professional. Disclosure: Per FTC guidelines, this website may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs, or otherwise.
The key lifestyle risks are smoking, excess weight, physical inactivity, poor diet, and alcohol consumption. And this study shows that when couples make those changes together they are more likely to succeed. For example if you want to lose weight and have a friend or colleague who’s trying to do the same thing you could encourage each other by joining up for a run or a swim at lunchtime or after work. In 2010 he was Series Consultant for the BBC Money Programme series on The Foods That Make Billions. From the first day we allowed him to eat sweets and treats, we’ve allowed only one candy a day, for three days max.
And my six-year-old, so honest of him, admitted he’d already eaten his candy for the day. According to their pediatrician, kids can turn into picky eaters between two- and three-years-old. They get to plant seeds in the soil, watch it grow over time, and eat it at their dinner table.

Our kids not eating healthy food starts with looking at how we’re contributing to that. She blogs about parenting at Sleeping Should Be Easy, where she writes everything she's learning about being mom and all its joys and challenges.
We sometimes have different meals when we just disperse whatever leftovers we have among us.
I wouldn’t go overboard and completely avoid it because yeah maybe it’ll make them want it even more? And local support such as stop smoking services are very effective at helping people to quit. So, no matter how much loot he gets on Halloween or Valentine’s, he can pick three candies to eat. Include different types of meals, such as seafood, quiche and pizza in your weekly meal plans.
They see dessert and junk food as the desirable food, and everything else the means to get there. She also covers topics like how kids learn and play, family life, being a working mom and life with twins. Still, they’ve had a good track record of not only eating healthy food, but wanting to as well. However, we middle-class parents should also be thankful that we have the privilege of being able to offer our kids healthy choices.
I’ve been known to put my foot down big time whenever they tried to give my kiddos too much sweets.
I’ve backed off lots now but hey we’re still the parents they need to listen to, right?

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