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Barefoot Running Step by StepRunning with More Speed, Less Impact, Fewer Injuries and More Funby Roy M. Long gone are the days when model train enthusiasts had to physically control their miniature railroads and all annexes elements with the help of switches and simplistic control panels.
Nowadays, everything is done by computer, thanks to applications that enable you to control an incredible amount of parameters of your model railroads.
One such application is iTrain, a user-friendly software solution that makes it as simple as possible for you to fully control your small scale railroad. Assuming Java is already installed on your computer, the application undergoes a typical and surprise free installation process.
You basically get the most useful controls right in front of you, namely on the toolbar, while the rest of them can be just as easily accessed via contextual menus or from the menubar. This said, in terms of features, iTrain has almost everything covered, as it enables you to manually control locomotives. Furthermore, the app's flexible switchboard makes it simple for you to control switches, decouplers, relays, signals, feedbacks, turnouts, and many more railroad-related objects.

While the general layout makes everything seem easy to use, keep in mind that you can always rely on the tool's hefty documentation to sort things out, if you need to.
Besides the basic information about how to operate the app, the documentation section also offers explications and definitions for almost every possible railroad element.
Taking all things into consideration, iTrain is an efficient application that makes it simple for you to control your model railroad and all adjacent elements.
You can try it for a limited period of time of 2 months and get the full functionality by registering yourself. Vous utilisez IE6, un navigateur obsolete Pour une meilleure compatibilite, vous devriez installer une mise a jour ou encore mieux changer pour Firefox.
J'avais envoye un mail a iTrain (en neerlandais ou en anglais, je ne sais plus), et j'avais recu une reponse 3 mois plus tard.C'est pas bon cela, meme si le produit est bon. Bonjour a tous, hier soir et ce matin, j'ai continue la mise en place de mon TCO selon le trace de mon reseau HO.
Zum Beispiel verhindertautomatische Steuerung Block Kollisionen und Sie steuern, welche Bahn wird manuell oder vollautomatisch fahren nach einer ausgewahlten Route.

Upon first launching the utility, you are met by a streamlined main window, with a simplistic user interface and a well-organized layout.
Therefore, you can control speed, direction, route and other relevant parameters with ease directly from the designated panels. This way, you are able to dedicate extra attention to other elements that might require it more. Despite the overall complexity of railroads, the app manages to keep things as straightforward and as simple as possible.

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